Best Timing Tool Brief Comment On Rolex Daytona Black Dial Watch

It has been 50 years since the Rolex Daytona series came out in 1963. It has been refined over time and has continuously improved. Although its fiery degree is not a hard watch, it still requires some watches Fate, some opportunities, today I will give you a brief review of a Rolex Daytona series black dial watch, the official model of the watch: 116520.

In 1963, Rolex launched a new generation of chronograph watches for cosmonauts-cosmograph watches. This name created by Rolex and its innovative style quickly made this new model stand out. The chronograph dial uses a strong contrasting color design that stands out on the surface: a light surface with a black design, or a black surface with a light color design. The speedometer (a scale that uses the chronograph second hand to measure the average speed of an object within a specific distance) is moved from the surface to the periphery of the outer ring, providing more space for the surface and more simplicity. Rolex’s design considerations based on practicality make the timing function easier to read. In the past, this was a challenge. Rolex also imparts craftsmanship and sporty style to the watch, making it easy to identify. Rolex launched the professional watch series in 1953, 10 years before the introduction of the cosmograph watch. Among them, the cosmograph watch is also famous for the explorer watch and the mountaineer watch. Submariner watch for deep sea diving.

Watch illustration


In 1965, the cosmograph watch evolved further, replacing the original pump button with a screw-in chronograph button. The screw-in button is a finishing touch to the Oyster case concept, protecting the button from accidental pressing. In order to show the enhanced waterproof performance, ‘Oyster’ is engraved before the ‘Cosmograph’ on the surface. The outer ring of the speedometer is coated with black Plexiglas Plexiglas, while the white scale makes the reading clearer, which is another new feature of the watch.


Rolex launched the reinterpreted Cosmograph Daytona in 2000, which not only inherited the craze of the first cosmograph watch in history, but also led the future of chronograph watches. I believe there is nothing more symbolic than the moment of entering the new millennium, and it can better set off the debut of this new generation of timepieces.


With its advanced technology, extraordinary tradition and sporty style, the Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona has become a classic watch representative. The surface is emblazoned with red ‘Daytona’-the world-renowned American circuit. The watch is made of 904L stainless steel, which is very resistant to corrosion.


With just a tap, you can start, stop or redesign your timepiece. With the most advanced technology, you can make this crisp sound at the moment you press the button. In addition, Rolex watchmakers have even further improved this device with the pressure of finger pressing to ensure that the time can be started instantaneously, accurately and reliably. The small dial at 3 o’clock is a 30-minute cumulative chronograph dial, the small dial at 9 o’clock is a 12-hour cumulative chronograph dial, and the small dial at 6 o’clock is the normal small seconds dial.


Cosmograph Daytona is the best timing tool for endurance racers. Rolex uses advanced and simple mechanical technology. Although it uses fewer parts than ordinary chronographs, its reliability has been improved. The watch’s bezel is also engraved with a speed scale for speed measurement.


The watch is equipped with a folding buckle, which is also made of 904L stainless steel, and the buckle also has a fine adjustment device, which can be adjusted to fit the wrist.


The watch is efficient and accurate, clear when read, sturdy and reliable, tightly waterproof, and can be automatically wound. The design of the oyster case ensures that the watch is water-resistant to 100 meters. Automatic winding movement. This high-performance calibre contains innovation and patented technical crystals. Whether it is sturdy, reliable, accurate timekeeping, or convenient maintenance, it sets a new benchmark for luxury self-winding chronograph watches. The 4130 movement does not use horizontal cross Connect the device, but use the vertical cross-connect device to start the timing to create extraordinary performance. This new method is based on this operating principle, which brings two discs that are layered on each other in direct frictional contact, which brings significant advantages-the perfectly smooth chronograph second hand can start or stop the operation very accurately when the button is pressed; At the same time, even if the timekeeping function is operated for a long time, it will not cause any adverse effects on the accuracy of the watch.

Summary: The four concise English words ‘SuperlativeChronometerOfficiallyCertified’ engraved on the surface mean that the watch movement has successfully passed 15 day and night strict tests by an independent non-profit organization, the Swiss Precision Clock Testing Center (COSC).

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Breitling Joins Hands With Frank Zappata To Create The New Flyboard® Air Suspension Flying Skateboard

As an expert in precision chronographs and the founder of extraordinary aviation feats-Breitling became the main sponsor of this unique flying machinery development project. Just stand on top of the skateboard and you can shuttle freely in the air. This collaboration opens a new chapter for mankind to conquer the blue sky and overcome the wildest challenges.

Franky Zapata was born in Marseille, France in 1978. Since childhood, he dreamed of flying in water. At the age of 16, this dream prompted him to experience a jet ski for the first time, and to grow into an outstanding professional motor racing test driver.

However, Zapata is not just an outstanding athlete. He also has a courage to open up and try, constantly strives to push the limits, and climbs new peaks that have not been reached by predecessors. In 2011, he invented a hydrodynamic propulsion board that was connected to a jet ski and could ‘fly’ on the water, named it ‘ESH Flyboard ®’. This novel device immediately set off a new wave of sports and was highly sought after around the world-water sports fans have begun to experiment and practice, becoming a new and challenging water sports project.

Enthusiastic and fighting Zapata also set up his own company Zapata Racing ® to create a variety of hydrodynamic propulsion engines suitable for entertainment and competitive games, such as the Flyboard ® Pro series, Hoverboard by ZR ® and Jetpack by ZR ® seats, etc. . Each product has excellent safety guarantees, and can bring an exciting and exciting experience to the driver, which is favored by millions of water sports fans around the world.

In April 2016, Frank Zappata took his invention to a whole new level. After four years of research and development, Flyboard ® Air, a high-tech skateboard capable of flying completely independently in the air, debuted. At present, this new ‘Autonomous Propulsion Unit’ (APU) is still in the prototype stage. It weighs about 20 kilograms and is powered by six power engines (four under the skateboard and two on the side) to ensure its stable flight in the air. In addition to ultra-modern hardware design, a highly sophisticated software system is also required to meet its development. The driver stands upright on this ‘UFO’, which is slightly larger than the aerial camera, and achieves balance through ‘mass transfer’, just like driving a Segway electric balance vehicle, using a hand lever to adjust the propulsion.

Frank Zapata has now completed several very successful and high-profile Flyboard ® Air flight tests and set a world record for the ‘longest distance traveled by flying skateboards (floating skateboards)’, which has since become a household name. Guinness Book of World Records. Like all outstanding aerospace professionals, he regards flight safety as the top priority and uses this as a principle to create this sophisticated and well-designed ‘autonomous propulsion device’, even if the engine occurs during flight. Failure, the skateboard can still function normally. In terms of performance, the goals of Flyboard ® Air (also known as ‘jet suspension skateboard’) are also ambitious: a maximum speed of 160 kilometers per hour and a maximum flight altitude of 3,000 meters-reflecting Frank Zapata’s desire to fly freely in the air since childhood. dream. In addition to meeting sports and entertainment needs, this innovative flying hoverboard is also expected to be more widely used in areas such as oil rigs, skyscrapers, bridge maintenance or military.

Supporting the Flyboard ® Air project reaffirms Breitling’s unremitting commitment to support the spirit of fearlessness and innovation. Since the birth of the first generation of ‘good guys in aircraft’, fearlessness and innovation have become the driving force for the vigorous development of the human aerospace industry. It is precisely because of the love of adventure and the perfect combination of courage and rigor that human beings can continue Breaking through the limitations and turning seemingly out of reach dreams into reality.

