Blancpain Supports The Fifth Expedition Of Coelacanth Exploratory Research – ‘exploring The Mediterranean’

In 2019, Blancpain and the brand’s best friend Laurent Ballesta joined hands again to launch the fifth survey project of the Coelacanth Expedition Research Program. The expedition is planned for July this year in the Mediterranean waters off the French coast and will complete a new expedition. This expedition, or the first scientific expedition in history to attempt to combine saturation diving with scuba diving using closed-circuit rebreathers, aims to unravel the mystery of the Mediterranean, which is familiar but still full of mystery.

 Marine biologist Lauren Ballesta is also a well-known underwater photographer and pioneer in the use of innovative diving equipment. Since 2012, with the support of Blancpain, he has done his best and actively carried out the scientific research project of ‘Coelacanth Expedition Research’. The project aims to help people deepen their understanding of the deep ocean ecosystems and explore areas where humans have not yet set foot. To date, Ballesta has led his team to complete four expeditionary research missions and carried out extended inspections on parts of the waters of Reunion Island, the Philippines and Polynesia. Therefore, it can be said that Lauren Ballesta has made a huge contribution to Blancpain’s ‘heart-to-ocean’ public welfare undertakings around the world.

 Each Coelacanth Expedition Study is dedicated to exploring a scientific puzzle, conducting a diving challenge, and taking some unprecedented photos. The fifth expedition of the Coelacanth Expedition Study is no exception. In order to be able to carry out a series of scientific experimental programs commissioned by the research center in a limited time and clarify the deep ecosystems of the Mediterranean Sea, the Coelacanth Expedition Research team pioneered the phase of saturation diving with scuba diving using closed-circuit respirators. Combined new diving style.

 Saturation diving can support professional divers to work in the underwater environment. It works by connecting the diver to the surface through a circulating hose called an ‘umbilical’. This ‘umbilical’ will provide divers with breathing gas, and Make it possible to communicate with each other. In theory, divers using saturation diving have no limit on the time they can work underwater, but their range of movement is limited and they can only move within a few meters of their working area. Scuba diving, as the name suggests, allows divers to move freely, but by contrast, their work time is severely limited. In fact, if you want to spend a few minutes in extremely deep water, you must make decompression stops for up to several hours to prevent any possible diving accidents. The combination of saturation and scuba diving technology allows divers to stop without decompression during the expedition. This also made it possible for a four-day expedition before the end of the expedition. In this way, Lauren Ballesta and his three companions can conduct underwater exploration for up to 8 hours a day and achieve their great goals.

 As usual, the fifth expedition of the Coelacanth Expedition Study will also be recorded as a feature-length documentary. In addition, related thematic exhibitions will be organized and written. By 2020, audiences from all over the world will be able to learn about what Lauren Ballesta and her team saw during the expedition through the above three methods. In this era of significant climate change and extinction of species, the discovery of a new and rich area that has not yet been damaged will undoubtedly bring great hope for humanity as a whole.

David Kuta, Ambassador Of Tag Heuer, Beats Passionately, Dancing St. Paul

TAGHeuer ‘detonated São Paulo’ and ‘have fun’, let the public explore the famous French DJ limited edition watch.

  During the party, not only was the public able to touch-aware watches in the VIP area, but everyone was fortunate to see a special short film made by David Kuta to promote the watch on the big screen. The energetic teaser will be a complete success, and everyone at the scene will be very interested and emotional.

   Swiss luxury brands’ top VIPs come together to share special moments and welcome David Kuta’s presence.

  The arrival of David Kuta made the scene climax, leaving an unforgettable moment for São Paulo, people singing and dancing, lingering.

