Steel, Platinum, And 18k Roses Are All Weak. Ceramic Watches Lead The New Fashion

The water flows in the east, Ye Luo has one after another, and the lingering time quietly passes away, and it is the fall season. Since ancient times, scholars and writers have always lamented the years as a shuttle. Whether it is an ancient clock or a delicate wrist watch, it is the most elegant testimony of time. Choosing a watch that suits you is just like choosing a lover who is harmonious and goes well with each other.
  In the face of choice, I think everyone will be tangled, whether you are Libra or not. Since the day when I entered the watch industry, relatives and friends always ask me the same sentence: ‘What watch should I buy, which is more suitable?’ Actually, it is difficult for me to face such a problem every time. To give an exact answer, first of all, there are many watch brands and countless models. It is not easy to pick out a star-shaped model that suits a person. Not everyone is suitable for the luxurious Vacheron Constantin and Jaeger-LeCoultre. , Earl, Cartier … Secondly, everyone’s style, taste, and hobby are also different, so even the best watch may not be suitable for you. Therefore, do not follow the trend when buying a watch, you must comprehensively consider before shooting.
  Buying a watch not only simply considers the general factors of price, appearance, and function, but the material is equally important. For example, fresh graduates wearing casual watches with stainless steel and rubber bands are fully in line with their sunny and energetic temperament. However, if they wear a large golden labor or complex tourbillon, they will look out of place and completely resemble the superior feeling.
  Most people choose steel when they buy a watch. This is because precious metal watches are generally priced too high. Secondly, this material is too heavy, which puts a lot of pressure on the wrist. Therefore, stainless steel, stainless steel or rubber watches are very popular, but usually this material can not meet the needs of some people, so today the editor will recommend several watches made of special high-tech ceramics for everyone, Speaking of which everyone should guess, it is the well-known Swiss watch brand-radar.

  Radar perfectly uses ceramic materials on watches, not only subverting the entire watch industry, but also leading the design trend of high-tech ceramic watches. The radar Haoxing series, Isa series, Jingcui series, and this year’s main push Diamond series are all very good models of the brand. These are all ceramic watches, but choosing the right one takes some care.
Radar Isa Tactile Watch
  Diamonds seem to be born for women only. Bright diamonds are women’s best friends. Many women do not have any resistance to jewelry full of diamonds. Although they are fond of it, the high price of diamond watches makes many women discourage them. The Radha Isa series diamond watch is completely different from other brands in diamond control. This is the brand’s first masterpiece that perfectly integrates diamond and ceramic technology. If you are a fashionable woman pursuing trends, then this watch is very suitable. At present, the domestic reference price of this watch is 94,200 yuan.

  This Radar Isa series touch watch continues the Isa series classic oval case design, and for the first time, it perfectly blends the diamond inlay technology with ceramic materials, so the aesthetics of the watch is also sublimated. The watch is made of moist ceramic material, which is extremely comfortable to wear, and its low-sensitivity characteristics fit the skin more closely. The dial, case and strap of the watch are set with 132 crystal clear diamonds, always shining dazzling light.

  The biggest feature of this watch is the perfect fusion of diamonds in ceramics for the first time. In fact, it is not easy to embed diamonds in ceramics. First, the watchmaker must be accurate on the single structure case and each tiny high-tech ceramic bracelet link. Identify where diamonds need to be set to ensure the perfect pattern. According to the marked position, a small hole is drilled in the ceramic with a laser, and then softened platinum is injected into each small hole in a precise amount, and then a diamond is set on it. Each diamond is set by hand using traditional watchmaking techniques. After setting, the platinum is almost completely covered. The watch has 132 diamonds, of which 92 are on the dial. All the diamonds used are top Wesselton diamonds, and the clarity level is VVS. The crystals are clear and perfectly cut, creating a beauty beyond the reality and a low-key luxury. charm.

  Secondly, another feature of the watch is the touch-sensitive design. To adjust the time setting, first set the watch to the setting mode. After touching the case at 8 o’clock for about 5 seconds, quickly slide your finger over the right of the case. Side, the watch will emit a short beep sound; when setting the hour hand, slide your finger clockwise along the left side of the case to adjust it for one hour, and slide it counterclockwise to adjust it backward. One hour; when setting the minute hand, slide your finger clockwise along the right side of the case to adjust it for one minute forward, and slide it counterclockwise to adjust it for one minute backward.
  This watch is also a favorite of radar spokesperson Ms. Tang Wei. The white elegant dial is intoxicating, and the diamond shape dotted on the dial is like a flower. It also highlights the elegant and gentle temperament of women. The tactile adjustment adds the watch Interesting, so this watch is the best choice for fashionable women.
For more watch details, please click: Beauty is not just for women, men’s pursuit of beauty is equally important. The Diamond Pa series is Radar’s main watch series this year. The hollow-out design of the watch can stimulate men’s desire for mechanical sense. This watch made of plasma high-tech ceramics perfectly shows the exquisite craftsmanship hidden inside, which is in line with passion For the unrestrained men’s needs, the current domestic reference price of this watch is 36,500 yuan.

