The 5 New Watches I Want To Buy Within 2018 Basel Million

Within 10,000 yuan, many people should choose the budget price of the first table. So our 2018 Basel new product recommendation is the first one to be more affordable. First, we recommend 5 new products with a price of less than 10,000 yuan. To be honest, there are some of them that I want to buy myself. 10,000-9,000 yuan recommended Rong Hans FORM A series watch master design stainless steel case / diameter 39.3mm / waterproof 50 meters automatic movement / reference price 8,960 – 9,680 RMB price directly approaching the upper limit of 10,000 yuan, in addition to the watch itself, In addition to quality, we should have some higher requirements, such as art design by the master. Many people are talking about Bauhaus, and many people are making Bauhaus-style watches. In fact, the Bauhaus not only pursues simplicity, but also contains precise and elegant proportions. If you are not sure about this degree, then just choose Jung Hans. One of the greatest Bauhaus masters of our time-Max
 Bill has designed a number of well-known classics for Junghans. Today, Junghans still maintains the original design. The FORM A series launched a new color style this year. Compared to the Max Bill series with the same name as the master, the lines of the FORM A series are clearer and sharper. In the minimalist and restrained design, there are hidden invisible design elements everywhere. For example, the outer edge of the dial is slightly tilted upwards and looks like a plate; the minute scale is a small square, much like loose-leaf paper on the desk; the special design of the case and lugs makes this watch very comfortable to wear, and Visually it feels very slim. All these exquisite designs come together. It can be said that the only difference between this watch and contemporary art is that it also has a stable and excellent mechanical movement inside. It can not only be used for appreciation, but also has practical functions. 8,000-7,000 yuan recommended Tissot nostalgia classic series 2018 replica watch nostalgia is a virtue stainless steel case / diameter 42mm / waterproof 50 meters manual movement / reference price 7,950 RMB Tissot has been launched every year in recent years For example, last year’s 1948 chronograph, and the 160th anniversary commemorative watch of the previous Pilot’s Series are all countless. This year’s work is from a classic Tissot 1943 work. The slightly arched dial is brushed and polished, and willow-shaped hands make this watch look simple and delicate. If there are any shortcomings, it may be that its 42mm size is still a bit large for a classic replica watch, and I personally prefer about 38mm. Fortunately, its exquisite lug design does not make it look great on the hand. I looked at the back to understand why this case needs to be 42mm. It is equipped with a manual movement of the same size.
Based on 6498, blue steel screws, large area of ​​Geneva stripes, and vintage Tissot LOGO imprint make the back of this watch also very ornamental. At the same time, the identity of a user using a watch with the same movement proves that the quality of this movement is really unspeakable. It also belongs to the Tissot anti-magnetic series of the 1930s, so in addition to the retro Tissot Logo on this watch, the word ‘Antimagnetique’ is also printed. It should be noted that this wording is only a reproduction of historical models, and the antimagnetic performance of this watch is only a regular level. 7,000-6,000 yuan recommended Herberg Trophy series diving watch unexpected surprise stainless steel case / waterproof 300 meters automatic movement / reference price 6,800-7,700 yuan remember to visit the famous Jura Valley watch factory in one year, the driver returned when returning to Geneva Introduce me: ‘The road we are taking now is sometimes in Switzerland, sometimes in France.’ Herbert is near the French border near the Jura valley. Divided by administrative area, this is a French brand. From the geographical environment, it is actually not so obvious from a Swiss brand. The Trophy diving watch is a new series of Herberlin in 2018. It is divided into three models of Inland (land), Seacoast (beach), and Abyss (deep sea). The dial color and other detailed designs echo the different themes. For example, the dial of Inland is processed with a special process and has a rock-like texture; Seacoast uses a blue dial; Abyss has a black dial with a black ceramic outer ring. At the same time, the case uses two processes of brushing and polishing. The actual product obtained at the exhibition shows that this watch has a sense of quality that is rare in the same price model. It can be said that it has gained an unexpected delight. Among the three Inland models I like the most, the texture of the dial is really special, and the overall feel of the brown belt is very coordinated and beautiful, and the public price is only 6,800 yuan. Abyss (deep sea) with ceramic outer ring is also priced at 7,700 yuan. At this price, I couldn’t think of any other diving watch equipped with Swiss automatic movement and ceramic outer ring. 6,000-5,000 yuan recommended Certina DS PH200M watch most faithful replica stainless steel case / diameter 42.8mm / waterproof 200 meters ETA Powermatic 80.111 automatic movement / 80 hours power reserve / reference price 5,330 RMB Say a few words, otherwise you may not get the point of this watch. The name of almost every watch of Certina has DS, which is actually derived from the Double Security technology of DS invented by Certina in the 1960s. In that year, DS technology greatly improved the ruggedness of the watch. And has passed the test of a variety of real environments such as mountains, deep seas, and became famous. As can be seen from the above figure, DS technology is actually a general term for components and technologies that provide comprehensive protection for watches and movements. It includes: 1. thickened watch glass; 2. elastic shock-absorbing ring of the movement; 3. shock resistance Movement; 4, crown sealing parts; 5, case sealing ring; 6, screw-locked case bottom. Later, with the development of watchmaking technology, the shockproof performance of the movement itself can already cope with many extreme environments, so the modern Certina DS watch has cancelled the second item above: the movement’s elastic damping ring. However, with the introduction of this replica DS PH200M watch, I found that this ring is back! The DS PH200M watch introduced in 1967 is derived from a diving watch launched by Certina in 1967. From the name to the shape, Certina almost perfectly engraved this classic model in history. The flat retro bezel, the large luminous hands and the time mark … it is easy to understand why Citina chose such a watch for re-engraving, because it is too beautiful, both fashionable and retro. However, what most impressed me is that this watch not only engraved the appearance of historical models, as can be seen from the above figure, DS
The PH200M watch also uses the structure of the DS double insurance technology in the 1960s, including the elastic shock-absorbing ring between the movement and the case. It can be said that this watch not only engraved the appearance of historical models, but also engraved the technology of the year. In the era when every company is actively launching replica watches, Certina’s idea is really original. As for how much the shock resistance of this watch has improved? I don’t care at all. 4,000-3,000 yuan recommended Hamilton Khaki field 38mm manual winding mechanical watch military fans must-have stainless steel case / 38mm diameter / 50 meters waterproof manual movement / reference price 3,500 yuan in the classic Swiss watch brand For mechanical watches below 5,000 yuan, there are basically no good choices. So this one looks special. This is an authentic World War II military watch. If you are an army fan, there is no hesitation in this price. It is definitely a must-have. The 38mm stainless steel case with a manual winding movement inside is very retro in both appearance and use. The font and scale on the dial are larger than before, and they look more atmospheric. Another highlight is the new NATO woven strap, which makes this watch more military. It is not difficult to see the Hamilton watch in many WWII movies shot in the United States. In fact, there is no ‘implanted advertisement’ for Hamilton in this movie. One reason: respect for historical facts. It is said that during World War II, more than 90% of American soldiers wore Hamilton.

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