Materials Article Application Of Aluminum In Watch Manufacturing

Aluminium has all the elements to become a perfect material, or almost so. The density of aluminum is very small, 75% and 40% lighter than steel and titanium, respectively; it is not affected by magnetic fields; it emits a beautiful silvery white gloss; it is easy to process and produce; in addition, it will form a dense oxide film in the air, Therefore, it has high corrosion resistance.

   In everyday life, aluminum is also widely used to make tin foil for kitchens, and this is the only drawback of this metal-its texture is too soft. Aluminum is also widely used in the automobile manufacturing industry. It is shaped into a column or rod to reinforce the material, but its texture is still not hard enough, and its surface can be dented with a small force, and it is very easy to scratch. Imagine that a brand new watch was scratched and deformed after only a few weeks. The owner of the first Bulgari aluminum watch and Porsche Design watch in the 1970s must have a deep understanding.

Hamilton Khaki Pilot Pioneer Aluminum watch anodized colored aluminum case

   In order to take full advantage of this metal (and its low cost is one of its advantages), the watchmaking industry has found many clever solutions. The first method is to apply it only to certain specific parts and protect it well. For example, in diving watches, aluminum is usually embedded in the case and protected by a stainless steel ring; Richard Miller and Audemars Piguet will use it to make a bridge with a built-in movement. In addition, Audemars Piguet uses anodizing technology to color aluminum, and Hamilton uses the same process to produce blue, green, gray, black, and sand-colored cases from hardened aluminum.

HYT Blue Alumen watch case made of a proportioned alloy of aluminum, titanium, magnesium and zirconium

   Another solution is to make aluminum-titanium alloys, which are not only bright in color but also extremely hard. HYT’s unique Blue Alumen series case is made of aluminum, titanium, magnesium and zirconium alloys in a certain proportion.

Panerai Radiomir Composite 3 Days Pam504 watch with unique Composite case

   Aluminium is one of the basic ingredients for making several high-tech ceramic materials. This little-known knowledge also produces the most amazing ingenious design. High-tech ceramics are highly regarded in the watchmaking industry for their many advantages, especially their scratch resistance. In 2010, Panerai used the chemical properties of aluminum to synthesize a Composite (composite material) for making watch cases.

Kunlun Admiral Cup Warrior Tourbillon GMT47 mm watch ceramicized aluminum case

   Kunlun followed closely in the design of its Admiral Cup Warrior Tourbillon GMT47 mm watch. The surface of the 7075 aluminum case was ceramicized by a micro-arc oxidation process, and the interior remained aluminum, and the surface became scratch-resistant. At the same time, the quality of the case is still very light, which is a solution for the best of both worlds. In addition, there is a non-negligible advantage that the processed ceramic material has 100% skin-friendly and anti-allergic properties, which is not available in a pure aluminum case.

A Watch That ‘tells’ Stories. Legendary Classic Models

Each watch is an exquisite work of art, which becomes more mysterious and beautiful with the passage of time; each watch is telling a story, and each story is a condensed history. Their attitude towards time is sacred and rigorous. The years are stimulating, but the time has brought to these watches not only the precipitation of history, but also the ancient cultural atmosphere. They are also exquisite and luxurious. In terms of value, after years of baptism, antique watches have become more precious and moving, cherishing our fond memories. Behind each watch is its own story, and these stories add a halo of love to the watches. Today they tell these stories.
Mario Anthony has only one Mary Anthony pocket watch
‘Marie Anthony’ pocket watch is said to have been created 200 years ago by the admirer of the French Queen Mary Anthony. At that time, Mary Anthony preferred the Breguet watch, and especially wanted a pocket watch with functions such as three-question, perpetual calendar and power reserve display, but this was unrealistic for the watchmaking conditions at the time. After learning of this news, the admirer of Mary Anthony found Breguet’s artisans and commissioned the founder Abraham-Louis Breguet to make such a watch anyway. Unfortunately, when this watch was completed, Queen Mary was dead for 34 years. Queen Mary failed to achieve her wish. Later, this pocket watch was also fateful, wandering among different collectors, and then stolen in a museum in Jerusalem in 1983.
重现 In order to reproduce this watch, Breguet convened a team of 12 watchmakers. With the description of photos and books, it took four years to complete this pocket watch with 823 parts. Coincidentally, the stolen Mary Anthony pocket watch also appeared magically at this time. The owner expressed his wish to sell this pocket watch through the French Louvre, which has a relationship with Breguet. As for whether it is the original product of that year, further verification is needed.
公主 Princess Sissi’s Secret Watch of Paris In 1860, Dylan met a enamored woman at a masquerade party. She was wearing a lilac dress, her head high and her mask. She danced with Dylan one after another until the bell struck at midnight. The lady in the lilac long dress disappeared at the ball, but it was a mysterious love left to Dylan. That noble gesture, the gorgeous necklace that appeared on the neck, made such an encounter full of mystery. Dylan finds himself in love with a beautiful and illusory shadow, lingering all day long, but never knows who she is. Finally at a rally in the palace, he once again saw the lady in a lilac dress that she thought about day and night. At this time, she was no longer a civilian woman, but a high-ranking Austrian Queen Elizabeth (that is, Princess Sissi)! The tightly closed lips, freeze gesture, and frosty eyes of the Austrian Queen Elizabeth (also known as Sissi) who dressed up prevented him from being associated with the lady in a lilac dress who loved freedom and passion. The heavy phantom folded into a heavy mystery entangled Dylan’s long life. In order to put his thoughts on things and keep time at that midnight, Dylan germinated the idea of ​​making a watch, so he made a Bracelet-style watch, this is the prototype of the Princess Sissi commemorative watch in the Royal Garden series.
Princess Sissi has been unable to adapt to the life of the palace since her marriage, and she is always upset all day. In order to please the princess, Austrian King Franz Joseph decided to send her a custom watch on her 30th birthday. She wanted to let her know. He came to spend her time with her. Coincidentally, after many screenings, this task fell to the Grand Mercure family in Paris. Of course, Dylan devoted 100% of his energy to making this watch. He added a lot of luxury elements to the original design manuscript. This This watch is the prototype of the Queen’s jewellery watch in the Royal Garden collection.
The distinctive curve of the classic ergonomic watch back and curved sapphire anti-glare mirror of the Grand Mercure MATZO PARIS Royal Garden watch in Paris is reminiscent of the soft contour of the shell, presenting a noble and elegant yet relaxed and comfortable style, Fine, sporty character. The dial is hand-engraved with the Grand Mercure Paris Royal Garden pattern, which completes the overall beauty. Warm shell tones complement all exterior tones, and the highlight polishing process adds a feminine touch to the product. In the middle of the dial, the original Mercury original pointer jumps lightly. Without it, the passage of time will be completely submerged in the brilliant sparkle of diamonds. The rare Mediterranean fritillary dial is one of the distinctive designs of this series, showing a more modern sense. The Queen’s Jewelry Watch and Princess Helen Watch in the Royal Garden series are hand-set with 38 VVS diamonds. The sparkle of the diamonds makes the entire watch full of aristocratic interest.
Lange Pocket Watch of Emperor William
The German Emperor Wilhelm II also has an extraordinary love for clocks. Among his many pocket watches, his favorite is a Lange pocket watch. This pocket watch movement is gold-plated and inlaid with 16 ruby ​​bearings, gold screw compensation balances, carved balance plywood, a particularly striking exquisite enamel dial, and a luxurious 18k gold case set with 18 rubies and 57 round diamonds, the top of the pocket watch is a portrait of William II painted in enamel. This was a beautiful representative of the timepieces.
When William II visited Turkey with this beloved pocket watch in 1898, King Abdul Hamid II of Sultan was ‘love at first sight’ with this pocket watch, holding it in his hands and refusing to return it for a long time. Seeing King Sultan so fond of this pocket watch, William II could only bear it and gave it to King Sultan. Today, this precious pocket watch is hidden in the Pukap Palace Museum in Istanbul.
Jacques de Qian Qianlong’s robot puppet clock As early as 1783, Jacques de Lo began to sell various items to China, including watches, snuff bottles, perfume bottles and shrines. The first pair of works is a gold-plated copper bird cage. According to a clear record in the ‘Incoming List’ held by China’s First Historical Archives, the pair of bird cage bells were presented to the Emperor Qianlong as tributes by the Guangdong Customs on the 3rd of August, 1785. Got her Chinese name Jacques Dro. At that time, Jacques de Rodriguez’s masterpieces of watches and clocks were loved and collected by Chinese emperors and dignitaries. One of the clocks was most loved by the Emperor Qianlong. This clock is special in that it is composed of two completely independent mechanical devices. It contains a robot puppet. Before the ‘European gentleman’ starts, help it Dip the ink in the ink brush and turn on the switch, and the gentleman will neatly write the eight big characters ‘Eight Directions, Nine Earths King’. This was deeply loved by the emperor Qianlong, who was so coveted and ingenious, that after retreating to the emperor, he ordered people to move it to his retirement palace in order to enjoy it at any time.

