The Bag For The Girl Lv Is Worse Than The Watch For The Girl Lv

It is not too late to get to the topic. LV smart watch (TAMBOUR HORIZON) is the hottest watch in recent time. As soon as it was sold, it was sold out, and it was unprecedentedly hot. As a family member of a LV fan … I have also become a LV user in a long-term family ‘fostering’. After the launch of the LV smart watch TAMBOUR HORIZON, many media, including the House of Watches, introduced the functions of this watch. Today I want to share with you from a man’s point of view why LV is always exciting. (The most important thing is in the last paragraph, the anxious brother can skip the middle part.)
Since it is from the perspective of men, let me tell you about the current situation of LV men’s products.
   We all know that ‘bags’ are used to cure all diseases. Since women buy bags for ‘cure’ (for example, to treat all kinds of unhappiness), then men buy bags and really use them. Maybe many male compatriots do n’t know. Now LV’s hottest bag, LV stores are out of stock, the order cycle is half a year, a package in the secondary market is hard to find, and the out-of-stock king sold at an over-priced, is a male bag (both Men are using), LV presbyopia 26 wash bag. Everyone is proficient in watches, so for a bag, you may ask why a wash bag can be so hot. This is because this bag from LV is very suitable for men, and meets all the needs of men.

LV Presbyopia Washing Bag No. 26 is now the most popular ‘men’s bag’ in LV, a bag is hard to find.
   There are not many personal belongings for men, such as mobile phones, wallets, cards, keys, charging cables, and so on. Backpacks are too big, except for traveling far away, travelling usually does not take up so much space; if the backpack is not in place, it will look like a salesman who sells at home; therefore, handbags are the best choice for many men. It is precisely because of the strong demand of men that Shengsheng has turned LV’s presbyopia wash bag into a pure handbag. Now no one has used the 26th wash bag for other purposes, and all use it as a hand bag (LV The official name of the wash bag is a wash bag. The difference from the LV handbag is that the wash bag does not have a bank card and credit card slot and layering on the inner layer, but the bag type is the same as the hand bag, so it is now used as a hand bag).

LV wash bags often appear at the same time as Rolex.

   Various luxury brands on the market have many men’s handbags, Versace’s face, Fendi’s little monster, Givenchy’s dog head, and gucci’s tiger, each with its own characteristics. Why is it that only LV’s wash bag is a mess, and other brands cannot? It is because in addition to the characteristics of the LV wash bag, which is relatively large, compact and cheap, the presbyopia wash bag has ‘super high recognition’ (LV new men’s handbags are checkerboard, black presbyopia or single color, Classic brown presbyopia is only available on the wash bag, so it explodes). In this world, things that are more recognizable than LV classic full LOGO presbyopia (luxury goods) are almost non-existent. Luxury has nothing to do with function, but it has to do with recognition. Things that can be recognized and stand out at a glance will become ‘hot items’.

Therefore, the LV presbyopia toilet bag was on fire, and the LV smart watch (TAMBOUR HORIZON) was on fire.
   After the launch of the LV smart watch, most people are introducing its functions. But there are feature phones on smartwatches, so if pure functions are needed, a phone can solve it. The reason why LV TAMBOUR HORIZON makes people ‘reversed’ is that LV TAMBOUR HORIZON is the first real luxury smart watch. It is not only luxurious, highly recognizable, exquisite, but not expensive.

   Before the advent of LV smart watches, the world of smart watches was always dominated by Apple Watches. From students to company employees, many, many people wear Apple Watches. Apple Watches have many functions, are easy to connect with Apple phones, and are inexpensive, so everyone wears them. These seemingly beautiful advantages are precisely the biggest shortcomings of the Apple Watch. It is just a good ‘electronic product’ and a ‘civilian watch’. An auction expert once said that watches are the most important accessories for men. We can see a man’s hobbies and strength from watches. For a long time, only high-end mechanical watches can bring these to men (a sense of pride and glory). So watch enthusiasts rarely pay for smart watches. Until the appearance of the LV TAMBOUR HORIZON smart watch. LV TAMBOUR HORIZON divides smart tables into different levels. The broad masses of people, represented by students and staff, can buy Apple Watches that are affordable to the people, and those who have ‘higher pursuit’ and need higher recognition can buy LV. It’s no secret that luxury is to make people distinguish, and only when people make a distinction can people pay for luxury goods. Otherwise, there is no functional difference between an LV handbag and a plastic bag.

