Watchmaker And The Game Of Time: Ten Minutes Of Chanel’s Mysterious Disappearance

When it comes to hiding time, still have to talk about Chanel’s method of completely disappearing for ten minutes. The watch is moved to the crown on the faceplate, just need to press down. The crown will rise like the tarmac slowly rising in the spacecraft. Pulling the raised crown can carry out the time. Adjustment.
    The position of the crown of this mysterious retrograde tourbillon watch is exactly 10 to 20 minutes. The crown is blocked here, and the long minute hand has to be detoured. Of course, we are smart to think that going back is the only way. According to the crazy watchmaker Giulio Papi who designed this watch, the hour hand was designed to skip this blocked 10 minutes by the retrograde method. Its minute hand has the same retrograde speed as the ordinary hand, but after the same time with Chanel After internal discussions, in order to present the elegance of Chanel, these ten minutes have to ‘slowly’ move the pointer back to the 20-minute scale. So this mysterious retrograde tourbillon watch magically took the 11th and 19th minutes and disappeared while the hands were walking slowly counterclockwise.
    This entire retrograde structure does not seem to be too difficult, but it took Giulio Papi a lot of time to reverse the sync hands, the ten-minute digital display disappearing at six o’clock must also be synchronized, and no one can be too fast or too slow. The movement achieves this magical travel time structure through gears and two redesigned special-shaped racks. During the research and development process, three different methods have been tried, and as many as 15 parts have been changed.
    The hatter in Alice in Wonderland told Alice that because he sang annoyed the queen, the queen rebuked him for murder time, so the time elder brother never listened to the elder brother again, and stopped at 6 o’clock for afternoon tea , So the crazy tea party went on day and night. It seems that there are a lot of creative watch designs that can solve the problem of the hatter, and the games between the hatter and the time brother will continue to be realized in the watchmaking industry in the future.

Updated: 25. May 2021 — 11:19
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