The Fusion Of Precious Materials And Cutting-edge Technology Athens Classic Series Anchor Tourbillon Watch

Continuous research and development of self-made movements, development and innovative combination of new materials, and complex function watches have won numerous awards … The pioneering spirit of Athens watches is renowned worldwide. This time, the Athens Anchor Tourbillon Watch (watch model: 1782-133 / E0-60) perfectly combines enamel technology with rose gold, combines classicism and cutting-edge technology, and exhibits an anchor-type constant swing escapement Anchor Escapement).

   Whether in material science or structure, the Athens anchored constant swing escapement is a breakthrough in the traditional mode. It is an escapement that can maintain constant dynamic swing. This device has been in development for eight years and is entirely made of silicon and subverts the principle of traditional horse escapements.

   Athens Watch is always committed to the development of new materials, structures, technologies and so on. It always has amazing performance in the field of fine watchmaking, such as the development of new materials and the development of high-end technology. The anchor tourbillon watch in Athens won the best tourbillon watch award at the 2015 Geneva Watch Awards. Today, it is presented with a bright image of rose gold case and white large fire enamel dial.

   The watch has a 44mm 18K rose gold case with a pure white large enamel dial. On the white dial, the Arabic numerals and minutes are blue, echoing the blue and steel hands at the center of the dial. At 6 o’clock on the dial, there is a tourbillon that makes a full 60-second rotation. It is equipped with a Ulysse Anchor Escapement made of silicon. Above the tourbillon is an arc-shaped power reserve display, which can intuitively understand the watch’s power reserve. The pure and flawless white big fire enamel dial of the watch is precious but not exaggerated, providing a good visual space for the watch’s more important anchor tourbillon device, making the dial’s visual focus focus on the anchor tourbillon.

   The Ulysse Anchor Escapement is entirely made of silicon. Silicon has elasticity. Part of the power of the pallet fork comes from the elasticity of silicon. In this way, the watch is saved to a certain extent. Consumption of power, saving energy.

   The 18K rose gold crown on the right side of the case is exquisite and small, with a non-slip texture on the side, and the Athenian logo on the top blue background.

   The watch is equipped with a blue crocodile leather strap and an 18K rose gold pin buckle, which is comfortable and secure to wear.

   This classic Anchor Tourbillon watch is equipped with a caliber UN.178 manual-wound mechanical movement. This movement was developed in Athens and offers up to 170 hours of power reserve. The watch is water-resistant to 30 meters and is limited to 18 pieces.

   Summary: From the rose gold case to the big fire enamel dial, from the anchor-type constant swing escapement (Ulysse Anchor Escapement) to the combination with the tourbillon, from the use of silicon to the award-winning design, this is everywhere. This watch is an example of the fusion of precious materials and cutting-edge technology in Athens. Limited edition of 18 watches, the official price is 672,000 RMB.

Updated: 18. February 2017 — 3:29
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