Three Innovative Technologies Of The Rolex Sky Dweller Calendar Watch (Part 1)

For ordinary people, the watch is still used to watch the time, so the calendar function is also the most valued information attached to the watch. The ordinary calendar display recognizes 12 months of the year as 31 days. Therefore, we must consciously adjust the calendar every small month to correctly display the date of the month. I have been engaged in the research and development of watch movements for many years. I have designed ordinary calendar displays (including window type, pointer type and large calendar type). This type of calendar structure is relatively simple and practical. It should be suitable for people without special requirements. Okay.

I have been involved in the research and development of perpetual calendar functions. To be honest, display mechanisms such as perpetual calendars are really a model of complexity. It can really make you worry-free. Every time Xiaoyue doesn’t need you to think about adjusting the calendar yourself, people will do it automatically. It is just that the adjustment of the ordinary perpetual calendar watch can not be achieved casually. You need to carefully and carefully check the manual, and then calmly turn the crown or press the button to adjust the date. You must have some patience. I have started to develop annual calendars in recent years. Through my research on various brand annual calendars, I found that the complexity of this calendar display function is between ordinary calendars and perpetual calendars. Although not perfect, it is quite practical. Below I will popularize the knowledge about almanac for everyone.

The concept of the Annular Calendar watch

The calendar mechanism of the annual calendar watch requires manual adjustment at the end of February (28 days in a normal year and 29 days in a leap year), and 7 other 31-day big months (January, March, May, July) , August, October, and December) and four 30-day small months (April, June, September, November) can be automatically identified. Although the calendar mechanism on the almanac does not automatically recognize the 28th of February in a normal year or the 29th of February in a leap year, it is artificially set February as 30th, so that there will be five 30-days each year. Small moons and seven big days with 31 days, such a regular cycle makes the originally complex calendar conversion cycle relatively simple, allowing designers to implement the calendar function through a simpler mechanism than the perpetual calendar. The reasonable and user-friendly adjustment device seems to be no less attractive to the average wearer than the perpetual calendar. In addition, since the annual calendar is a mechanism that can distinguish between large and small months, the wearer must know which month corresponds to the date at that time, so a table with an annual calendar mechanism must also be equipped with a month display mechanism. Obviously, the addition of the month display allows the wearer to get more information about the time display than the ordinary calendar, which is also an advantage of the annual calendar.

Rolex Oyster Perpetual SKY-DWELLER watch map

At Baselworld 2012, Rolex exhibited the new ‘Sky Dweller’ series of watches, which are not much different from the appearance of previous oyster watches-oyster case, impervious back cover , Triangular pit pattern bezel (commonly known as the macarons). This watch has dual time functions, and the most complex annual calendar function in the Rolex brand history has attracted widespread attention. In fact, the ‘Sky Dweller’ series watches have three innovative technologies-Saros annual calendar mechanism, month display mechanism and ring calendar instant jump mechanism.

Rolex’s first innovative technology-Saros annual calendar agency

 Before the watch house editor explains the Rolex calendar mechanism, let’s popularize the common sense-the word ‘Saros’ comes from Greek and is an astronomical term meaning that the sun, the earth and the moon will complete a relative position about every 18 years Operation cycle. Why did Rolex think of using this astronomical term to interpret its new technology? Because the flat layout of the Saros annual calendar mechanism is similar to the relationship between the sun, the earth, and the moon, this metaphor allows everyone to understand the essence of this technology more intuitively.
Technical characteristics of the Saros annual calendar

(Figure 1)
 A fixed gear 9 at the center of the movement is equivalent to the ‘sun’, and a calendar ring 1 with 31 internal teeth arranged coaxially thereto is equivalent to the mode in which the ‘earth’ rotates around the sun. The planetary ring 1 is provided with a planetary wheel composed of a gear 10 and a gear 11, which is the ‘moon’. Gear 11 has only 5 teeth corresponding to 5 small months with 30 days. This wheel is the core of this calendar mechanism; (Figure 1)

(Figure 2)
 When the annual calendar mechanism is on the 30th of a small month, the date-changing wheel 3, which rotates once every 24 hours, drives the first date-changing head 3b and one tooth of the gear 11 in a standby state; (Figure 2)

(Figure 3)
 The first dial 3b has dialed the tooth of the gear 11. Since the gear 11 is provided on the calendar ring 1, the calendar ring 1 is driven to rotate through a pitch of 31 teeth, everyone pays attention The calendar window has been changed from the previous 30 days to 31 days. During the continuous rotation of the date-changing wheel 3, the second date-changing dial 3a was driven to drive one of the internal teeth of the calendar ring 1, which caused the calendar ring 1 to rotate another tooth pitch, and the calendar window was displayed as 1 from the 31st Day, the entire small month conversion process should be completed within a set period of time, this is the core of the Salo Almanac; (Figure 3)

(Figure 4)
 When the annual calendar mechanism is at 7 large months with 31 days, the five teeth of the gear 11 are all far away from the first dial 3b, and the two calendar numbers will not jump during the calendar conversion process. (Figure 4)
Watch House Comments: Rolex’s newly launched Salo calendar is based on patent documents in 2005, which means that it took 7 years since the technology was formed to launch the finished product. This is the result of Rolex adhering to the brand concept. Although the calendar mechanism is not very complicated in my opinion, it is still very rigorous for Rolex to launch the most complicated models in history. It was launched after many years of research and development to ensure the reliability and stability of this mechanism. Always loyal to the responsibility of the Rolex watch crowd.

Rolex’s second innovative technology-monthly calendar display mechanism

(Figure 1)
 As mentioned earlier, we can not ignore the Salo Almanac. There is also an important month display organization, because the Almanac itself is born by distinguishing between big and small. If there is no month display, the calendar display will not be able to verify that it is displayed. Is the date of the month. The window above the hour mark on the dial of the watch is used to display the month. The hour number is instantly labeled with the month number. It is really a smart idea. The dark area 32 in the calendar mechanism is the dial we see Black month display in square hour window. (Figure 1)

Monthly calendar shows how the mechanism works

(Figure 2)
 The month is February 30, the hour 2 o’clock window 41 is black, the calendar ring 10 rotates counterclockwise, and the gear 20 is connected to the internal teeth 31 of the calendar ring 30; (Figure 2)

(Figure 3)
 The month is February 31, the calendar ring 10 and the gear 20 are docked, the calendar ring 10 continues to rotate counterclockwise, the gear 20 clockwise drives the black area of ​​the calendar ring 30 to rotate in the same direction;

(Figure 4)
 When the month is March 1 and 2, the calendar ring 10 continues to drive the gear 20, driving the black area on the calendar ring 30 clockwise to reach the window position at 3 o’clock;

(With schematic diagram of monthly calendar display mechanism 5)
 The month is March 3, and the calendar ring 10 and the gear 20 have been separated. At this time, the black area on the calendar ring 30 stays in place and waits for the next month. (Attached schematic diagram of the monthly calendar display mechanism 5). This is the upper part of the article ‘Three Innovative Technologies of the Rolex Sky Dweller Calendar Watch’. Next, please pay attention to the watch home. We will launch the next part in the near future.

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