Zhong Express People’s Quick Guide (2) The Way To Buy Watches After Poisoning

In previous articles of the Watch House, we have been telling you how to choose and buy your first watch, but we all know that watches are like accessories, and one is not enough So, now there is a very realistic problem. After buying the first watch, many friends will have a higher interest in the watch than before, and even find that they did not understand the wonderful and magnificent. Haute Horlogerie. So how deep is the water in the field of watch purchase? How can it be a way to understand and gradually clarify your future purchase of watches? The following will tell you the answer.
Watch shop is a good school

   At present, with the exception of those niche watch brands, almost all of the world’s high-end watch brands have entered China, and even Patek Philippe, which entered China relatively late, has been in China for almost 10 years. Ten years ago, you wanted to see the real thing of a Patek Philippe watch on sale. You have to travel to Hong Kong recently. Today, whether you are in Shanghai or Beijing, you can experience the meticulousness and luxury of the top Swiss watch brands in your own city. Of course you will definitely say that such an expensive watch must be bought in Hong Kong, but in fact, true Hong Kong game watch enthusiasts will buy PP in Shanghai or Beijing instead of Hong Kong. The reason is very simple. Although there are many watch shops operating Patek Philippe products in Hong Kong, most of the watch models in the store are the most conventional and simplest models, and the real market performance is amazing. Patek Philippe’s rare complicated functions and complex craft models, so To invest and collect it, except at auctions, you can only access the spot when you come to Shanghai and Beijing. Therefore, in the two stores in Beijing and Shanghai, it is not difficult to see players who enter the mainland from Hong Kong to buy watches, because they know that the really good things are not in Hong Kong, but beside everyone. Now that the market around us has provided a platform for the majority of watch enthusiasts to easily contact and feel high-end watches, why do n’t we go to watch stores often, just like a woman may go to the store ten times and may not really buy clothes again. Men go to the watch shop a few times more, listen to the explanations of the staff, according to their own needs, until the choice of a good watch is the most secure way.
Can’t throw away the entire forest for the top ten

   The rapid development of China’s watch market has made domestic watch models update effective, the latest information media presentation, and the types of demand of Chinese and European and American markets have been close to synchronization. Moreover, China’s watch market has become one of the most important watch markets in the world. In particular, China has a large population. Although the proportion of wealthy people is not large, it is definitely not small. They can be said to be the main direction of each brand. However, it is undeniable that Chinese people still have a very shallow understanding of the art of clocks and watches, so the reference to the ‘Top Ten Watches’ is still the most influential and far-reaching topic of clocks and clocks. There are even countless people who know that ten are more important. I think that it’s okay to buy the right brand. Although there is nothing wrong with choosing a brand and choosing a brand, I only think there is a problem with the brand. In fact, the most important thing is to think about what your real needs are. How good is a good watch? When buying a certain type of watch, what problems should I pay attention to in daily use? and many more. Right now, the topic of ‘luxury’, including high-end watches, is very hot, as if all kinds of media have lost the starting line without luxury topics and luxury advertisements. But a few people really understand the circumstances under which high-value daily necessities or high-value crafts can be considered ‘luxury goods’, and what kind of watches really enter the halls of Haute Horlogerie
Get rid of ETA and enter the world of haute horlogerie
   In the world of haute horology, the beauty of craftsmanship is first, and the practicality is second. The person who buys high-end watches, whether he or she is really rich, should have the correct motivation for buying: be touched by that exquisiteness in order to obtain the enjoyment of beauty. Not to show off or follow suit. The medium-priced and practical Swiss watches are synonymous with stability and easy maintenance, and are loved by people around the world. But in the world of haute horlogerie, the overproduction of ETA movement system, easy to be imitated and lack of personality, make real players stay away. To put it simply, I have not heard that the watch equipped with the ETA movement is classified as a top-quality or collectible item. ETA is a large Swiss general movement manufacturer under the Swatch Group. Its products include conventional automatic movements (such as 2892), ultra-thin manual movements (such as 7001), large-diameter pocket watch movements (such as 6497), and automatic chronographs. Cores (such as 7750), as well as a considerable sequence of quartz movements, and provide huge room for application manufacturers to modify. The integration of ETA seems to have brought Swiss clocks and watches into the ‘era of machine control’, thus defeating the ‘Quartz Revolution’ initiated by the Japanese in the mid-1970s, and it has historical significance. But it also turned the Swiss clocks and watches into a hundred flowers, each with its own unique characteristics. A rough estimate is that in the category known as ‘Swiss watches’ in the world, the use of ETA movements accounts for about 85%. The remaining 15% of manufacturers have both low-end miscellaneous factories that cannot afford ETA movements, and peak-to-peak peaks-the real high-end watchmakers. Just like the composition of a harmonious society, the middle class (equivalent to ETA) is the mainstream of the society, and the rest are the vulnerable groups and a few richest people. So today, everyone who collects special high-end watches regards whether the movement is self-produced or not ETA is more important than anything.
Teach you to watch the movement

   According to the watch family’s clock expressing people’s quick strategy, anyone who knows high-end watches must follow: 1. brand 2. series 3. movement 4. hands-on 5. antique watch such as shallow to deep, easy to go Difficult cognitive process. Otherwise, the knowledge of watches and clocks will be scattered and there is no system at all. Then the common sense of the ‘calibration’ belongs to the third level, especially the ‘traceability of the movement’ is a bit difficult for junior players, and it is also a place where the skills of the players will be tested in the future. Faced with all kinds of watch movements, many people are at a loss, and said helplessly: ‘I don’t know how to watch.’ Experience tells us that it is best to start with two aspects of knowledge about the movement: one, from the machine Functional aspects of the core. Simply put, it is a movement with different functions, which looks very different. After understanding the different looks of different movements, you can roughly determine the function of the watch by the appearance of the movement (such as: ordinary three hands, calendar and full calendar , Annual calendar, perpetual calendar, timing function, tourbillon, minute repeater, etc.), and the price differentiation of watches with these functions. For example, the perpetual calendar price of famous factories starts from 250,000 yuan to 600,000 yuan. Perpetual calendars outside this section may have more or less factors that you did not take into account. Tourbillon watches from famous factories are basically worth millions, while the three-minute watches from famous factories don’t have a budget of three million, so don’t touch them easily.