LVTAMBOUR HORIZON smart watch with different dial options and straps.
   Maybe some players have not seen the actual LV smart watch, LV TAMBOUR HORIZON is a very beautiful watch, size 42 mm, 12.55 mm thick, Rolex water ghost is 13 mm thick, LV smart watch is thinner than water ghost. TAG Heuer’s smart watch is 45 mm and Montblanc’s smart watch is 46 mm. In order to give way to the battery, the smart watch has to be made larger to allow longer battery life. LV TAMBOUR HORIZON smart watch uses LV’s iconic TAMBOUR MOON case. This case is only used by LV and has a high degree of recognition. At the same time, TAMBOUR MOON is the latest modified LV case shape. The size of the LV smart watch is 42 mm, which is smaller than many smart watches. At the same time, the battery life is 22 hours, which is basically one charge per day. The LV smart watch is sold separately. The watch strap and the strap are sold separately. After the watch head is bought, the strap is selected. The price of different straps is different. There is no doubt that the watchband must be presbyopia. Presbyopia straps with presbyopia screens are pure LVs (of course, the dial can also be switched to a black chessboard or brown chessboard). This set only needs 17,000 (the price of the black-plated case is slightly higher).
   We can take a look. Among all LV watches, LV TAMBOUR HORIZON smart watch is still the cheapest. The cheapest LV quartz watch is 21800, and the LV TAMBOUR HORIZON smart watch is even cheaper than the quartz watch. It is weird that people do n’t grab the LV smart watch.

LV smart watch black plated model.

Now let me tell you about the rush sales of LV smart watches.
   At present, Beijing SKP, China World Trade Center and Peninsula Hotel are out of stock. Because many people order in advance, they pick up the goods on the day of sale. The good news is that LV is smart in ordering, and the delivery time will be faster, and it can be delivered in 2 to 4 weeks. Let’s take a look at the LV bag. It takes even half a year to set up a LV smart watch. Now I know the situation in Hong Kong is that you can get the watch, the price is around 20,000 yuan, the price is not different from the mainland (everyone who buys goods and watchmakers need to make a difference in exchange rate). For friends in Beijing I want to share an experience. We usually think that LV’s popular specialty stores are out of stock. In most cases, it is true, but we still have the chance to try our luck. LV specialty stores, including Beijing SKP, can sometimes unexpectedly take out popular models from the counter that we have always thought are not available. The premise is that you must go to the store early in the morning to ask, because they all arrive in the morning, and if they go in the afternoon, they will basically be sold. So I suspect that LV stores will still arrive in small quantities. Those who are interested should get up early and run more stores.

LV TAMBOUR HORIZON smart watch with different dial options and straps.
   When I saw this LV smart watch, I really liked it, I can’t wait to wear one more watch on one hand. Some friends said that they should wear Rolex in their left hands and LV in their right hands. I think it’s a good idea. A mechanical watch and a smart device are fine except for some bag. According to my limited experience, although LV is the overlord in the bag, LV bags are out of stock all year round, but LV’s previous watches are always available at any time. Therefore, after the fresh heat has passed, the market price of LV smart watches will gradually decline and return to rationality. If you are not in a hurry, you can wait. Of course, for those who are very anxious, you can pay more attention to the private watch dealers, because I see that the watchmakers with ‘presense’ have already set more watches, and should be in stock soon.

LV TAMBOUR HORIZON smart watch with different dial options and straps.
   As for the LV TAMBOUR HORIZON function, it includes information on querying flights, hotels, travel, time zone, etc. The official introduction of LV is definitely much more comprehensive than myself, so in the end, I copied it directly, please look at it.

LV TAMBOUR HORIZON smart watch unique content and features:

Custom-designed Louis Vuitton watch dial interface

My Flight travel features

City Guide Exclusive App

24-hour dial interface (24 time zone, weather, temperature display and step counting function)
Iconic dial with Louis Vuitton watchmaking features

LV smart watch can quickly change the strap (top) and charger (bottom)
Average battery life under normal use conditions: up to 22 hours

Operating system: Android Wear 2.0
System compatibility: Android 4.3 + / iOS 9+ smartphones with Android 4.3 or higher or iPhone 5 or later with iOS 9 or higher. The features supported by different platforms are different.
Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.1 and Wi-Fi
AMOLED touch screen. Resolution: 390×390

   Most importantly at the end, I saw that many men do not like LV watches, but girls like it. So brothers think about it, instead of giving the girl a bag, it is better to buy a LV watch for the girl. Because if you buy a bag, you do n’t know which one to buy (in addition, the new LV bag is more expensive than this watch), and now this watch is a mess, so it’s right to buy this watch (I can only help you do this) too much……).

Updated: 8. June 2013 — 10:42
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