Inventory The World’s Top Five Luxury Watches

A watch is no longer just an expensive luxury product and a simple timing tool, but a ‘fashion on your wrist’. A distinguished watch can also show a person’s identity and status. The classic watch exudes timeless charm and lasts forever. Take a look at the world’s top five classic watches.

Girard-Perregaux The founder of Girard-Perregaux J. F. Bautte produced his first watch in 1791. In 1854, the name Girard-Perregaux was officially born. By the beginning of the 20th century, Girard Perregaux continued to grow in popularity. In 1930, when watch sales exceeded pocket watch sales for the first time, Girard Perregaux’s strategy for developing watches 50 years ago proved to be correct. In 1998, Girard Perregaux established a branch in Japan and a watch was selected as the ‘Best Watch of the Year’ in Japan. In 2000, Girard Perregaux established branches in the United States.

Patek Philippe Founded in 1839, Patek Philippe is the only Swiss watch manufacturer to survive in the family. Patek Philippe watches have always attached great importance to the design and production process. The watchmaking process has been completed in the original Geneva factory. It is the only brand in the world that has all its movements won the ‘Geneva Seal’ brand.

Audemars Piguet Jules-Louis in 1875. Jules-Louis Audemars and friend Edward Augusti. Audemars Piguet was founded by Edward-Auguste Piguet. In 1972, Audemars Piguet introduced the all-steel high-end sports watch series ‘Royal Oak’, which became a classic in the watch industry. Audemars Piguet has a watch school in Switzerland. Each apprentice must complete a 4-year course at the watch school to qualify as a watchmaker. In addition, it takes 1 to 2 years of training to make ultra-thin movements, and 10 years of training before starting to make complex movements.

IWC (IWC) was founded in 1868 as ‘mechanical watch expert’, each IWC watch has to undergo 28 independent tests. The founder is American Florentine. Jones (Florentine A Jones). In the early 20th century, IWC sales in Germany, Austria and other places increased significantly. Today, IWC has more than 700 points of sale worldwide, and its products are mainly sold to the Far East, Switzerland and Germany. Currently under the Swiss Richemont Group.

Cartier Cartier has a history of more than 150 years and is a famous French jewellery manufacturer. In 1888, Cartier attempted to attach a ladies’ mechanical watch to a diamond-set gold bracelet. In 1938, Cartier manufactured the smallest watch in the world and gave it to Princess Elizabeth of England. Cartier watches have always been pets of high society and have a long history. They are currently part of the Richemont Group in Switzerland.

Classic And Simple Model Tasting Jaeger-lecoultre Tourbillon Watch Rose Gold

The Jaeger-LeCoultre series can always be regarded as a model of classic round watches. Instead of superfluous decoration, a simple design is used to create a highly recognizable watch. At this year’s Geneva International Haute Horlogerie Show, the performance of the Jaeger-LeCoultre series has attracted a lot of attention. This series has added several gorgeous and exquisite timepieces this year, of which three models with enamel disk complex functions can be called stunning. We are amazed by the value and complexity of the process. However, this year’s Jaeger-LeCoultre series also has a new watch that deserves attention. The Jaeger-LeCoultre Tourbillon watch in rose gold, once again interprets the classic style of the Jaeger-LeCoultre series with a pure and simple shape. Next, let’s enjoy the new tourbillon watch series of this master series by Jaeger-LeCoultre. (Watch model: 1682410)

Inheriting classic design

  This Jaeger-LeCoultre tourbillon model draws inspiration from Jaeger-LeCoultre’s first ultra-thin watch, which is in line with the classic design of this series and presents superb watchmaking craftsmanship in a simple design. The craftsmanship and design of this brand-new model reach a balance between rationality and sensuality, and tradition and innovation complement each other.

Watch real shot

  This Jaeger-LeCoultre watch has a diameter of 40 mm and a slim shape with a thickness of only 10.77 mm. The round case made of rose gold is elegant and gorgeous, the beveled edges are polished with polishing technology, and the sides are brushed with brushed technology to bring the unique luster of metal to our eyes.

  The lines of the case are smooth and smooth, the lugs are naturally connected to the case, and they show a certain degree of curvature, which can fit the wrist when wearing, and is ergonomically designed.

  The pit pattern crown of the same material is engraved with the Jaeger-LeCoultre logo and is made of non-slip texture to improve the convenience of the watch operation and easy to grasp.

  The watch is paired with an eggshell yellow dial, a new large gold-plated hour-marker scale, and a crown prince-shaped hand. It is clear and conspicuous when reading, and also highlights the exquisite elegance of the watch. The hour marker at 6 o’clock is replaced by a tourbillon with a new golden splint. The stacked gears on the tourbillon form a light and shadow effect between the virtual and the real, light and agile.