  This watch is Radar’s new masterpiece at Baselworld this year. The watch uses Radar’s groundbreaking one-piece plasma high-tech ceramic case. It is limited to 499 pieces, each with an independent number.

  The watch has a diameter of 41 millimeters, which fits the wrist of most men. A large area of ​​the watch is made of plasma ceramics. This material has a complicated workmanship. It is made of a white high-tech kit and then placed in a plasma ceramic sintering furnace. When the plasma high-tech ceramic reaches 900 degrees Celsius, the watch’s The warm gray metallic luster slowly emerges, which shows the exquisite radar watchmaking skills.

  The dial perfectly showcases the beauty of the hollow design. The warm gray dial surface gives a magnificent feeling, and the golden hands highlight the elegance of the watch. The hour and hour scales are marked with gold swords, and the remaining scales are displayed with small black bar marks. The gold swingable anchor LOGO is embedded on the dial, and the radar classic logo is engraved next to it, demonstrating the clever design of radar watchmaking. At the same time with a black leather strap, is the only watch in the series using a leather strap, not only has a noble temperament, but also adds trendy retro elements.
For more watch details, please click:
Radar Haoxing mechanical watch
  The radar Haoxing series is one of the brand’s important series. This mechanical watch is made of plasma high-tech ceramics, which has a distinctive texture. You can feel the unique temperament of the watch from its elegant silhouette, simple dial surface and dark brown strap. If you are a gentle man, this watch is for you.

  The watch case is made of high-tech plasma ceramics. It is a one-piece design. The hardened unique decoration is inserted on both sides and the lines are elegant. This design can be said to be the highlight of the Haoxing series. The watch’s 42 mm diameter Fits most men’s wrists. High-tech ceramic material with light and comfortable, easy to wear and hypoallergenic all the advantages.

  The silver dial has an introverted atmosphere, and the sun ray texture spreads over the dial, which has an excellent design sense. Twelve golden time scales are evenly distributed at the full time position, and the top is all coated with luminous coating, which is convenient for reading time at night. The small seconds at 6 o’clock is simple and durable. ; 3 o’clock position is the date display window, used to display the date of the day; the classic small three-pin design also adds to the dynamic surface of the disk. The low-key and simple design of this radar Haoxing series watch reveals a strong retro complex, and the high-tech ceramic case exudes a fashionable taste. The watch is the best choice for elegant and restrained men.
For more watch details, please click: Each brand will launch sports-related watches, radar is no exception. Everyone knows that radar watches are inextricably linked to tennis, so they have launched a number of special watches for the court. This series of watches are also made of high-tech ceramics and sporty, which is very suitable for sports men’s wrists. It is worn on the body, and the current domestic reference price is 22,400 yuan.

  The watch case is made of black high-tech ceramic, which is a one-piece design. The hardened stainless steel decoration is inserted on both sides. This is a very complicated process for the watchmaking process, which tests the watchmaker’s patience and skill. High-tech ceramic material with light and comfortable, easy to wear and hypoallergenic all the advantages.

  The dial design of the watch is very simple. The entire dial is equipped with a blue-gray tone to bring a comfortable visual experience. The time display uses a bar scale and the end is covered with a luminous coating. At 3 o’clock is the date display window, and at 12 o’clock is the blue swingable anchor logo and radar classic logo.

  This watch is born for sports, providing precise timing whether it is practice, training or competition. The simple dial, high-tech ceramics, and ingenious design all add brilliance to this watch. At the same time, we can also feel the exquisite and innovative radar watchmaking skills.
In summary: the above radar series of different watches have different styles, of course, also suitable for different population needs. Or delicate and gentle, low-key elegant, high-end complex, or leisure sports, in addition, all watches are full of avant-garde and modern sense, and high-tech ceramic materials also bring a unique wearing experience, diamond-set Ceramics set a new milestone in radar watchmaking.

Updated: 1. April 2021 — 19:56
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