Engraving Time Glashütte’s Original Extraordinary Journey Five Films, Five Perspectives, Five Languages, One Challenge

Innovative film works sponsored by Glashütte, shine at the 65th Berlin International Film Festival. Five short films in different languages ​​were selected by seven young directors. At the premiere, as the official partner of the Berlin Film Festival for five years, Glashütte Original invited media and partners to visit Soho-Haus in Berlin. The live film protagonist and director and guests had a lively discussion. On the day of the premiere on February 11, 2015, these films, which were originally sponsored by Glashütte, were also shown simultaneously on the YouTube channel.

In order to show the original and novel aspect of Glashütte Original, in August 2014, Glashütte Original made a special request to the brand’s close friends, partners and watch industry professionals, hoping that everyone can create a wealthy Creative films show what they know about Glashütte’s originals.

This creative solicitation received a warm response. Seventeen of the creative submissions from around the world are outstanding and present a distinctive style and content. In order to select the five best creative awards, Glashütte Original has experienced a tangled choice. The five films that were eventually born were very unique. While highlighting the brand’s characteristics, they also did not forget to tell the intimate relationship between the film’s protagonist and the original of Glashütte.

At the 65th Berlin Film Festival, Glashütte Original screened these films for the first time under the witness of the film’s creator.

 Five Perspectives-Trailer

Video overview:

‘Mechanical Dreams Come to Reality’

In this short film, Joacim Olsson and Tony
Axelzon tells us about their love of machinery and German engineering art, and shows their special close relationship with Glashütte originals. These two watch lovers from Nordköping, Sweden have a deep relationship with the original Glashütte brand. In the film, they not only tell how they have grown from mechanically obsessed children to adults who can’t live without this hobby, but also how this love of craftsmanship and mechanical details makes them fall in love. Glashütte Original. The film vividly depicts two hardcore fans of precision machinery, and expresses a very sincere love for Glashütte original from the perspective of the owner of the Glashütte original watch.
Phoenix Nirvana

Goulard is a journalist and he also runs the internationally influential watch blog ‘Monochrome’. In his film, he emphasizes the impact of this history on the original and future of Glashütte’s originals in the context of the gushuri watchmaking industry’s magnificent history. His film shows the views of a watch journalist interested in research. In the film, he starts from the facts and personally tells about his vivid history of the Glashütte watchmaking industry that continued from 1845, the rich heritage of the Glashütte watchmaking industry, and passed down from crisis to war, from generation to generation, A fascination with carefully preserved watchmaking knowledge.

Original Voice

This work is by reporter Joern
Kengelbach with composer Sven
The crystallization of Helbig’s cooperation, the film records more than 600 sounds from watch production to assembly, showing the unique sounds and images of Glashütte original, exploring this Saxon watchmaking factory from a unique perspective. Kengelbach’s idea is to capture the sound of the watch factory and create the brand’s unique sound logo. This idea obviously needs the help of professional musicians, and the well-known artist Sven, who has a wealth of musical works,
Helbig became the right person for this musician role.

The focus of this idea is to capture the sound of the watch production process-from the original cumbersome machine roar to the quiet and delicate sound of the watch assembly process, the final composition is the accurate and accurate ‘original sound’. As Helbig said, tame the uncontrollable time, measure eternity between minutes, and in order to make it all touchable, even if only for a brief moment, Glashütte Original is willing to always be devoted.

Glashütte’s Original Journey with My Life

Dr. Zhiming Xu has studied Glashütte’s original history for many years, and he has been one of the brand’s most enthusiastic followers since the brand returned to the haute horlogerie industry. This short video is from the perspective of such a passionate watch collector. Dr. Xu is a financial professional from Hong Kong who has been pursuing details for many years. Since falling in love with collecting the Glashütte Originals in the mid-1990s, the Glashütte Originals has been accompanying him in his life journey. In the film he highlights his collection of Glashütte original watches, which mainly include classic masterpieces and limited edition models, and explains why these watches fascinated him. This film is informative and tells the love of the brand from the perspective of a true Glashütte original connoisseur.

