There Is A Basic Explanation About Nomos Maintenance And Problems

With the further increase in the number of NOMOS holdings, many problems followed.
The first is a brief description of various NOMOS failures encountered in the last 5 years.
  1. Regarding the magnetization of NOMOS, among the nearly 2000 NOMOS sold in the castle, the magnetization rate is about 5%. Of course, some customers may not report to me after receiving the information. However, all brands, whether Swiss or German, as long as they are transparent, absolutely no watch is not easily susceptible to magnetism. At present, in our living environment, if we want to find an environment where no charged objects exist at all, we may only go to inaccessible nature.
  Second, the power reserve of NOMOS is insufficient. This problem was encountered by the castle at the end of 2010, and the problems that appeared in 2011 began to peak. The main problem is that the gear transmission efficiency is too low, resulting in power lag and attenuation, and it is difficult to meet the requirements of 36 hours after full chain. Because the specific structure has not been dismantled, this more professional technical question has to be answered by top domestic technicians.
  Third, the automatic power reserve of NOMOS is insufficient. It turned out that he had consulted Ali (a relatively well-known teacher in the forum) about this. It was caused by the short design of the pallet fork. The design defects, and a little carelessness during assembly, led to insufficient power reserve. I have already reflected this to NOMOS manufacturers. Whether or not to improve depends on the attitude of the Germans. Sometimes they always think they are right.
  Fourth, the crown comes off when encountering one, after falling off, water can no longer be repaired. I did not encounter problems such as the back cover falling off.

  In view of the above problems, NOMOS should pay attention to the following issues in the use and maintenance. The castle’s understanding of the watch is not deep enough. If it is not written or described in place, please ask your tablemates to criticize and correct it.
   First, the problem of winding up. The power reserve of NOMOS is between 36-40 hours. Everyone’s habit of winding up and the efficiency of winding up are different. Therefore, it is impossible to describe the winding up accurately. My personal recommendation is that the winding up should be slow and the frequency is basically You can make a lap every second and you can stop when you feel that you can’t move.
   Second, the problem of anti-magnetic. All kinds of charged objects around us, only keep watches and charged objects more than half a meter away. In order to prevent the occurrence of magnetization.
   Third, the problem of waterproofing. NOMOS waterproof is only 30 meters, waterproof in ordinary life, as far as possible to prevent water from seeping into the crown, be careful when using it. Otherwise, the rhodium-plated movement cannot be repaired when it encounters water.
   Fourth, the problem of earthquake resistance. Although the movement of NOMOS has shock absorbers, the shock absorption effect is not as good as KIF shock absorbers, so remember to avoid falling during use.
   Fifth, the maintenance of horse leather strap. For daily maintenance, you can wipe it with leather cleaner first, then wipe the inside of the strap with lemon juice or leather brightener, remove the odor and dry it (do not expose to sunlight), and you can extend the life of some straps.

Updated: 11. February 2017 — 10:01
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