  The brown leather strap matches the overall style of the watch, with natural cracks and a rose gold buckle, which shows the gentleman’s grace on the wrist watch.

  The watch is equipped with a 978G self-winding movement with a power reserve of 48 hours. Through the transparent case back, it can be seen that the main board of the movement is decorated with a new solar radial pattern and a rose gold skeleton rotor. The design and treatment of every detail of the watch are very elegant and pleasing to the eye.

Summary: This year, Jaeger-LeCoultre interpreted the classics again with a simple design on this brand new model, showing us the beautiful scene of the delicate tourbillon slowly turning, which is simple and appropriate, just right. If you are interested in the rose gold version of this Jaeger-LeCoultre series tourbillon watch, you can continue to follow its development. Reference price: 555,000 (figure / text watch home Wu Fengqi)

Red Box Jiaxi, Love The Sky And Cartier For A ‘romantic Flight’ Appointment

Chinese Valentine’s Day
Every love deserves its own exclusive date
Open the red box with TA
Let the hot love accompany the two parties to the sky

   On the coming of Valentine’s Day in 2017, Cartier, a French jewellery and watch brand, presents romantic dates celebrating love in the vast sky, and opens a sky journey for lovers. From August 21st to 28th, the first 77 customers who are located in Cartier WeChat boutiques or call Cartier Customer Service Center (400 885 6618) to order selected works of Tanabata will be able to enjoy the ‘romantic flight’ trip for two people in designated cities and take exclusive Helicopter, remember the unique Tanabata covenant at high altitude in the city. During this period, customers who purchased Cartier’s works at online or offline boutiques will also have the opportunity to receive Cartier’s specially-designed voice greeting cards to record your exclusive voice greetings. Let you give a gift by yourself and say love yourself.

Voice card specially customized by Cartier to record your exclusive voice blessings.
   When I meet you, the time is fixed in the lucky second, with a glance at thousands of years, I seem to see the glimmer of happiness outside the cloud. After 170 years, Cartier has witnessed countless moving moments of love. Whether it was Richard Bolton who bought Cartier’s ‘Borton Taylor’ diamonds for Elizabeth Taylor, or Grace Kelly’s fairy tale wedding with Prince Monaco, or Liang Chaowei used a rare Cartier 12 carat The moment the diamond ring confessed to Carina Lau, Cartier was like a witness and guardian, always accompanying her with true love.

   This year’s Chinese Valentine’s Day, Cartier presents an extraordinary experience and creative inspiration that are exclusively enjoyed. It combines all the exciting elements-sky, love, red box and helicopter, into French romance, and composes an ode to the love of Qixi. In Cartier’s love world, each pair of lovers should have a unique and unforgettable love memory. An exclusive sky journey is the best footnote to love memories. With you, the horizon is also within easy reach.

Three Innovative Technologies Of The Rolex Sky Dweller Calendar Watch (Part 1)

For ordinary people, the watch is still used to watch the time, so the calendar function is also the most valued information attached to the watch. The ordinary calendar display recognizes 12 months of the year as 31 days. Therefore, we must consciously adjust the calendar every small month to correctly display the date of the month. I have been engaged in the research and development of watch movements for many years. I have designed ordinary calendar displays (including window type, pointer type and large calendar type). This type of calendar structure is relatively simple and practical. It should be suitable for people without special requirements. Okay.

I have been involved in the research and development of perpetual calendar functions. To be honest, display mechanisms such as perpetual calendars are really a model of complexity. It can really make you worry-free. Every time Xiaoyue doesn’t need you to think about adjusting the calendar yourself, people will do it automatically. It is just that the adjustment of the ordinary perpetual calendar watch can not be achieved casually. You need to carefully and carefully check the manual, and then calmly turn the crown or press the button to adjust the date. You must have some patience. I have started to develop annual calendars in recent years. Through my research on various brand annual calendars, I found that the complexity of this calendar display function is between ordinary calendars and perpetual calendars. Although not perfect, it is quite practical. Below I will popularize the knowledge about almanac for everyone.

