Reproduced Classic, This One, Blancpain Pays Tribute To The Fifty-year-old Mil-spec ‘only Watch’ Watch To Help Charity Auction

In 2001, Blancpain organized a charity sale for the MonacoAssociationagainstMuscularDystrophy (AMM), thus becoming the first watch brand to fund the charity. At the ‘OnlyWatch’ charity auction in 2017, Blancpain will once again present an orphan watch limited to one in the world. The inspiration for the creation of this collection is from the new version of the ‘tribute to the fifty-year-old MIL-SPEC’ replica watch. This timepiece is limited to 500 pieces, and it has all been sold out. The orphan sale this time can be described as a ‘Special Edition’, and it will be the last chance for people who love watches to have the 50th edition of the 2017 edition.
   The pointer and scale indicators of the new orphan timepiece are covered with Super-LuminNova bright yellow luminous coating, echoing the ‘OnlyWatch’ logo. The watch is equipped with a gold oscillating weight coated with NAC (a platinum alloy), engraved with the classic logo ‘Blancpain’ and the words ‘OnlyWatch’. Buyers of this watch will also enjoy a double respected experience presented by Blancpain.

   All the proceeds from the ‘OnlyWatch’ charity auction were donated to the Monaco Muscular Dystrophy Prevention Association. AMM was established in 2001. For 17 years, Blancpain has always provided firm support to the AMM Association and actively participated in various operational affairs organized by the Association. in:
   Blancpain is the first and only watch brand to participate in the OnlyOne charity auction in 2001 and 2003. It is the predecessor of Today’s OnlyWatch charity auction; all six auctions since the official establishment of OnlyWatch in 2005, Blancpain has never been absent. . In 2017, Blancpain glorified and participated in the 7th OnlyWatch Charity Auction.

   This ‘OnlyWatch’ watch pays tribute to the fifty-year-old MIL-SPEC, equipped with Blancpain’s own 1151 self-winding movement. The movement consists of 210 parts and is equipped with two main barrels connected in series, ensuring a power reserve of up to 4 days. The watch is equipped with a stainless steel case with a diameter of 40 mm. Through the back of the watch, the sapphire glass is transparent, the movement and the gold rotor coated with NAC (a platinum alloy) are clearly visible. The classic ‘Blancpain’ logo on the rotor and the specially engraved ‘OnlyWatch’ logo jump Right now.
   The new MIL-SPEC orphan replica watch has all the characteristics of professional diving watches. These characteristics were established for the first time by the Fifty Fathoms watch, which was born in 1952 and officially launched in early 1953, and then adopted by the entire watch industry. This watch is the only one of its kind in the world. It is equipped with a black dial and indexes and hands covered with Super-LuminNova bright yellow luminous coating, which echoes the visual elements of OnlyWatch. All these elements are exactly the same as the MIL-SPEC1 watch introduced in the 1950s. On the watch dial, the date is displayed in yellow, and the humidity indicator is still at six o’clock. Black unidirectional rotating bezel with yellow fluorescent scale and arched sapphire glass bezel. This is a major innovation presented by Blancpain in 2003 when the 50th Anniversary Series ’50th Anniversary’ special model was introduced, which aims to provide comprehensive protection for the fluorescent scale on the bezel. The new MIL-SPEC solitary replica watch is water-resistant to 30 bar (about 300 meters in depth) and is equipped with a NATO military strap.
   As the pioneer of modern diving watches, the first Fifty Fathoms watch released in 1953 was by Jean-Jacques Fichte, then CEO of Blancpain (also the leader of free scuba diving). -Mr. Jacques Fiechter). This watch was worn by French Navy diving commandos in the 1950s. Jean-Jacques Fichte knew that a reliable watch was vital to the safety of divers, so he decided to add a humidity indicator to the watch. In case of water vapor infiltration, the white part of the two-color display at 6 o’clock on the dial will turn red to serve as a warning. This watch is called the Fifty Fathoms MIL-SPEC1 and was selected by the US Navy from 1957-1958.
   Buyers of this perfect collection of orphanages will also enjoy a double respected experience presented by Blancpain, including under the guidance of the world free diving champion Gianluca Genoni, to learn the static breath holding technology . The freediving god holds 18 world records of static breath holding, including an amazing result of a depth of 160 meters and a duration of 18 minutes and 3 seconds. In addition, Blancpain, the world’s oldest watch brand, will also create an exploration journey for buyers in a watchmaking workshop that has been in operation for more than 280 years.

Updated: 15. March 2015 — 14:46
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