Time Traveler

Watch and Lifestyle Reporter Rhonda from Canada
Riche tells a personal experience in this film, and it is this experience that made her have a deep feeling for Glashütte’s originality. Riche spoke affectionately about the special findings of an extraordinary journey, emphasizing the importance of family and family. The film revolves around an old-style GUB from the 1970s
Ladies watch unfolded, this watch was bought by Riche at a flea market in Toronto. In the film, in order to take this watch ‘back’ to Glashütte’s hometown, trace its historical heritage, and study how Glashütte’s original company history inspired modern design, the hero went through a journey of exploration-the film is exactly Using this as a clue, it also describes the intimate relationship between Riche and Glashütte Original.

The birth of these film works is an innovation in the watch industry, and also provides a new and personalized way to understand the Glashütte Watchmaking Factory, the original Glashütte brand and history. In this regard, Glashütte is proud of its originality. These five films have different themes and show the colorful image of Glashütte Original and his friends and partners from a very unique personal perspective.

How About The Bucherer Alija Watch?

Baucher Lai Lijia watches have always been synonymous with nobility; the brand’s unique jewellery craftsmanship is also a family treasure that the brand family has always adhered to. Today, Xiaobian introduces several watches of the brand.
18K Yellow Gold Case with Brown Strap, RMB 108,000
 Both Alija diamond watches are equipped with a crocodile leather strap representing mature beauty. Two rows of 40 VVS diamonds totaling 0.3 carats are set on the sides of the case. One of them is equipped with a stainless steel case with a light brown strap, and the other with a brown strap against an 18K yellow gold case and mother-of-pearl dial.
Stainless steel case with light brown strap, RMB 43,000
 In this Alija watch with a stainless steel case and a stainless steel bracelet, Baucher Lay also reveals an extraordinary mind with a simple design. The Arabic numerals 12 and 6 on the dial carry out the subtle beauty of the watch, and the simple parallel bar hour markers give full play to this design aesthetic. With its curved sapphire crystal, Baucherie proudly displays a precise timepiece.
Stainless steel case with stainless steel bracelet, Price: RMB 23,500
 These watches are good choices whether you wear them yourself or give them to your loved ones.

Amy’s New Executive General Manager Marc Gläser

After the holding of Maurice Lacroix Group in the summer of 2011 by DKSH, the DKSH Group has achieved sales growth expectations, especially in the Asian region.
Maurice Lacroix new executive general manager Marc Gläser
   In order to bring Maurice Lacroix Le Méridien brand and product development closer to the market and the needs of fast-growing consumer groups, Maurice Lacroix Le Méridien came into being as an executive general manager, independently managing the historic watch case manufacturer Queloz and La Manufacture des Franches-Montagnes, manufacturer of movement components.
   Maurice Lacroix Le Méridien’s new executive general manager will be appointed by Marc Gläser from January 1, 2012. Marc Gläser has held various administrative positions at Maurice Lacroix Le Méridien over the past seven years.

Glashuti Senator Automatic Winding Watch

The stainless steel case, the combination of ancient orbital scales, Roman numerals and blue steel hands, is the most classicism of entry-level steel watches. Equipped with Cal.39-59 self-winding movement, power reserve 40 hours
    From washing machines, to cars, to watches, to fighter jets, it seems that the Germans have designed something weird. However, the Germans have this kind of capital, which makes you look strange and have to buy it. Over time, you will find it strange. It is a beauty that does not follow the flow.
    This year, although Glashütte has not launched shocking works, it is still a small boutique: the alarm clock that came out last year has an upgraded version, and the perpetual calendar, tourbillon, simple world, and a PanoMatic Luna moon phase female watch are all Have a look.
    The newly launched Senator series self-winding watch, at a price of 56,000 yuan, may help you realize your wish to have a ‘Made in Germany’. Controversy revolved around big date watches from the 1970s. The media thought it was beautiful and dealers thought it was a bit expensive.

