Preheat 2015 Wphh Frank Muller Launches Vanguard Gravity Watch

Frank Muller continues Vanguard’s success and launches a new Vanguard Gravity watch. This watch is a true symbol of avant-garde technology, a dynamic atmosphere, harmonious curves, and a perfect appearance that reflects the excellent performance of timepieces.

   The tourbillon frame occupies the lower part of this watch and adopts innovative concept design-the overall structure is made of aluminum, and the traditional tourbillon shaft and splint are integrated into a strange, mysterious and harmonious oval ring (21.2 mm Thickness of 7.7 mm), which is impressive, the eccentric balance wheel of 14 mm further highlights the ultra-conventional characteristics of the tourbillon. At the same time, the tourbillon frame rotates once every 60 seconds, effectively offsetting the effect of gravity on the escapement. Both sides of the case are inlaid with sapphire crystal glass, and the excellent mechanical structure is clear at a glance.
   The strap design is more bold, using a variety of retouching techniques, combining rubber, fabric and crocodile leather materials, harmonious and beautiful, and perfectly matches the iconic Cintrée Curvex case. The internal movement of this watch is entirely designed and built by Frank Mueller, and the case is also available in titanium, 18K rose gold and white gold.