Patek Philippe 5200 One Day More Than God

When God created the world, he completed the creation of the entire world in 6 days. On the 7th day, he began to rest. In order to commemorate God’s creation, believers of God set 7 days as a cycle. 7 days have become a fixed cycle for human beings. The Beatles once madly told about the magic of 8 days in a single ‘eight days a week’. It seems that it is beyond the limits of the world. Today, Patek Philippe launched the latest Gondolo Ref. 5200 eight-day power reserve day and date indicator with eight days of power.

The 5200 is reminiscent of the Ref. 5100 watch launched by Patek Philippe 13 years ago in preparation for the new millennium. On this basis, the pointer-type instant jump date display and large window-type week display are added. Patek Philippe has developed a new movement specifically for the 5200. The Gondolo watch uses a movement component made of Silinvar material, which is newly developed by the Patek Philippe Advanced Technology Research Center. The new movement has two barrels connected in series, using a patented rotor, as well as a Spiromax balance spring and a Pulsomax escapement. Because it is made of Patek Philippe’s newly developed Silinvar silicon-based material, it requires no lubrication and almost no friction. Greatly reduces the energy loss when the fork lever is in contact with the escape wheel.

Updated: 16. May 2021 — 20:49
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