   In addition to knowing the movement by function, it also includes the distinction between manual and automatic movements. Among the manual movements, which have the ‘Geneva Mark’ and which do not; which do not have the ‘Geneva Mark’ but are typical German Movement style. In the automatic movement system, the large line system is another example: a large automatic tourbillon movement and a pearl tourbillon movement; an ETA automatic movement and a Rolex automatic movement. Although there are so many types of movements, the most important thing is to distinguish between ETA movements. The above are various changes of 7750 movement, one of ETA’s most famous movements. But the changes are inseparable, and they will always be displayed. There is a golden gear next to the wheel. As long as you remember this feature, you will recognize all the 7750 movements on the market. In order for everyone to learn more solidly, today we will remember this one first. As for other ETA movements, we will tell you how to identify them in future articles.
   After reading the above text, although it does not solve many of the actual clock problems you face. But at least I know what direction we should go to find out or solve the actual problem. So after buying the first watch, there is a longer way to go. Of course, this is a cumulative process that requires a certain amount of time, energy and even wealth. The knowledge system of clocks and watches is just like the architecture of the building. Once you meet new things, you will know that it should be stored in a room in the ‘clock and watch building’. But without this system, when you see complicated watches, it will still be a piece of sand, and you can’t enter the building or the right room. Over time, the existing knowledge of watches and clocks will also deteriorate. Watch House will systematically build the correct watch knowledge system for everyone in the future. Until you all become bell expressors. (Text / picture / watch home Mao Zhuang)

Vacheron Constantin Sihh 2016 New Overseas Vertical And Horizontal Chronograph

Vacheron Constantin reinvents its iconic classic series-Overseas series. This time, Vacheron Constantin launched five new watches (12 models) adhering to the principles of leisure elegance and ruggedness. The new watches are equipped with the brand’s own production movements-including three new movements-a new generation of self-winding timepieces that reflect the spirit of travel. All watches in this series, whether they are made of stainless steel or gold, are engraved with the Geneva Seal certification from basic display to complex functions, and are equipped with an easily replaceable bracelet / strap, ensuring that the wearer can wear comfortably wherever he is Experience. In addition to the basic display functions (hours, minutes, seconds, with or without date display), the new series is also available in chronograph and slim models.

   Since the end of the nineteenth century, the watchmaking industry has made many major breakthroughs in anti-magnetic and waterproof aspects, and these are the two starting points for Vacheron Constantin to make sports watches. In 1885, by combining metal parts such as palladium, gold, and copper, people produced the world’s first antimagnetic timepiece. In 1898, Vacheron Constantin launched a waterproof pocket watch that can withstand extreme environments, and its distinctive sturdy case design became the pioneer of contemporary sports watches. 1930s stainless steel watch with screw-in bezel and case and sapphire crystal. In addition to the distinctive technical features and sporty appearance, these timepieces also have a three-dimensional decorative design decorated with ten rounded corners for the ‘base’ case. Decades later, Vacheron Constantin reinterpreted this design in the 1970s and launched several classics, including the famous ‘222 model’ watch, launched in 1977 to commemorate the brand’s 222th anniversary. This sports watch has a screw-in bezel and case back and is water resistant to 120 meters. Designed for those who aspire to an active lifestyle, it was also the inspiration for the first Overseas watch in 1996. The series is based on the spirit of travel and an attitude of looking at the world. It combines a variety of exquisite craftsmanship, and soon became a masterpiece of Vacheron Constantin’s skill level. Overseas Vertical The Four Seas series has a dynamic streamlined appearance and an iconic bezel design. Its sturdy caseback is engraved with the famous navigator Amerigo Vespucci barque pattern, as if you are invited to explore the seven oceans together. For many years, Vacheron Constantin has continuously developed and improved the Overseas horizontal and vertical series, such as the metal bracelet watch with the Maltese cross pattern of the brand logo launched in 2004. In 2016, the brand new Overseas works engraved with the Geneva imprint will become a brand masterpiece set sail in the 21st century.

 design feature
   The ergonomic smooth lines, subtle light and shadow effects and exquisite manufacturing technology make the new Overseas watch all over the world in the field of modern aesthetic design. The curved appearance of the case ensures a seamless connection with the bracelet or strap, with both craftsmanship and aesthetics. The six-sided bezel design and the column-shaped crown with groove design also echo the brand’s design aesthetics. The arc-shaped bezel and case with polished and satin finishes draw people’s attention to the exquisite dial, and the sapphire crystal cover is equipped with anti-glare design on the upper and lower sides. The dial is divided into four types of crystal blue, silver tone, rose pink and gray surface according to different models, which further highlights the layered sense of the watch. The dial pattern also alternates with sunburst, snail and velvety smooth polishing. Variety. Luminous hands and hour indications complement the gold bezel surrounding the bezel, while Arabic numerals ensure optimal readability. The sapphire crystal screw-down case back allows a clear view of the 22K gold rotor in the watch. It is decorated with a compass pattern that points the world’s travellers to a base point, and has been sandblasted, polished, and textured. Processing of processes.

 Comfortable and convenient to wear: self-winding movement, with waterproof function and interchangeable bracelet / strap
   In keeping with the travelling spirit of the Overseas Series, the new watch introduced this time can be comfortable to wear, convenient and practical, and fully meet various needs. All watches are equipped with a self-winding mechanical movement. The soft iron case lining can effectively protect the watch from magnetic fields, ensuring its accuracy and durability. At the same time, the transparent screw-down case back guarantees a water-resistant depth of 50 meters and 150 meters for ultra-thin models and other watches.
   Another major feature of the new Overseas Watch Series is the modularity of parts. This time Vacheron Constantin introduces three convenient stainless steel or precious metal bracelets-its easy-to-remove replacement device enhances the watch. Overall comfort-the same is true for leather and rubber straps. The original replacement device on the bracelet / strap and folding buckle / pinhole buckle allows customers to safely disassemble and replace without using any tools, without affecting the robustness of the bracelet or strap.
   Overseas horizontal and vertical series bracelets / straps are exquisitely charming: the curved inner satin brushed bracelet is engraved with a semi-Maltese cross decoration; the rubber strap is also decorated with the Vacheron Constantin brand logo; the flat head alligator leather watch The strap is paired with a soft and comfortable cowhide lining and a pinhole buckle, which perfectly combines wearing comfort and sports beauty.

Geneva mark, 130 years of solemn commitment
   The new Overseas Series is engraved with the Geneva Seal Certification. As the most authoritative mark of ultimate quality, the Geneva Seal was born in 1886 and is certified by an independent and neutral institution. It is not only a proof of the origin of the timepiece, but also a noble symbol of its superior quality and superior performance. The Geneva Seal is only issued to watches manufactured and assembled in Geneva. At the same time, the movement structure and performance of the watch must also meet a series of extremely strict standards.
   For consumers, the Geneva Seal is a fourfold guarantee of the watch’s origin, durability, accuracy and expertise. Under the supervision of ultra-high production standards, the most durable and aesthetically perfect work is produced. , While respecting and inheriting traditional manual watchmaking techniques. Since 1901, Vacheron Constantin has been the most faithful spokesperson for the Mark of Geneva.