City Rhythm Time Resonance Hermes Slim D ‘hermès Watch Debut

Shuttle through different corners of the city, taste the essence of urban life; walk the streets and alleys as you like, and feel the moments and moments wonderful.
   Hermès specially produced a new short film to welcome the debut of the elegant and elegant Slim d’ Hermès men’s and women’s watches, expressing the concept of constant time in a metropolitan country, as long as the time is truly grasped, time will become a precious companion.

   Login to the dedicated website to enjoy this new short film, and discover the beauty of the inside and outside of the Slim d’Hermès watch hidden behind the dial: tap the 12-character short film to start the show: whether it is male, female or male and female ; Control the ‘S’ of the computer keyboard, the protagonist in the film moves with his own concept of time and rhythm. Press the dial at 8 o’clock, Hermès’s mysterious H1950 ultra-thin movement reveals its secrets; the Swiss Made (Swiss Made) label under the dial reveals Hermès’s different processes from sketch design to strap production. The short film reveals the design inspiration, technical details and the birth of a new number of typefaces of the Slim d’ Hermès watch series. It presents the inner beauty of timepieces through a concise and natural perspective, and vividly displays the artistic charm of timepieces in it.

   For details of the new short film compilation, please see: The Pure Beauty of Time

Best Timing Tool Brief Comment On Rolex Daytona Black Dial Watch

It has been 50 years since the Rolex Daytona series came out in 1963. It has been refined over time and has continuously improved. Although its fiery degree is not a hard watch, it still requires some watches Fate, some opportunities, today I will give you a brief review of a Rolex Daytona series black dial watch, the official model of the watch: 116520.

In 1963, Rolex launched a new generation of chronograph watches for cosmonauts-cosmograph watches. This name created by Rolex and its innovative style quickly made this new model stand out. The chronograph dial uses a strong contrasting color design that stands out on the surface: a light surface with a black design, or a black surface with a light color design. The speedometer (a scale that uses the chronograph second hand to measure the average speed of an object within a specific distance) is moved from the surface to the periphery of the outer ring, providing more space for the surface and more simplicity. Rolex’s design considerations based on practicality make the timing function easier to read. In the past, this was a challenge. Rolex also imparts craftsmanship and sporty style to the watch, making it easy to identify. Rolex launched the professional watch series in 1953, 10 years before the introduction of the cosmograph watch. Among them, the cosmograph watch is also famous for the explorer watch and the mountaineer watch. Submariner watch for deep sea diving.

Watch illustration


In 1965, the cosmograph watch evolved further, replacing the original pump button with a screw-in chronograph button. The screw-in button is a finishing touch to the Oyster case concept, protecting the button from accidental pressing. In order to show the enhanced waterproof performance, ‘Oyster’ is engraved before the ‘Cosmograph’ on the surface. The outer ring of the speedometer is coated with black Plexiglas Plexiglas, while the white scale makes the reading clearer, which is another new feature of the watch.


Rolex launched the reinterpreted Cosmograph Daytona in 2000, which not only inherited the craze of the first cosmograph watch in history, but also led the future of chronograph watches. I believe there is nothing more symbolic than the moment of entering the new millennium, and it can better set off the debut of this new generation of timepieces.


With its advanced technology, extraordinary tradition and sporty style, the Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona has become a classic watch representative. The surface is emblazoned with red ‘Daytona’-the world-renowned American circuit. The watch is made of 904L stainless steel, which is very resistant to corrosion.


With just a tap, you can start, stop or redesign your timepiece. With the most advanced technology, you can make this crisp sound at the moment you press the button. In addition, Rolex watchmakers have even further improved this device with the pressure of finger pressing to ensure that the time can be started instantaneously, accurately and reliably. The small dial at 3 o’clock is a 30-minute cumulative chronograph dial, the small dial at 9 o’clock is a 12-hour cumulative chronograph dial, and the small dial at 6 o’clock is the normal small seconds dial.


