Through Half A Century, Only For Redefining Sportsman’s Standard

At this year’s 2018 SIHH Geneva Haute Horlogerie Show, when I first saw Vacheron Constantin’s exhibition hall set up a large number of themes with records, gramophones, microphones and men’s exquisite clothing and accessories, they were immediately filled Full of retro style. From the layout of the battlefield at Vacheron Constantin, it is not difficult to imagine that it must be one of the highlights of this year, and the element of retro style is operated by Vacheron Constantin, who has always been famous for its aesthetic design and exquisite craftsmanship. Looking forward? In the 1950s, after the Holocaust of World War II, the industry was in full swing, and the world has entered a transition period of post-war reconstruction. But the reconstruction after the destruction also quickly brought about economic recovery and changes in life style. It was an era from gloom to light, but also a period of freedom, self-style and enjoyment. The inspiration for Vacheron Constantin’s new masterpiece series is from that golden age. In 1956, Vacheron Constantin launched the Ref. 6073 watch. In the early 1950s, the watch industry was still in the era of manual winding movements. Automatic movements were just in their infancy. Ref. 6073 was the first batch of brands equipped with automatic winding. One of the watches with a chain movement, the birth of this watch reflects the pulsation of the brand from time to time. The new FIFTYSIX® Wulu series launched in 2018 is named after the birth year of this watch. Of course, the birth of this series is not just a re-launch of the watch in the past. Vacheron Constantin has given greater ambition behind it, that is, to reinterpret the distinctive style of men in the 1950s in a modern way. , To create a new watch that more closely resembles the contemporary men’s modern lifestyle. Among the timepieces launched by Vacheron Constantin in the 1950s, the design of the round watch is a masterpiece that combines the essence of the brand’s design style at that time. Many of the works are still highly sought after historical masterpieces on the market today. In 1956, Vacheron Constantin launched a Ref. 6073 watch with a distinctive design style, boldly using the brand logo Maltese cross as a design element on the classic round case, deconstructing the cross into a four that perfectly blends with the case. For the lugs, the Maltese cross was disassembled into four three-dimensional V-shapes and connected to the round case with a beautiful and ingenious shape, and it naturally became the lug that linked the case and the strap. In addition, another advanced initiative is that this watch was one of Vacheron Constantin’s first watches with automatic winding movement 1019/1. At that time, the manufacturing technology of the automatic winding mechanism gradually matured, making the thickness of the movement become It was relatively thin, and it gradually became widely used on watches of the time. The launch of this Ref. 6073 watch can be said to be an excellent response to Vacheron Constantin’s background of the era, with a bold breakthrough shape corresponding to the cultural pulse of the creative explosion at the time, and the application of internal advanced technology is full of possibilities. The trend of optimism for the sexual future, and the combination of the two, was an excellent manifestation of mainstream men at the time: excellent taste and confidence. We pull the time back to 2018. Based on this Ref. 6073 watch from the 1950s, Vacheron Constantin re-creates the current version of the FIFTYSIX® Wulu series, which has always been amazing in the fusion of classical and contemporary aesthetics. What is the expected interpretation of Vacheron Constantin? First of all, the new FIFTYSIX® Wulu series is not so much a replica, I think it is more like a re-evolved version of Vacheron Constantin. The shape still retains the distinctive and classic element of the Maltese cross-shaped lugs, but the lines are more modernized, and the case as a whole also presents a smooth, round but simple and tough style. The V-shaped design of the lugs has been integrated into the case cleverly. The outer lines of the four V-shaped lugs extend outward and connect with each other to form the main structure of the case. The inner part is slightly raised and integrated with the bezel structure. In addition, the new work uses an embedded crown, which is different from the semi-spherical crown of Ref. 6073, but it is more in line with modern preferences. The design of the table mirror still retains the box-shaped mirror surface that was higher than the bezel that year, showing a more original retro look, and the material is replaced by sapphire crystal glass. As seen from the side of the watch, the connection between the case and the lugs is smooth and beautiful, and the combination of multiple details presents a rich three-dimensional layering. The fully polished polishing method adds a delicate and modern atmosphere to this series. On the case back, the screw-down waterproof case structure of the multi-layer case back adopted by the Ref. 6073 watch of the year was one of the important developments in the brand’s history. In the new FIFTYSIX® Wulu series This technology still retains this technical feature, but it has evolved into a sapphire transparent bottom cover design, and the other side of the bottom cover is a beautifully polished new contemporary automatic movement. The faceplate design of the FIFTYSIX® series is already quite different from the original look. The new design has richer details, and the improvement of craftsmanship and functionality has been upgraded. The FIFTYSIX® series was first introduced at the SIHH 2018 in Geneva, with three models with a diameter of 40 mm: a self-winding three-hand watch, a weekly calendar power reserve watch and a full calendar precision moon phase wrist table. In order to pay tribute to the special historical status of Ref. 6073 as the brand’s first batch of watches equipped with automatic movements, the entire FIFTYSIX® series is equipped with automatic movements, and is equipped with a newly designed oscillating weight style. The brushed and polished 22K gold skeleton oscillating weight, decorated with Maltese cross-shaped patterns and frosted swirly patterns, has become this series of striking iconic features. In addition, the entire series on the dial adopts a unique subdivision dial design. The outermost circle of the dial is a thin gray minute scale circle. The hour scale is alternately alternated by Arabic numerals and rod-shaped scales. , The inner circle of the faceplate is a simple monochrome design with a track-type seconds circle. Another feature of Wu Luzhi is that for the first time, Vacheron Constantin used both precious metals and stainless steel as materials in the classic series. The application of stainless steel has two very obvious advantages. The first is that the steel material is more suitable for daily wear. Demand is also more competitive in price, but still maintains the brand’s requirements for high aesthetic standards, such as luminous hands equipped with platinum and luminous inlaid hour markers. Another advantage is that between the sports-oriented Overseas and the classic classical Patrimony series, the Wulu-shaped series designed with the style of metropolis are added, so that consumers have more choices. An excellent balance was found between the classical styles. In terms of function, Wu Luzhi series also presents practical and diversified functions according to the needs of modern life. Self-winding three-hand watch model in stainless steel or rose gold with a new Calibre 1326 self-winding movement with a 48-hour power reserve. Hours, minutes, central seconds and date. Steel version with grey dial, pink gold version with silver dial. Another weekly calendar power reserve watch is equipped with the Calibre 2475 SC / 2 automatic movement. Its face plate layout is clear and easy to read. A pair of sub-plates are added to the dial, which are the weekday plate at 9 o’clock and the date plate at 3 o’clock, and the power reserve display is set at 6 o’clock. Another full-calendar precision moon phase watch offers practical and aesthetically pleasing watch performance. The Calibre 2460 QCL / 1 self-winding movement is equipped inside, which can fully provide the day, date, month and date. Moon phase display with poetic aesthetics. The moon disc at 6 o’clock is composed of a blue night sky and an 18-gold gold moon. It only needs to be adjusted once every 122 years. There are two windows below the 12 o’clock dial, which display the month and day, respectively. The center hand indicates. As a new series launched by Vacheron Constantin, Wu Luzhi is a brand’s rediscovery of the golden age and a modern masterpiece created from the perspective of a contemporary male. And the spirit to which he belongs is to bring back the elegance, chic and self-confidence that men once had in the 1950s, and to interpret and reconstruct it with the unique aesthetic style of Vacheron Constantin, showing that men in the new century are more refined, confident and vibrant. Changeable lifestyle.

Updated: 12. February 2021 — 11:18
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