Overseas chronograph-5200 movement
   The Overseas Crosswise Chronograph, engraved with the Geneva Seal, is equipped with the Vacheron Constantin 5200 movement. This new self-winding movement was developed and produced by Vacheron Constantin. After five years of research and development, this movement contains 263 parts. These parts, in coordination with the column wheel, realize the functions of timing start, stop and reset. At the same time, the longitudinal coupling clutch can also effectively reduce hand vibration. The effect of timing. The iconic feature of Vacheron Constantin’s new chronograph watch, the screws on the column wheel adopt the brand’s classic Maltese cross pattern. The dual barrel of the 5200 movement enhances torque and watch reliability, and guarantees a power reserve of more than 50 hours. The watch’s built-in soft iron lining protects the watch from magnetic fields and accurately displays the hours, minutes, seconds, chronograph and date. All features are displayed on a silver or blue dial with sunburst, snail-like patterns and velvety smooth finishes. In addition, the golden hands and hour indicator are added with a luminous coating to ensure optimal readability.
   Overseas vertical and horizontal chronograph watches are divided into stainless steel and 18K pink gold case with a diameter of 42.5mm. The screw-down push-button, crown and case back guarantee a water resistance of 150 meters. Through the transparent case back, you can get a glimpse of the 22K gold oscillating weight decorated with the wind rose compass pattern. Each new stainless steel chronograph is equipped with three interchangeable bracelets / straps: a stainless steel bracelet with an easy-to-remove replacement, a rubber strap and a leather strap. The latter two are equipped with the same interchangeable stainless steel folding clasp. The pink gold version comes with leather and rubber straps, both with the same interchangeable pink gold folding clasp.

Technical specifications
Overseas vertical and horizontal time
Model 5500V / 110A-B075–Silver dial
5500V / 110A-B148–blue dial
Certified by the Geneva Seal
Caliber 5200
Developed and manufactured by Vacheron Constantin
Automatic mechanical movement
22K Gold Overseas Horizontal Oscillator
30.6 mm in diameter (13¼ French cents)
Thickness 6.6 mm
Power reserve about 52 hours
Vibration frequency of 4 Hz (28,800 times per hour)
263 parts
54 gems
Display function hours, minutes
Small seconds at 9 o’clock
Column wheel timing function (30-minute and 12-hour timer)
Case stainless steel
42.5 mm in diameter and 13.7 mm thick
Equipped with anti-magnetic soft iron device
Screw-in crown and 90-degree twist-lock knob
Case back with transparent sapphire crystal
Water-resistant to 15 bar atmospheric pressure test (about 150 meters)
Dial Silver-toned / blue glossy, sunburst satin-finished dial,
With velvety smooth edges and snail pattern
18K gold hour markers with white luminous coating on the hour and minute hands
Bracelet / Bracelet Stainless steel, polished satin-finished brushed half-Malta cross bracelet
Comes with hand-stitched large black / blue checkers
Black cowhide-lined Mississippi alligator strap
Comes with interchangeable black / blue rubber strap
Buckle Stainless steel three-fold folding clasp with buttons for comfort adjustment
Equipped with three stainless steel folding clasps, buttons and
Replacement device that perfectly matches two replacement straps (patent pending)

Technical specifications
Overseas vertical and horizontal time
Model 5500V / 000R-B074
Certified by the Geneva Seal
Caliber 5200
Developed and manufactured by Vacheron Constantin
Automatic mechanical movement
22K Gold Overseas Vertical and Horizontal Pendulum
30.6 mm in diameter (13¼ ft.), Thickness 6.6 mm
Power reserve about 52 hours
Vibration frequency of 4 Hz (28,800 times per hour)
263 parts
54 gems
Display function hours, minutes
Small seconds at 9 o’clock
Column wheel timing function (30-minute and 12-hour timer)
Case 18K 5N pink gold
42.5 mm in diameter and 13.7 mm thick
Equipped with anti-magnetic soft iron device
Screw-in crown and 90-degree twist-lock knob
Case back with transparent sapphire crystal
Water-resistant to 15 bar atmospheric pressure test (about 150 meters)
Dial Silver-toned glossy, sunburst satin-brushed dial,
With velvety smooth edges and snail pattern timer
18K gold hour markers with white luminous coating on the hour and minute hands
Strap Brown Large Plaid Hand Stitched Black Cowhide Leather Lining
Mississippi Alligator Leather Strap
Comes with replaceable brown rubber strap
Clasp 18K 5N pink gold three-fold folding clasp with buttons and
Replacement device that can perfectly match the replacement strap (patent pending)

Supporting The Man’s Facade Decorative Etiquette Soaring Charm Index

The beard is the trace of time, the style and the mature atmosphere … It is a unique symbol of a man. The shape of the beard is a decorative etiquette, and it is also a delicate science. Men’s beards not only show their requirements for the details and exquisiteness of their lives, but also imply their inner tendencies and cultivation. On the other hand, men’s beards are extremely lethal and attractive to women, and each type of beard sends a different signal. In women’s eyes, men don’t have to be big-eyed, bright-eyed, and handsome, they don’t have to be romantic, look better than Pan An, but they must be manly, without losing their manhood.

Beckham’s deep eyes, domineering beard, charm can’t be stopped (picture from the Internet)

  What is life? In the men’s world, there are ambitious careers, families in need, brilliant entertainment, and friends who love wine, and they play different roles in various occasions; in the world of taste, men have fruit Scented red wine, cigars that swallow clouds and clouds, aggressive cars, exquisite and beautiful wallets, stylish watches, stylish sunglasses, they experience the details of life in different ways. Freely transform in the shape. Men have his role, his domineering, his tenderness, and his melancholy. Reading requires men to start with every detail. Men who know how to enjoy life will never ignore details; men who are good at playing fashion will never ignore images, and decoration etiquette is definitely an indispensable compulsory course in men’s lives. Below, we just talk about a few decorative etiquette for men.

  Man decorating etiquette: beard

  W-shaped beard

  Beards can bring powerful charm enhancement to men and bring the icing on the cake. W-shaped beards pay particular attention to the width and location of the beard, and require beards on the chin and horns. It is suitable for men with thin hair and will pay attention to The force is transferred to the chin, giving a dense image of hair. The W-shaped beard can bring a wild, domineering and powerful air field to the man, and there is a mystery and stability hidden under the thick beard.

 Wu Xiubo, without a beard, obviously does not have today’s mature and stable shape. (Picture from the web)
  The somewhat vicissitudes of styling such as white hair and scum have become the trendy element of uncle charm. The typical representative of this kind of man will make Wu Xiubo the first impression. Uncle Bo’s ‘Before Dawn’ became famous all the time, and a ‘Beijing Meets Seattle’ made him the most sought-after ‘Uncle National’, which can be described as ‘many years of cultivation and becoming an uncle.’ This man’s men are elegant and mature, with taste and atmosphere, high quality of life, and a touch of perfume and faint tobacco. They are not only the ‘teacher-killer’, but also sought after by ‘uncle-controlled’ girls. Under the mature appearance, there is a hint of temptation and mystery, which makes women obsessed with it and cannot refuse.