The concept of the Annular Calendar watch

The calendar mechanism of the annual calendar watch requires manual adjustment at the end of February (28 days in a normal year and 29 days in a leap year), and 7 other 31-day big months (January, March, May, July) , August, October, and December) and four 30-day small months (April, June, September, November) can be automatically identified. Although the calendar mechanism on the almanac does not automatically recognize the 28th of February in a normal year or the 29th of February in a leap year, it is artificially set February as 30th, so that there will be five 30-days each year. Small moons and seven big days with 31 days, such a regular cycle makes the originally complex calendar conversion cycle relatively simple, allowing designers to implement the calendar function through a simpler mechanism than the perpetual calendar. The reasonable and user-friendly adjustment device seems to be no less attractive to the average wearer than the perpetual calendar. In addition, since the annual calendar is a mechanism that can distinguish between large and small months, the wearer must know which month corresponds to the date at that time, so a table with an annual calendar mechanism must also be equipped with a month display mechanism. Obviously, the addition of the month display allows the wearer to get more information about the time display than the ordinary calendar, which is also an advantage of the annual calendar.

Rolex Oyster Perpetual SKY-DWELLER watch map

At Baselworld 2012, Rolex exhibited the new ‘Sky Dweller’ series of watches, which are not much different from the appearance of previous oyster watches-oyster case, impervious back cover , Triangular pit pattern bezel (commonly known as the macarons). This watch has dual time functions, and the most complex annual calendar function in the Rolex brand history has attracted widespread attention. In fact, the ‘Sky Dweller’ series watches have three innovative technologies-Saros annual calendar mechanism, month display mechanism and ring calendar instant jump mechanism.

Rolex’s first innovative technology-Saros annual calendar agency

 Before the watch house editor explains the Rolex calendar mechanism, let’s popularize the common sense-the word ‘Saros’ comes from Greek and is an astronomical term meaning that the sun, the earth and the moon will complete a relative position about every 18 years Operation cycle. Why did Rolex think of using this astronomical term to interpret its new technology? Because the flat layout of the Saros annual calendar mechanism is similar to the relationship between the sun, the earth, and the moon, this metaphor allows everyone to understand the essence of this technology more intuitively.
Technical characteristics of the Saros annual calendar

(Figure 1)
 A fixed gear 9 at the center of the movement is equivalent to the ‘sun’, and a calendar ring 1 with 31 internal teeth arranged coaxially thereto is equivalent to the mode in which the ‘earth’ rotates around the sun. The planetary ring 1 is provided with a planetary wheel composed of a gear 10 and a gear 11, which is the ‘moon’. Gear 11 has only 5 teeth corresponding to 5 small months with 30 days. This wheel is the core of this calendar mechanism; (Figure 1)

(Figure 2)
 When the annual calendar mechanism is on the 30th of a small month, the date-changing wheel 3, which rotates once every 24 hours, drives the first date-changing head 3b and one tooth of the gear 11 in a standby state; (Figure 2)

(Figure 3)
 The first dial 3b has dialed the tooth of the gear 11. Since the gear 11 is provided on the calendar ring 1, the calendar ring 1 is driven to rotate through a pitch of 31 teeth, everyone pays attention The calendar window has been changed from the previous 30 days to 31 days. During the continuous rotation of the date-changing wheel 3, the second date-changing dial 3a was driven to drive one of the internal teeth of the calendar ring 1, which caused the calendar ring 1 to rotate another tooth pitch, and the calendar window was displayed as 1 from the 31st Day, the entire small month conversion process should be completed within a set period of time, this is the core of the Salo Almanac; (Figure 3)

(Figure 4)
 When the annual calendar mechanism is at 7 large months with 31 days, the five teeth of the gear 11 are all far away from the first dial 3b, and the two calendar numbers will not jump during the calendar conversion process. (Figure 4)
Watch House Comments: Rolex’s newly launched Salo calendar is based on patent documents in 2005, which means that it took 7 years since the technology was formed to launch the finished product. This is the result of Rolex adhering to the brand concept. Although the calendar mechanism is not very complicated in my opinion, it is still very rigorous for Rolex to launch the most complicated models in history. It was launched after many years of research and development to ensure the reliability and stability of this mechanism. Always loyal to the responsibility of the Rolex watch crowd.

