Top Watch Brand Franck Muller Dazzling Jewellery Watch Exhibition Debuts At Zhongxiao Store, Shinchang Watch, Taipei

FRANCK MULLER, the top fashion watch brand, will be exhibited at Taipei Zhongchang Store, Taipei from February 10, 2015 to February 28, 2015. Top-level craftsmanship, combined with the brand’s well-known complex function mechanism or luxurious and inviting diamond inlays, bring out a variety of looks for classic models, gorgeous and unique and stylish designs, perfectly presenting unique personal tastes and styles. .
8038 Infinity Ronde colored digital rose gold full diamond watch
42 Double Mystery Four Seasons White Gold Watch

   The dial of Infinity Sunrise is made of solid sterling silver, covered with sparkling diamonds and the introverted mother-of-pearl. Whether it is a barrel, rectangular, or round case, it reflects Feminine femininity and strongness; Infinity Ronde’s vivid hand-painted colorful numbers and the Double Mystery four-season series watch inlaid with multi-color treasures, the colorful colors circulate on the dial, which highlights the magnificent light of the diamond watch.
7502 Infinity Sunrise Rose Gold / White Gold Diamond Watch
8880 7-Day Power Reserve Skeleton Rose Gold Full Diamond Watch

   The seven-day power reserve hollow diamond watch equipped with the original Calibre 1740 movement developed by the original factory is set with beautiful diamonds on the case or on the hollow bridge plate. The three-dimensional curved surface allows you to appreciate the operation of the parts in the hollow dial, and it seems that you can see everything in the universe. Mystery of running. FRANCK MULLER’s charming charm of classic elegance and avant-garde modernity will once again occupy the heart of top fashion watch fans.

Updated: 27. December 2014 — 13:47
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