The Art Of Color Collision The Baume & Mercier Collection Debuts In Geneva

The new works of Lingni Spring / Summer 2015 are fashionable and unique, leading the latest trend of the season. Baume & Mercier adds four new artistic watches to the feminine Ling Ni series. The watch is equipped with replaceable straps, inspired by the bright colors of Pop Art, showing creativity Inspired by art, luxurious top leather brings unparalleled comfort. The matte satin alligator leather strap becomes a visual focal point. Does your eyes seem to have a gorgeous picture?

Fresh green

   This indispensable color has the style of the 1970s and is full of vitality. This strap is fresh and pleasant, and will bring a touch of coolness to your summer outfit. With the ‘green light’ on, you can unleash your charm!
Pop powder

   The color of this candy is sweet and tender, bold and creative, which reminds one of summer’s seductive lips. This strap will become an important element of beautiful makeup, perfect match with the same color lip gloss and nails.
Vitality honey

   Warm as honey, yellow is the color of summertime joy. The strap is gorgeous and fashionable, and has a strong artistic atmosphere. It can bring vitality to day wear, add luster to evening wear, and present a golden texture like a sun kiss.
Colorful purple

   This color symbolizes the splendid spring time, and is integrated with the stylish sky blue and indigo. Inspired by her charm style, beauty masters have created countless new colors.
   The new Lingni watch has rounded lines at a glance, a polished case decorated with a carved bezel, a pure silver dial and an easily replaceable gorgeous strap. It perfectly matches various styles and leads the fashion trend. The four 27mm watches faithfully continue the characteristics of the Lingni series. In addition to the alligator leather strap, a stainless steel strap is also included in the watch box, which gives women the pleasure of matching according to the occasion. .

Updated: 21. April 2021 — 16:30
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