Cosmograph Daytona is the best timing tool for endurance racers. Rolex uses advanced and simple mechanical technology. Although it uses fewer parts than ordinary chronographs, its reliability has been improved. The watch’s bezel is also engraved with a speed scale for speed measurement.


The watch is equipped with a folding buckle, which is also made of 904L stainless steel, and the buckle also has a fine adjustment device, which can be adjusted to fit the wrist.


The watch is efficient and accurate, clear when read, sturdy and reliable, tightly waterproof, and can be automatically wound. The design of the oyster case ensures that the watch is water-resistant to 100 meters. Automatic winding movement. This high-performance calibre contains innovation and patented technical crystals. Whether it is sturdy, reliable, accurate timekeeping, or convenient maintenance, it sets a new benchmark for luxury self-winding chronograph watches. The 4130 movement does not use horizontal cross Connect the device, but use the vertical cross-connect device to start the timing to create extraordinary performance. This new method is based on this operating principle, which brings two discs that are layered on each other in direct frictional contact, which brings significant advantages-the perfectly smooth chronograph second hand can start or stop the operation very accurately when the button is pressed; At the same time, even if the timekeeping function is operated for a long time, it will not cause any adverse effects on the accuracy of the watch.

Summary: The four concise English words ‘SuperlativeChronometerOfficiallyCertified’ engraved on the surface mean that the watch movement has successfully passed 15 day and night strict tests by an independent non-profit organization, the Swiss Precision Clock Testing Center (COSC).

For more watch details, please click: rolex / 874 /

Breitling Joins Hands With Frank Zappata To Create The New Flyboard® Air Suspension Flying Skateboard

As an expert in precision chronographs and the founder of extraordinary aviation feats-Breitling became the main sponsor of this unique flying machinery development project. Just stand on top of the skateboard and you can shuttle freely in the air. This collaboration opens a new chapter for mankind to conquer the blue sky and overcome the wildest challenges.

Franky Zapata was born in Marseille, France in 1978. Since childhood, he dreamed of flying in water. At the age of 16, this dream prompted him to experience a jet ski for the first time, and to grow into an outstanding professional motor racing test driver.

However, Zapata is not just an outstanding athlete. He also has a courage to open up and try, constantly strives to push the limits, and climbs new peaks that have not been reached by predecessors. In 2011, he invented a hydrodynamic propulsion board that was connected to a jet ski and could ‘fly’ on the water, named it ‘ESH Flyboard ®’. This novel device immediately set off a new wave of sports and was highly sought after around the world-water sports fans have begun to experiment and practice, becoming a new and challenging water sports project.

Enthusiastic and fighting Zapata also set up his own company Zapata Racing ® to create a variety of hydrodynamic propulsion engines suitable for entertainment and competitive games, such as the Flyboard ® Pro series, Hoverboard by ZR ® and Jetpack by ZR ® seats, etc. . Each product has excellent safety guarantees, and can bring an exciting and exciting experience to the driver, which is favored by millions of water sports fans around the world.

In April 2016, Frank Zappata took his invention to a whole new level. After four years of research and development, Flyboard ® Air, a high-tech skateboard capable of flying completely independently in the air, debuted. At present, this new ‘Autonomous Propulsion Unit’ (APU) is still in the prototype stage. It weighs about 20 kilograms and is powered by six power engines (four under the skateboard and two on the side) to ensure its stable flight in the air. In addition to ultra-modern hardware design, a highly sophisticated software system is also required to meet its development. The driver stands upright on this ‘UFO’, which is slightly larger than the aerial camera, and achieves balance through ‘mass transfer’, just like driving a Segway electric balance vehicle, using a hand lever to adjust the propulsion.

