Ultra-thin Classic And Elegant Piaget Joins Hands With Hu Ge To Celebrate The 60th Anniversary Of The Birth Of The Altplano Series

May 26, 2017, Shanghai – Piaget, the Swiss master of fine jewelry and watches, celebrates the 60th anniversary of the birth of the Altiplano classic ultra-thin watch series at the Shanghai Creative Expo. Promotional ambassador Hu Ge’s new advertising campaign for the Altiplano ultra-thin watch series, vividly interprets the classic continuation and innovative breakthroughs of the series. On the same day, Cen Fangzhi, the chief executive of Piaget China, invited Hu Ge and the guests to appreciate the legendary history of the Altiplano series and the elegant design that has been passed down to the present day.

    Handed down

60 is a very symbolic number for watchmaking. 60 seconds converges into a minute, 60 minutes converges into an hour, and 60 years converges into a legend. Piaget Altiplano, 60 years of watchmaking craftsmanship, 60 years of history, 60 years of record creation and 60 years of extreme innovation.

    At the event, Piaget first led the guests to relive the glorious journey of the 60-year-old Altiplano ultra-thin watch. Through the carefully arranged time corridor, Altiplano’s representative classic ultra-thin watch works, such as vast stars, dot the deep night sky, and start an elegant time journey for everyone. The 9P manual movement released in 1957-it writes the history of watch production with a thickness of 2mm, and also makes the ultra-thin professional technology a true brand identity; the 2.3mm ultra-thin automatic movement 12P released in 1960 To the subsequent ultra-thin self-winding mechanical movement 1200P (2.35mm), ultra-thin self-winding skeleton mechanical movement 1200S (2.40mm), ultra-thin diamond-studded skeleton automatic mechanical movement 1200D (2.40mm), And 3.65mm thick Altiplano 900P mechanical movement. In the past 60 years, Piaget’s pursuit of breakthroughs has never stopped, and continues to create new breakthroughs. The ultra-thin movement has greatly contributed to Altiplano’s creative freedom, allowing designers to have more space to explore diverse dials. This is also the beginning of Piaget’s signature gemstone dial and extraordinary craftsmanship.

    The work display area not only focuses on the design of the Altiplano series, including the 9P manual movement, 12P automatic movement and the brand’s precious gold watches introduced in the 60s and 70s, and presents new works of the 60th anniversary Embrace the gorgeous colors of fashion and light up the colorful life. Guests can enjoy the work, try on and match according to their wearing preferences and take photos to remember this unforgettable moment, and experience the unique charm of the Altiplano series from zero distance.

A model of elegance

The name of the Altiplano collection is derived from the Andes Mountains of South America, where the endless mountain scenery injects the magnificent natural beauty and continuous inspiration into this ultra-thin watch series. The new advertising campaign for the world’s first Altiplano ultra-thin series of watches at the celebration site vividly depicts a magnificent picture of a vast world.

In the film, Hu Ge and two fashion people drive through the lonely desert, and the Altiplano ultra-thin watch on their wrists becomes a link across nationalities and genders, leading them to explore the unknown world. The three people straddling the vast plains and chasing the magnificent eclipse scene are an expectation of new things and a desire to achieve their own transformation; the night falls, the party is joyfully staged in the vast desert, and Hu Ge and his friends are in the vast world Celebrate the testimony of miracles together and share the joy of pursuing beautiful things together.

The common philosophy of life has created a friendship between Hu Ge, the brand ambassador and Earl Piaget. Hu Ge is not stubborn about his existing achievements. He has sharpened his sword in ten years and has developed extraordinary acting skills. He has been both internal and external, low-key and modest, and has not been overwhelmed by flashiness. He said: ‘The Piaget Altiplano watch series has always maintained a subtle and elegant design style and unremitting exploration and innovation of ultra-thin craftsmanship, simple and low-key without losing connotation and interest. These concepts are in line with my personal pursuit, and I hope to follow this spirit Inspire yourself to keep going. ‘

Piaget China Chief Executive Ms. Cen Fangzhi also said: ‘The 60th anniversary is an important milestone for the Altiplano collection. The new 60th anniversary limited edition ultra-thin watch specially launched this time has a depth of innovation and classic design. With the mystery of color and gloss, while presenting fresh and creative ideas, he also retains the ultra-thin simplicity of the series. Mr. Hu Ge is confident and calm. He enjoys self-precipitation in time and achieves elegant transformation, which is perfect for the essence of the Altiplano series. Deduction. ‘

    ’60’ is an extraordinary allegorical number. It not only records the accumulation and evolution of time, minute by minute, but also records a legend that lasts for 60 years. In the 60 years since the birth of the Altiplano series of ultra-thin watches, it has never ceased to train and polish the outstanding quality and elegance. With the spirit of craftsmen, it has crossed the boundaries of time and space and created a timeless classic with endless vitality. This is the first year of the Armiplano series. In the future, the Piaget Altiplano ultra-thin watch series will continue to go forward, adhere to extraordinary quality, explore outstanding craftsmanship, and become ultra-thin, elegant and timeless.