The Tough Guys In The Movie Not Only Have Strong Muscles, But Even The Time Equipment On Their Wrists Are So Expressive

Seemingly inaccessible, it is inflexible and persevering. With its indomitable, strong and unyielding spirit, as well as its rough appearance and delicate inner features, many tough guy images on the screen leave a deep impression. Not only is it reflected in the shape of the characters, but the tough guys are also full of hardcore styles, such as thick motorcycle jackets, classic and modern combat equipment, Martin boots, etc. In addition to some accessories that represent a certain meaning of the necklace In addition, the most worn is the watch, a tough watch can add a lot of style to its tough guy image. On the big screen, these tough guys are often accompanied by such large-diameter watches, making their muscle lines and personality fuller and their images more contagious.

Special forces stills
The cause of the incident started with a joke

   In 2016, a youth love animation movie named ‘Your Name’ exploded on the silver screen. Although the storyline is innocent and pure, the hero’s sincere emotions are brought together by the comedy bridge, fantasy crossing, suspense and disaster elements. Coming to tears, it is the hot drama of the year and is sought after by many people. On September 28 this year, ‘Your Name’ issued an official statement to officially make a live-action movie decision. The live-action version will be responsible for the mass production of Hollywood, making this animated movie fan again boiling, guessing who Can play the role of two small fresh protagonists. Until a nomination from the male lead appears …

Pictures from the Internet

   Yes, he is the famous wwe American wrestler and film star Dawn Johnson! A strong tendon flesh and a contrasting uncle’s image made him an uncompromising tough guy in American blockbusters. It is conceivable that he played the live-action style of the painting. It is like this: The meteorite slowly falls When he was about to hit Miyomi Miyomi, the strongest man played by Johnson, Tachibana went through the stage, and a meteor was hit by a Tianma meteor punch … Personally, this muscular man is suitable for a tough guy role, or Don’t take part in the love affair that plays Xiaoqing of Japanese style. Although the ridicule and the element are greater than the real, everyone really pays attention to this matter, and once again pushes the boulder Johnson who lies on the gun to the center of public opinion.

Johnson’s Stills in Special Forces 2

   Johnson was first seen on the WWE professional league live broadcast (wwe). Although full of muscles, but as an athlete and keeping fit, he has never become awkward because of this. Some classic film and television characters who played Inspector Hobbs in the ‘Speed ​​and Passion’ series, pilots in ‘Doomsday’, ‘Special Forces’, strong muscles, tough style, heroic characters, to the audience An indelible impression was left in my heart. As one of the outstanding representatives of the big tough guy in film and television, a watch that can hold a hard muscle is essential. Therefore, Johnson chose the Panerai watch to help out, so in his film and television works, there are always a few Panerai watches on his wrist.

Stills from ‘Doomsday’

Panerai LUMINOR 1950 Collection PAM 00305

   As in the film ‘The Doomsday’, this model PAM 00305 appeared on the wrist of the pilot played by Johnson, and accompanied the great dad to rescue his daughter in deep disaster. This Panerai comes from the brand’s LUMINOR 1950 series. The 47mm frosted titanium case is very atmospheric, and it will feel right when worn on his hand. The bezel with polished edges rotates counterclockwise with an index scale. Titanium is light, hard, and low-sensitivity. In addition to highlighting the strong image of the tough guy, it also shows the tender side of being a father.

T800 Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator

   The ‘Terminator’ series can be described as a classic film that has influenced a generation. Anno Schwarzenegger, who plays the protagonist T800, is impressive in his American-style personal heroism. As the former governor of California, he is also a perseverance bodybuilder. By doubling the training of ordinary people, he has also built a strong and developed muscle, making the T800 a tough guy fuller image.

   In addition to fitness, he also likes heavy-weight, large-diameter watches. In ‘Terminator’, the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak offshore watch worn by the T800 is also deeply imprinted with the mark of a tough guy hero.
   In the finale ‘Terminator 3’, Schwarzenegger upgraded to T850 appeared handsome with sunglasses, black leather jacket, Harley-Davidson motorcycle, and Thunderbolt gloves. Of course, Audemars Piguet’s ‘Terminator T3 chronograph’ created for the film . After defeating T-X, in order to protect human beings from being attacked by Skynet, they resolutely destroyed themselves, creating the classic ending of the trilogy.

   2010 is the anniversary of the cooperation between Arnold Schwarzenegger and Audemars Piguet, and the brand also launched a Royal Oak offshore Arnold commemorative watch combining the beauty and beauty.

Veteran Barney Rose Stallone in ‘Death Squad’

Stills from ‘Death Squad’ series

   The ‘Death Squad’ series is an American action film edited, directed and performed by Sylvester Stallone. Already a tough guy, Stallone brought together a large number of action film superstars in this film, including Schwarzenegger, Jason Steinson, Jet Li, and even the famous American wrestler Steve Austin (Cold Stone) They all joined for it, adding a full male hormone to this classic blockbuster.

   In the first part, the climax part of the film flashed close-up shots of Stallone’s wrist. This Panerai’s luminous function is sure to impress countless viewers. This is the Panerai Luminor 1950 series double-tracking classic sailing chronograph watch, a limited edition tailored for the Panerai Classic Sailing Challenge. The first member of the daredevil team has its own highly precise and reliable professional positioning, a 44mm wide diameter and a special case, which is the best choice for tough guys.

   That is, after the first great success, the second one struck again in the voice of fans. Although there is no obvious watch in the film, there are still traces to follow. In this film, Stallone and his team wear Pei Bronze watch from Nahai PAM000382. This watch is the most popular among watch lovers. The brand launched a Luminor Submersible 1950 3-day power reserve automatic professional diving bronze watch in 2011 by the brand. The retro copper case is full of charm, and the military green dial is even more coveted. This watch was developed based on a model created for the Egyptian Navy commandos more than half a century ago. It is worn by the tough guy-like members of the daredevil team, which is even more domineering.

   In the third episode, Stallone wore two watches. In addition to a Panerai, a bright timepiece was added to the veteran Barney Rose’s wrist, which was Richard Mill The RM 032 diving chronograph (red strap model), as the fresh blood in the manufacture of clocks, Richard Mille released in 2001 is one of the most not to be ignored. Although the price broke the sky under the double standard of limited quantity and high technology content, it did not affect its position in the hearts of watch lovers in the slightest. In this film, the story of the old team rescues the new team is added, but on the camera, the old team members are also willing to be green leaves, making the new team stand out and heralding the arrival of a new era.
Summary: In our opinion, the watch with a large watch diameter is difficult to control, but the tough guys in film and television can be applied freely, making their tough guys fuller and showing a more in-depth and enthusiastic character.

Updated: 29. June 2021 — 4:21
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