  H-shaped beard

Male gods without beards all capture women’s hearts the same (pictures from the Internet)

  After bathing in the morning every morning, it is a smooth and coherent movement to arrange beards, suits, ties, and watches in front of a mirror. When a man is modeling, it must be one of the most manly moments in women’s eyes. The stubble is the best manifestation of man’s taste. The wrinkles reflect the vicissitudes of time. The beard contains the dignity of the man, and the deep eyes catch the woman’s moving heart inadvertently. H-shaped beards are relatively easy to make. This type of beard has a flat upper lip and chin, which can help adjust the proportion of the face.

  O beard

  Lucky jewels of mature men: beard, crow’s feet, dark skin. It is often said that time is a pig-killer, but in terms of beards, years have really left men with a mature capital. The charm that has accumulated over time is irresistible. The O-shaped beard may seem a bit non-descript, but with the right face shape, it will have another mature taste, suitable for men with peach-shaped faces. This beard is the focus of vision and can weaken the impression of thinning hair.

Chen Daoming’s O-shaped beard for men (picture from the Internet)

  When Chen Daoming didn’t have a beard, he looked gentle and thin. Although he was also described as gentle and kind, but with his beard, Uncle Daoming was obviously a bit more manly, with a bit of majesty, calmness, and aura. Suitable for his temperament. In fact, the O-shaped beard also has a bit of rebelliousness. It looks like a cynical appearance but has a unique personality and a dual style. Can men hold it?

Zhou Dong’s small O-shaped beard (picture from the Internet)

  Beards, greenskins, and other types
  Just like a woman’s hairstyle, not every beauty is long hair, nor is it that any of the back-killers with fluttering hair can stand up to that face. Men’s beards also need to be decorated and made. Not all men’s faces are suitable for beards. It is good to look at the moment and become a master of art, and it is not good to see the bad impression immediately. The beard is based on the shape of the face, the face of the tip of the chin, and the beard of the cheek can make the pointed chin inconspicuous, but it is not suitable to keep the goatee, because the shape of the goatee will make the chin look sharper. Beard beard is definitely one of the best choices to show men’s masculinity and domineering.

Mustaches attack two sportsmen in ‘Gossip Girl’ and ‘Harry Potter’ (pictures from the Internet)

  There are many types of beards. Resting beards is also a compulsory skill. Whether it is to trim hard beards, handsome green-skinned beards, or arrogant bachi beards, you need a handy shaving tool to cultivate a delicateness in detail. , Organized life attitudes and habits.

  Man’s decoration etiquette two: watch

  Time is the most beautiful note in life. In the quiet passage of time, the trajectory of life is carved, and the light footsteps are traced to depict the colorful changes … from the loyalty and admiration of time, the watchmakers will Watch masterpieces give new essence to the world. Love watches are derived from a kind of clock face expressions. Clocks have a sincere toxicity. The beauty of craftsmanship is told between the hands that rotate. The mechanical beauty is presented in a complex structure. It touches the watch from strangers, understands the watch carefully, The taste table and the collection of the watch carefully, each advanced process incorporates the emotions of those who love the watch. As a playable, wearable and collectible item, the watch also has special significance and value for men. .

  Clocks are high-end accessories for men. Here, I do not want to prescribe for everyone what type of men’s watches and what styles to wear. Just talking about suggestions on how to buy a watch cannot really replace consumers’ final choice. Because buying a watch is a freewheeling thing, you don’t need to follow the rules at all. Men with deep appearances may also like wild styles, and they may have a tough guy dream in their clothes with small fresh silk.

  How to buy a watch, and what style of watch to buy, this question is a tangled and confusing problem for both novice and experienced watch fans. There are two aspects to buying a watch that are important, accurate and beautiful. On the one hand, precision, simply speaking, is the time of travel, and a deeper step is the requirements of the movement and the place of production. Quartz watches have high time accuracy, while mechanical watches can better meet the needs of watch lovers. The EAT movement in the table is more common, and the self-produced movement looks very high. The final choice depends on individual requirements. On the other hand, it is beautiful. The beauty is related to the brand, series, style, and function of the watch. Whether it is elegant retro, fashionable personality, simple classic, soft and graceful, you can find the one you like from the vast range of watches. .

  After buying a watch, owning, playing with, and collecting is a mood and interest. As for the dial, the shape of the hands, the setting of the time scale, the treatment of the dial’s fineness, the design of the date or the moon phase are all worthy of careful attention; as for the case, from the material of the case, the drawing process, the corner Polishing, etc., can give you more understanding of the watch; as far as the strap is concerned, it is not only the difference in material and texture, it is also very interesting to disassemble and replace the watch;
  Finally, we are talking about the movement. In a good movement, we can see blue steel screws, decorative corrugations, chamfering, gold sleeves … the details of the process are more essential, and the exploration of the movement is absolutely You can’t just stay at the level of seeing, know each part, and then understand its function, disassembly, assembly, and even the treatment of each groove is a superb science. In the end, it is worth emphasizing that buying a watch must be done within your means, and you don’t need to do it in one step or all of it. To meet your own requirements within the scope of rationality, you have more motivation.

  Man decorating etiquette III: tie and cuffs


  In addition to grooming and watches, men’s decoration etiquette also includes other accessories, whether it is a tie, cuffs, belt, frame, or other decorations, are the embodiment of men’s identity, status, and taste of life. A decent tie is matched with the overall suit. The gorgeous materials and exquisite tailoring of the clothes are highlighted from the details, which will surely complement the men’s style. Choosing a tie from a variety of colors, styles, textures, and textures in a variety of wardrobes is also an exquisite science. (Ps: Because there are so many decorative etiquettes for men, we will not expand them one by one for space reasons. Please look forward to more introductions.)

Summary: Life is a wise teacher, a wonderful picture, an aging wine brewed in time, it requires us to have a pair of eyes that know how to discover, a mind that knows how to feel, in order to make seemingly dull Time flies. In the men’s world, there is not only a busy career and busy helpless entertainment, but also the details and taste of life. A man who knows life will create every delicate moment and interpret his life to the fullest. In the next second, you can start from exquisite, can you? (Picture / text watch home Li Shuai)

What Else Can I Buy For Top Women’s Watches?

In a word, why did I write this article because a female friend asked me to recommend a few high-end women’s watches. To be honest, I recommend those high-end women’s watches. Familiar watch friends are also clear in their hearts, such as Cartier Blue Balloons, Jaeger-LeCoultre Date / Flip, Queen Breguet Naples, etc. There are always women’s watches for these different brands of ladies watches .

  But there is a girl who is unwilling to listen to sincere ‘recommendations’ from others, and is stubborn to look for watches with the word ‘eyes’ that a man does not understand and feels unscientific. The various readings are actually the kind that I watched for a second, and then I did not know how to move her heart, and I met a watch that fits the ‘eyes’. Although this process seems simple, it is really Not easy. However, the girl is not stupid. She is afraid that although the appearance value of women’s clothing is high, her ‘life’ is short. So, after finding me, let me look at this one.

Glashütte Original Women’s Watch Series 1-90-12-03-12-02

  Ah! Good guy, I really underestimated this girl, and I forgot that the ladies boutique watch and this one are optional.

 Glashütte’s Eccentric Moon Phase Watch

  For this watch, I know more about the one in the same pink series. The pink and tender hue really subverted my stereotype of the original Glashütte watch. The pink one is an exquisite work by Glashütte original tailored for the Chinese market in 2017. I have seen the real thing in the apm shopping center before. The real thing is definitely more exquisite than the photo, but this is not to say that the photography technology is not good. But these beauty can only be remembered in your heart if you can see it with your own eyes.