Frank Zapata has now completed several very successful and high-profile Flyboard ® Air flight tests and set a world record for the ‘longest distance traveled by flying skateboards (floating skateboards)’, which has since become a household name. Guinness Book of World Records. Like all outstanding aerospace professionals, he regards flight safety as the top priority and uses this as a principle to create this sophisticated and well-designed ‘autonomous propulsion device’, even if the engine occurs during flight. Failure, the skateboard can still function normally. In terms of performance, the goals of Flyboard ® Air (also known as ‘jet suspension skateboard’) are also ambitious: a maximum speed of 160 kilometers per hour and a maximum flight altitude of 3,000 meters-reflecting Frank Zapata’s desire to fly freely in the air since childhood. dream. In addition to meeting sports and entertainment needs, this innovative flying hoverboard is also expected to be more widely used in areas such as oil rigs, skyscrapers, bridge maintenance or military.

Supporting the Flyboard ® Air project reaffirms Breitling’s unremitting commitment to support the spirit of fearlessness and innovation. Since the birth of the first generation of ‘good guys in aircraft’, fearlessness and innovation have become the driving force for the vigorous development of the human aerospace industry. It is precisely because of the love of adventure and the perfect combination of courage and rigor that human beings can continue Breaking through the limitations and turning seemingly out of reach dreams into reality.

Materials Article Application Of Aluminum In Watch Manufacturing

Aluminium has all the elements to become a perfect material, or almost so. The density of aluminum is very small, 75% and 40% lighter than steel and titanium, respectively; it is not affected by magnetic fields; it emits a beautiful silvery white gloss; it is easy to process and produce; in addition, it will form a dense oxide film in the air, Therefore, it has high corrosion resistance.

   In everyday life, aluminum is also widely used to make tin foil for kitchens, and this is the only drawback of this metal-its texture is too soft. Aluminum is also widely used in the automobile manufacturing industry. It is shaped into a column or rod to reinforce the material, but its texture is still not hard enough, and its surface can be dented with a small force, and it is very easy to scratch. Imagine that a brand new watch was scratched and deformed after only a few weeks. The owner of the first Bulgari aluminum watch and Porsche Design watch in the 1970s must have a deep understanding.

Hamilton Khaki Pilot Pioneer Aluminum watch anodized colored aluminum case

   In order to take full advantage of this metal (and its low cost is one of its advantages), the watchmaking industry has found many clever solutions. The first method is to apply it only to certain specific parts and protect it well. For example, in diving watches, aluminum is usually embedded in the case and protected by a stainless steel ring; Richard Miller and Audemars Piguet will use it to make a bridge with a built-in movement. In addition, Audemars Piguet uses anodizing technology to color aluminum, and Hamilton uses the same process to produce blue, green, gray, black, and sand-colored cases from hardened aluminum.

HYT Blue Alumen watch case made of a proportioned alloy of aluminum, titanium, magnesium and zirconium

   Another solution is to make aluminum-titanium alloys, which are not only bright in color but also extremely hard. HYT’s unique Blue Alumen series case is made of aluminum, titanium, magnesium and zirconium alloys in a certain proportion.

Panerai Radiomir Composite 3 Days Pam504 watch with unique Composite case

   Aluminium is one of the basic ingredients for making several high-tech ceramic materials. This little-known knowledge also produces the most amazing ingenious design. High-tech ceramics are highly regarded in the watchmaking industry for their many advantages, especially their scratch resistance. In 2010, Panerai used the chemical properties of aluminum to synthesize a Composite (composite material) for making watch cases.

Kunlun Admiral Cup Warrior Tourbillon GMT47 mm watch ceramicized aluminum case

   Kunlun followed closely in the design of its Admiral Cup Warrior Tourbillon GMT47 mm watch. The surface of the 7075 aluminum case was ceramicized by a micro-arc oxidation process, and the interior remained aluminum, and the surface became scratch-resistant. At the same time, the quality of the case is still very light, which is a solution for the best of both worlds. In addition, there is a non-negligible advantage that the processed ceramic material has 100% skin-friendly and anti-allergic properties, which is not available in a pure aluminum case.