The Baume & Mercier Launches The New William Baume Watch

The newly launched William Baume series is composed of watches that show the superb traditional craftsmanship of high-end watches.
    The four new models of this series evoke a close connection with the brand’s long history by recreating the complex skills of the old watchmaking tradition. These models have their own historical origins, most of which are derived from classic models in the history of Baume & Mercier watches. Including three models from the William Baume series last year, plus the new one-button chronograph launched this year, there are four models in the series.
William Baume Single Button Chronograph
    This one-button chronograph is a perfect blend of beauty and practicality. Start, stop and instantly reset to zero by pressing the single button once. Therefore, compared to a traditional chronograph that requires three different buttons, it integrates the crown and two function buttons into one, which also makes the case lines smoother. This new model of the William Baume collection is inspired by a watch with a single-button chronograph function introduced by Baume & Mercier in 1938. This watch perfectly inherits the modern design of the William Baume series. The silver dial is set against two horizontally arranged chronographs: the small seconds hand at 9 o’clock and the chronograph minute hand at 3 o’clock. The chronograph seconds hand is read by the central hand. The silver dial is decorated with the ‘Vieux Panier’ linear pattern, and the outer ring of the chronograph dial and minute scale is polished with satin finish. Through the large transparent sapphire glass window on the case back, you can clearly see the operation of the manual-winding mechanical movement, as well as the round grain main splint, the bridge decorated with ‘Côtes de Genève’ and the blue steel screws. Large 18K red gold case (41mm) with hand-stitched chestnut brown alligator strap. This watch is limited to 20 pieces and is individually numbered.

William Baume Flying Tourbillon
    The anti-gravity tourbillon is one of the most prestigious clock functions and one of the most complicated watchmaking techniques. The rotation of its frame (Carriage) can reduce the effect of gravity, so as to improve the accuracy of the watch. In 1892, the ‘Frères Baume’ company broke the chronograph record of the Royal Observatory with a tourbillon movement and won the award of the most accurate watch at that time. Today, Baume & Mercier reinterprets this professional craft with a flying tourbillon of great aesthetic value and perfect technology. Different from the traditional tourbillon fixed by the upper and lower splints, the flying tourbillon is completely supported by the mandrel, so that it can freely enjoy the distinctive rotating movement. Another distinctive feature of this new William Baume series is its elegant tourbillon escapement at 9 o’clock. The small seconds at 6 o’clock shows the dial with the “Vieux Panier” linear accent. Through the large transparent sapphire glass window on the case back, you can clearly see the manual winding mechanical bridge decorated with ‘Côtes de Genève’, blue steel screws and round grain splints. And has a 52-hour power reserve function. The new William Baume tourbillon model is distinguished from the first version by its black dial and hand-stitched black alligator strap. The extra large case (43 mm) is crafted in 18K red gold and presents a unique and sparkling temperament. This watch is limited to 10 pieces and is individually numbered.

William Baume ultra-thin watch
    Ultra-thin watches have always been synonymous with the perfect combination of extreme elegance and cutting-edge technology. Baume & Mercier has been working on ultra-thin watches since 1920, and its thinnest self-winding calendar introduced in 1965 caused a sensation at the time. Baume & Mercier’s new William Baume ultra-thin watch is a new interpretation of its expertise in this field. Compared with the previous series, this watch has three new features: Valfleurier’s WB-UT002 movement specially made for Baume & Mercier is more efficient; the power reserve function has been increased from 40 hours to 60 hours; and a 6.2 mm case Although it is 0.4 mm thicker than the previous model, it is still very thin. The caseback through the transparent window perfectly showcases the mechanical manual winding movement, the splints and bridges decorated with the ‘Côtes de Genève’ pattern, and the blue steel screws. However, the new model still retains its silver dial with the ‘Vieux Panier’ linear pattern, elegant spear-shaped hands and hand-stitched milf alligator strap. The oversized case (41 mm) is crafted in 18K red gold. This watch is limited to 179 pieces and is individually numbered.

William Baume retrograde seconds watch
    The retrograde second hand function divides the time into two parts. When the large second hand finishes thirty seconds, it will instantly return to the origin for the next thirty seconds. Originally the invention was to save dial space to display a variety of functions, but it also presented a charming ballet-like visual effect. This retrograde seconds hand from the William Baume series, with a serpentine retrograde seconds hand, is located on the lower part of the dial. The model also has a large calendar display at 12 o’clock, and the values ​​of the single digit and the ten digit day are displayed in two independent grids. The new William Baume retrograde seconds hand is different from the first edition in that it features a black dial with a hand-stitched black alligator strap. The large transparent sapphire glass window on the case back perfectly showcases the mechanical self-winding movement, the round grain main splint and the bridge, the snail-shaped clockwork box, and the blue steel screws. The ‘Côtes de Genève ‘The pendulum with the pattern and the engraved name of the famous man Phi is clearly visible. With a 41 mm oversized 18K red gold case. This watch is limited to 179 pieces and is individually numbered.

Updated: 20. October 2012 — 23:48
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