  The girl who prefers the cold color series chose the same blue design. The cool style design is matched with Glashütte’s original and unique silver eccentric moon phase display plate. The clean and elegant atmosphere is perfectly presented. It can only be said that In my heart, only the best people who can make me fall in love at first sight can match it.

Glashütte Original Women’s Watch Series 1-90-12-03-12-02

  With a diameter of about 39.4 mm and a thickness of 12 mm, the unique grain design comes from Glashütte’s original selection of natural mother-of-pearl. The pattern of natural mother-of-pearl varies, and this material makes each watch unique and exquisite.

Diamond crown

  Glashütte Original 90 Eccentric Large Calendar Women’s Watch, don’t look at the simple dial design, but its asymmetrical disk surface design uses the classic golden ratio. Remember that Patek Philippe also has a watch made with golden ratio. But that one is applied to the case design, here is applied to the surface. In addition, the bezel of this watch is also relatively thin, so the dial is also broader visually.
  Mother-of-pearl collected from shells always gives a noble and elegant atmosphere in pastel tones. However, this material is very difficult to use, and it needs to be handled very carefully when it is made into an ultra-thin dial finished product from the case.
  Glashütte Original is one of the very few dial manufacturer brands with its own. It is supported by the expertise of a dedicated dial manufacturer team in Pforzheim, Germany, so the dial is entirely handmade.

Moon phase display

  A silver moon phase disk is set up at 2 o’clock on the right, shining brightly and made of metal sheet.

Iconic large calendar display window

  At 4 o’clock on the lower right, this iconic large calendar of Glashütte was invented in 1997. Two centrally arranged disks allow the double-digit display to not be separated.

  ‘Double gooseneck trimming’
  A very important point is its ‘beauty back’. The transparent design can clearly see the Calibre 90-02 automatic movement, a three-quarter plywood with a Glashütte striped surface, polished steel, beveled edges, blue screws and 18 weighted screw balances. These classics ‘Made in Germany’ is amazing!
  What I have to say here is the butterfly-type ‘dual gooseneck trimming’ system, which is a masterpiece of precision engineering and traditional hand-carved, electroplated and polished finishing techniques. Custom developed at the Saxon factory, the movement can be particularly accurate. Adjustment. It uses two ‘swan neck’ springs that work independently of each other to adjust the rate symmetry of the watch.

Calibre 90-02 automatic movement

  This manufacturing process is quite complicated, such as using a metal wire thinner than human hair to cut springs from stainless steel blanks in a very precise way. Then, before the watchmaker meticulously assembled this beautiful part, it was polished by hand for superb viewing.
  The strap is paired with a light blue Louisiana alligator leather strap and pin buckle, creating a feminine beauty.

  Since so much is said, the most realistic thing is the price. Seriously, the movement of this Glashütte original 90 eccentric large calendar women’s watch has exceeded 90% of the women’s watch technology on the market today, plus the top brands made in Germany today. The threshold of the grid is too high, and steel watches are never mass-produced. This watch is made of stainless steel, which also greatly reduces the public price of the watch. Therefore, the price / performance ratio of this watch is still very high.
  It’s almost the end of the year. If you want to give a female friend a new year’s gift, then it is better to choose this! I hope that with the help of this watch, you will have a better chance, and you will be more happy, goodbye!

National Basketball Association (Nba) And Tissot Announce Breakthrough Global Partnership

Swiss watch brand Tissot becomes the first official timing partner of the American Men’s Professional Basketball League (NBA), the American Women’s Professional Basketball League (WNBA) and the NBA D-League. The new The cooperation will strengthen the timing of the game through a comprehensive coordinated timing system.
  New York, October 5, 2015-The National Basketball Association (NBA) and Tissot today announced the establishment of a new global partnership that will last for many years, thus making the Swiss watch brand an American Men’s Professional Basketball League (NBA), The first official timing partner of the US Women’s Professional Basketball League (WNBA) and the NBA D-League.

Figure 1: Tissot becomes the first official timing partner of the US Men’s Professional Basketball League (NBA), the US Women’s Professional Basketball League (WNBA), and the NBA Development League (NBA D-League)
  This marks the first time that Tissot has become an official timepiece partner of an important North American sports league, and it is also the largest cooperation relationship of the brand in the development history of more than 160 years. This cooperation further strengthens Tissot’s leading position in international sports and sports event cooperation
  As the world’s leading Swiss traditional watchmaker, Tissot is also a member of the Swatch Group, the world’s largest watch making and sales group. It will cooperate with the NBA to develop a top-notch integrated timing system. This new timing system, including a shot timer engraved with the Tissot logo, will be used in all 29 NBA court equipment starting in the 2016-2017 season.

Figure 2: The shooting timer engraved with the Tissot logo will be used in all 29 NBA court equipment starting in the 2016-2017 season

  ‘Tissot is very honored to join the NBA and to connect with players and fans,’ said Tissot President François Thiébaud. ‘We will be more in the product to express the emotions behind this sport And spiritual value. Our daily work is to dress up time. We create beautiful and accurate timepieces, but more importantly, the emotional value behind the seconds. This is the essence of competitive sports such as the NBA. ‘
  ‘Every second, or even 0.1 second, may be crucial in a basketball game, and this new collaboration with Tissot will bring world-leading timing technology to every field in the NBA,’ said NBA President Adam. Adam Silver said, ‘We are honored to cooperate with Tissot, a world-class timing system development brand with a long history and extensive experience.’
  In addition, Tissot will also obtain an official license from the global league to tailor timers, watches, clocks, watches and other accessories for all NBA teams. Tissot will also serve this cooperation in its global retail stores.

Figure 3: Tissot Solar Series Professional Side View

  The cooperation will be announced during the 2015-2016 NBA Global Games this week, when 6 teams will travel to 6 countries to participate in 7 regular season and preseason games. Tissot will become the official timepiece and watch of NBA All-Star Game, NBA New Talent Draft, Samsung NBA Summer League and NBA Global Games.
  As an NBA partner, Tissot will invest in all NBA teams and event broadcast partners, and cooperate with the NBA worldwide in event activities, marketing, media communications and new NBA-themed advertising creative releases.

