Panerai 3 Days Power Reserve Platinum Pocket Watch

The annual Geneva International Watch Fair is about to begin. The reporting team in front of the Watch House has arrived in Geneva and will bring you the latest and fastest comprehensive watch fair report. Pure Panerai design, in the brand’s new gold pocket watch works in an unprecedented and unique way wonderfully presented an extremely elegant limited edition, limited edition of 50 pieces: Pocket Watch 3 Days Oro Bianco 3-day power reserve platinum pocket watch (PAM00529 ).

   Pocket watches are one of the most elegant and sophisticated men’s accessories: until World War I, men began to wear watches, and pocket watches that were once daily items became increasingly rare and eventually became exclusive to connoisseurs and collectors. In the early 20th century, the window of the Panerai watch shop in Florence facing the Piazza San Giovanni baptistery read ‘Orologi da tasca delle principali marche svizzere’ (a well-known Swiss brand pocket watch). Anyone who wanted to buy a pocket watch at the time would visit an important destination.

   Panerai pocket watches use the simple, perfect pillow-shaped design of Radiomir’s first trial in 1936. Available in white gold, this pocket watch has a polished case diameter of 50 mm. A gold bow ring replaces the traditional linear lugs and surrounds the winding crown at 12 o’clock. The dial of the pocket watch shows the classic Panerai style, with large hour markers and numerals at the main hour position, and the surface is decorated with solar radiation patterns-the white gold model is carbon black, the red gold model is brown-the style is refined and rich in layers. The new pocket watch follows the typical structure of the Panerai dial since the 1930s: two overlapping discs contain a layer of light brown Super-LumiNova®, which shines through the holes of the upper disc corresponding to the time stamps. This structure ensures that even when the light conditions are extremely weak, it can be clearly distinguished. Usually, the case uses a precious decoration to reflect the understated and elegant temperament. However, for those who love fine watchmaking, the biggest surprise is hidden on the back of the pocket watch. The large round bottom cover that covers the movement can be easily opened to admire the ingenuity of the P.3001 / 10 movement entirely developed by Panerai in the Neuchatel watch factory. This movement also Showing a new look, its plywood and two barrels are processed by hollowing out, and the corners are manually chamfered and polished.
   The hollow-out process allows the wearer to appreciate the delicate modification and precise construction of the movement details, such as complex gear units and gold-plated engraved patterns. At the same time, it can show the movement of the movement, for example, when the pocket watch is running or winding, you can observe the loosening and tightening of the mainspring. The polished bottom cover protects and hides the charming scenery inside, and the outside of the bottom cover can be customized by engraving. The 40 cm long bracelet is inspired by the nautical measuring chain, and every detail is designed by Panerai. The bracelet is made of the same red gold material as the case, and two hooks of the same material are set at the end, which can be easily and firmly locked. Continuing the brand’s historical tradition, every Panerai watch is highly waterproof. The Pocket Watch 3 Days Oro Bianco 3 Day Power Reserve Platinum Pocket Watch is no exception. It guarantees water resistance to five atmospheres (equivalent to a depth of about 50 meters). The special mahogany pocket watch box contains a special bracket, which can be placed on the bracket when not wearing the pocket watch, turning it into a unique table clock.
    The above is the latest cutting-edge information of SIHH 2014 brought to you by the special editor of Watch House. Next, we will provide more and more intuitive exhibition reports, so please pay attention.

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Updated: 17. June 2020 — 8:46
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