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Beijing Watch was established in the 1950s. Once established, it won the attention of the whole country. Since its development, it has become a well-known domestic watch brand and enjoys a high reputation in the world. Beijing watches have unique shapes and fine work, often infused with state-owned factors. They are both watches and perfect crafts.
 Today, with the enhancement of our country’s strength, Chinese culture has become more and more influential in the world, as well as in the field of watches. Watches with Chinese characteristics are increasingly sought after, and as orthodox national watches , Beijing watch will inevitably shine in the field of watches in the near future. This time we will experience the perfect combination of American style and exquisite machinery through the Beijing embedded enamel series B078201213S watch.

 The Beijing inline enamel series B078201213S watch is one of the Impression Beijing series watches. Its dial is 40 mm and is made of stainless steel. The case and bezel are glittering with metallic luster. There are four models of Impression Beijing series watches. Eight new and old landmark buildings in Beijing have been selected as the theme. Old photos are used to represent old buildings, and enamel is used to express new buildings. The two processes of enamel and oil silk screen are used to reflect Beijing’s past and present. Presented on the dial, the contrast between history and reality has a strong impact on people’s emotions. The patterns of these four watches are the Beihai White Tower and Water Cube, the Temple of Heaven and the National Theater, the Great Hall of the People and the Bird’s Nest, and the Great Wall and the new office building of CCTV, and the B078201213S we are introducing this time is the Great Hall of the People and the Bird’s Nest Themed watch.
On the dial of this watch, the color of the Great Hall of the People made with oil-printed silk technology is slightly yellow, showing the historical charm. The bird’s nest in burnt enamel is bright in color, full of stylish personality and modern dynamics. These two things can be said to be typical representatives of history and modernity. The dial integrates these two things across time and space, and caters to the theme of impression well. Coupled with the red leather strap, the culture of the watch is even higher.
 Beijing B078201213S watch, as a high-end embedded enamel watch, its appearance design and enamel craftsmanship are naturally its main features, so this watch does not have many functions, it is just a date display. The date display of this watch is presented at the 3 o’clock position of the watch in the form of a window. The black Arabic numerals on the white background make the function extremely legible. The time display of the watch is presented in the form of the big three hands, which means that the three hands share the same dial, which makes it easier and faster for us to watch the time. The minute, hour and hour scales of this watch are silver-white, and the second hand is red. Walking leisurely on the patterned dial, which accurately displays the time, is also a beautiful landscape, which is the overall appearance of the watch. It adds a lot of color. In addition, in order to meet the needs of daily life, watchmakers have also designed this watch to be waterproof at a depth of 30 meters, which can already meet the needs of daily life. Whether it is swimming, swimming or traveling, it can be at any time Accompany you to show your personality.

This impression Beijing B078201213S watch is equipped with a movement B16ZR, which is a self-winding movement produced by the Beijing Watch Factory. This movement is also inlaid with 27 gems to ensure the smooth operation of the movement and correspondingly reduce the wear of the watch during work. In addition, the movement can provide a 42-hour power reserve, which can avoid the trouble of frequent winding, and also help the owners who do not like to wear watches to spend the weekend in peace, without having to give their love at the beginning of each week. The table is recalibrated. In addition, this watch also applies a back-to-back design, showing the exquisite structure of the movement and the beauty of the moving movement in front of people’s eyes, forming a different kind of landscape.
 The Beijing B078201213S watch can be said to be one of the best in domestic high-end watches. Its shape design reveals distinctive Chinese characteristics. At the same time, two things representing history and modernity are gathered on the same dial. Gives a strong visual and emotional impact. Enamel firing and oil silk screen printing are also two processes of great artistic value. In the past, it was only used in the royal court. Now it is used on this Beijing watch, which enhances the quality of the watch and highlights the watch. The owner’s elegant taste and distinguished status. In terms of features, the performance of B078201213S is not outstanding, but the date display, 30 meters water resistance, and 42-hour power reserve are all very humane. From the perspective of the user, it provides users with a lot of convenience. Its movement is a movement produced by the Beijing watch factory. Although there is still a certain gap compared with the high-quality movement produced by a famous Swiss and German watchmaker, there are decades of brand history of the Beijing watch factory. We guarantee that the performance of the movement can be assured. The reference price of this watch is 7,800 yuan. For such a watch that combines creative ideas, superb craftsmanship and superb technology, such a price is definitely excellent value for money.
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Updated: 9. October 2020 — 12:45
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