Tissot-innovation from tradition

 ‘Made in Switzerland’ is the brand that Tissot has never worn out. It makes the brand stand out from the rest of the world. The ‘+’ in the Tissot logo is the same as the Swiss flag, which is a symbol of quality, showing the reliable quality that the brand has inherited since 1853. Tissot is an innovative brand, but it has never forgotten its Swiss roots. It was founded more than 160 years ago in the small town of Lillo in the Swiss Jura Mountains, and its headquarters are still located there today. The quality of Tissot products is pure, but the price is very approachable. They select special materials, carry advanced functions, and use exquisite designs to combine precision performance and stylish appearance. Tissot’s high performance and high quality have long been recognized by many parties. It serves as the World Motorcycle Championship MotoGPTM, FIM World Superbike, FIBA, Australian Rugby Federation AFL, RBS Six Nations Rugby Championship, and the world of cycling, fencing and ice hockey Officially designated timing and partners for the tournament. The advent of the Tissot Duluer series in 2015 ingeniously demonstrated the unique and extraordinary design and the professional attitude of pursuing the extreme details, reflecting the unique style and excellent quality of Tissot as a watchmaker. Tissot is a member of the Swatch Group, the world’s largest watch manufacturer and distributor, with sales outlets in more than 160 countries. The brand will continue to launch innovative products with a pioneering spirit and continue to write its brand concept-‘Innovation, from tradition’. For more information, visit

About the NBA

As an international sports and media group, the National Basketball Association (NBA) is composed of three professional sports leagues: the American Men’s Professional Basketball League (NBA), the American Women’s Professional Basketball League (WNBA) and the NBA Development League (NBA D-League). The league has a strong international influence, with offices in 13 cities around the world, its games broadcast in 47 languages ​​in 215 countries and regions, and more than 125,000 U.S. basketball authorized goods in 100 countries on six continents Available in stores. In the 2014-15 season, there were a total of 101 international players from 37 countries and regions registered in the US professional basketball. NBA TV and US professional basketball digital media platforms, including and NBA Mobile, set a record for viewership and traffic in the 2014-15 season. The NBA is also the most successful professional sports league on social media platforms. The league, teams and players have more than 875 million fans and likes. Through the NBA Care initiative, the alliance has collaborated with international non-profit organizations to help resolve important social issues and provide support and assistance in education, youth issues, family development, and health-related areas.

Longines Longines First Debut In Chongqing

On October 30, 2013, Chongqing, China, Modern Yudu played an elegant autumn movement. Longines, a famous Swiss watch manufacturer, unveiled its first direct-operated store in Chongqing-Longines. Chongqing Golden Eagle Store. On the same day, Longines carefully presented the Conquest Classic watch created by the brand for the equestrian sport, and held a ‘equestrian time’ dinner with the theme of equestrian sport, showing the perfect blend of sport and elegance. . Mr. Li Li, Vice President of Longines China, and Mr. Guo Fucheng, Longines’ Ambassador of Elegant Image, are pleased to go to the appointment to witness the grand opening of the new store with Chongqing watch enthusiasts, and experience the deep roots of Longines and equestrian sports for more than 100 years.

Longines opens new Longines store in Chongqing landmark
 As Longines’ first direct sales store in Chongqing, Longines Chongqing Golden Eagle Direct Store is located in the Golden Eagle Wealth Center in Jiefangbei Central Business District. The entire direct-operated store presents a simple and bright main body style with Longines’ iconic dark blue tone, making full use of the wide space of 102.5 square meters to create a shining and elegant landscape in the top fashion landmark. The Longines Chongqing Golden Eagle Direct Store has a wide range of watches for Chongqing consumers to buy. It includes exquisite timepieces with different styles such as elegance, tradition, sports, and engraving under the brand, leading Chongqing watch enthusiasts to experience Longines 180. Years of long tradition, exquisite craftsmanship and elegant design meet the unique individual needs of different consumers. At the same time, the VIP store has a well-built VIP exclusive service area to provide customers with extraordinary quality services and intimate consumer experience. The store is also equipped with a Longines watch repair service center. Professionals on call will use superb and efficient technology to ensure the repair and maintenance of watches, so that consumers can enjoy excellent and accurate after-sales service.

 Mr. Li Li, Vice President of Longines China, said: ‘In 2008, I unveiled Longines’ first store in Chongqing at Jiefangbei. In the past five years, we have witnessed the rapid growth of Longines in southwest China, and also I am pleased to see that Chongqing, a historical and cultural city, has developed into a national center city and a city of trend convergence. Today, Longines grandly unveiled the first direct-operated store in Chongqing. We hope to bring the pure watchmaking technology and classic elegance of Longines. Attitude brings more Chongqing consumers. ‘

‘Jump Time’ Dinner Lights Up Equestrian Theme Night, Elegant Ambassador Guo Fucheng Goes to Appointment
 On the occasion of the opening of the first direct-operated store in Chongqing, the Longines Dinner Party was also staged in the evening. The elaborate arrangement of the dinner made the guests feel as if they were in a noble equestrian manor. Four statues of horses and horses were ready to go, and the dance performances that interpreted the equestrian movement showed the momentum and elegance of the horses. The elegant image ambassador of Longines Guo Fucheng carefully selected Dai Kang platinum series stainless steel rose gold chronograph men’s watch, appeared at the dinner and toasted for the event. As a well-known Hermes and private horse owner, Mr. Guo Fucheng shared his unique insights on the charm of equestrianism with the guests: ‘Equestrianism has strict requirements on the grace, etiquette and manner of riders; at the same time, it includes fair competition, Respect for each other, romantic ideals and other spiritual qualities. These two aspects merge with each other and present an elegant and charming aristocratic style. It is also because of this that Longines has always insisted on using equestrianism as an endorsement of elegance. It is an elegant attitude to the brand philosophy, true personality ‘Perfect interpretation’

 The selection and award ceremony of the ‘Longines most elegant dress award’ ended the dinner in a fashion and elegance style. Longines also praised the long tradition, deep connotation and elegance of the equestrian and timepieces. One of the most elegantly dressed guests at the scene won the title and was awarded a masterpiece of elegant timepieces from the Longines Compaq Collection.
 The Longines Compaq watches are created by the brand for equestrianism, a sport that coexists with elegance and speed, which illustrates Longines’ passion for equestrianism for nearly a century, while incorporating modern technology and precision quality. With a touch of magnificence between the wrist and the elegant knight, it can accompany the equestrian viewers and witness the exciting moments together. This series combines Longines classic elegance and sporty spirit, adding a beautiful scenery to Longines’ ‘watchmaking tradition’ watch family. Longines has always upheld a long tradition and exquisite craftsmanship, and its relentless pursuit of tradition, elegance and superior performance has achieved the brand’s pure watchmaking expertise.

Longines Compat Series Stainless Steel Rose Gold Chronograph Men’s Watch Watch Number: L2.786.5.76.7 Price: RMB 38,200

 As a partner of many of the world’s most prestigious equestrian sports, Longines has been committed to launching a watch that can be worn at the moment of the most exciting horse racing on the equestrian field. This 41mm chronograph stopwatch, stainless steel and rose gold case and bracelet, with built-in L688 column wheel movement. The white dial is engraved with an Arabic numeral scale and 11 luminous small scales, displaying hours and minutes, a small second hand at 9 o’clock, a 30-minute cumulative dial at 3 o’clock, a 12-hour cumulative dial at 6 o’clock, and date The display window is set at 4:30. Like all models in the Compaq series, this watch is water-resistant to 5 atmospheres and has a spiral back with sapphire crystal.
Technical Parameters
Watch number: L2.786.5.76.7
Movement: automatic mechanical movement with column wheel chronograph and stopwatch device
 L688 movement (ETA A08.L01)
 13¼ law minutes, 27 jewel bearings, vibration frequency 28’800 times / hour
Power reserve: 54 hours
Functions: hours, minutes, date, small seconds at 9 o’clock
 Stopwatch function
 Central chronograph seconds hand
 30-minute cumulative dial at 3 o’clock
 12-hour cumulative dial at 6 o’clock
Case: round, diameter 41 mm
 Stainless steel rose gold case
 Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal
 Spiral sapphire crystal case back
Waterproof function: 5 atmospheric pressures (50 meters)
Dial: silver dial, 1 luminous Arabic numerals and 11 luminous small scales
Hands: Rose gold hands, hour and minute hands with long-lasting luminous treatment
Bracelet / strap: stainless steel rose gold bracelet with triple folding safety clasp