Rolex’s second innovative technology-monthly calendar display mechanism

(Figure 1)
 As mentioned earlier, we can not ignore the Salo Almanac. There is also an important month display organization, because the Almanac itself is born by distinguishing between big and small. If there is no month display, the calendar display will not be able to verify that it is displayed. Is the date of the month. The window above the hour mark on the dial of the watch is used to display the month. The hour number is instantly labeled with the month number. It is really a smart idea. The dark area 32 in the calendar mechanism is the dial we see Black month display in square hour window. (Figure 1)

Monthly calendar shows how the mechanism works

(Figure 2)
 The month is February 30, the hour 2 o’clock window 41 is black, the calendar ring 10 rotates counterclockwise, and the gear 20 is connected to the internal teeth 31 of the calendar ring 30; (Figure 2)

(Figure 3)
 The month is February 31, the calendar ring 10 and the gear 20 are docked, the calendar ring 10 continues to rotate counterclockwise, the gear 20 clockwise drives the black area of ​​the calendar ring 30 to rotate in the same direction;

(Figure 4)
 When the month is March 1 and 2, the calendar ring 10 continues to drive the gear 20, driving the black area on the calendar ring 30 clockwise to reach the window position at 3 o’clock;

(With schematic diagram of monthly calendar display mechanism 5)
 The month is March 3, and the calendar ring 10 and the gear 20 have been separated. At this time, the black area on the calendar ring 30 stays in place and waits for the next month. (Attached schematic diagram of the monthly calendar display mechanism 5). This is the upper part of the article ‘Three Innovative Technologies of the Rolex Sky Dweller Calendar Watch’. Next, please pay attention to the watch home. We will launch the next part in the near future.

German Flavor Short Comment On Glashütte Sport Evolution M-37mm Watch

Glashütte’s pride is not only the use of high-end self-produced movements in all its products, but also the nearly 170-year history of watchmaking, which has created more than just a brand. Many of them represent a kind of German manufacturing process, simple and practical, and not very sophisticated dial design is one of their most outstanding characteristics. All of us may be more familiar with the Senator series of Glashütte, and may pay less attention to their Sport evolution series. Today I will introduce the Glashütte Sport Evolution in their Sport evolution series M-37mm 39-21-01-02-14 watch.

 This dial uses a dial color similar to champagne or light orange. This should be a relatively rare color in the German Glashütte brand. Of course, this color Glashütte has more ideas to highlight this. It’s a sports watch.

 The seemingly heavy dial is reminiscent of the design style of German industrial products, thick and durable, and a relatively simple design.

 This watch also uses a sapphire crystal glass case. After a while we can clearly see that this watch uses the Glashütte GO39 movement.

 The stainless steel bracelet is still a simple design style. The brushed and polished parts of the bracelet and case will look smoother and more textured.

You can see the drawing process of the case.

 The crown is wrapped in a relatively sturdy way, but we can’t see at all from this angle. This way of wrapping can make this watch waterproof to 100 meters.

 The bracelet uses the traditional folding buckle method. If this folding buckle is different from the folding buckles of other watches, it is this thicker and stronger.

 There are two screws on the two sides of the crown for fixing the crown. The very rounded top of the screw does not affect the wear and aesthetics.

 The crown is so wrapped. The thickness of this watch is 12 millimeters, which is not particularly thick in the sports watch series. Of course, it is ‘A brief review of the ultra-thin Elite 681 watch as thin as cicada wings’ introduced by another editor There is only a 3.8 mm movement, which is much thicker than that. Of course, these two watches are not of a style and are not comparable.

 There is a manufacturer’s LOGO on the small second hand, which is used by many manufacturers. For example, Breitling, Breguet, etc. are not listed one by one. In fact, you can see how thick the hour and minute hands are.

 At six o’clock, there is a small window for the date display. In addition, there are no display functions such as day of the week and power reserve. This watch can provide a power reserve of 40 hours.

 The minute scale is on the outermost circle of the dial, and there is a Glashütte logo underneath, so that the time can be read more accurately and the accuracy can be greatly improved.

The back is quite beautiful.

 This watch uses Glashütte’s GO39 automatic movement, and everyone’s opinions on this movement have been mixed. But my opinion is that the current domestic price of this watch is 72,000 yuan, which is relatively cheap among the top brands, and the GO39 movement is indeed an entry-level movement belonging to Glashütte. Suti’s only chronograph movement. Although not as well known as the mid-to-high-end movement like GO100, this movement also has the functions of Glashütte’s gooseneck trimming, which is still very worthwhile.
Summary: As a top-tier brand, Glashütte still has some cost-effective products compared with other brands. If you want to enter the first-tier brand price and control it below 100,000 yuan, then Glashütte still has many options of. It’s just that the sports elements of this Glashütte sports series are not very obvious. This also shows that a weakness of German products is that it is slightly worse in terms of technical design.
More watch details: glashutte / 11100 /

Blancpain Fifty Fathoms Highlights The Historical Dna Of Cooperation With The French Frogman Commando

People who like diving watches have probably heard the name of BLANCPAIN Fifty Fathoms in their 50s. This watch was born in the 1950s during the Warring States Period when various diving watches contended. There were several brands at the time. They are also committed to the development of professional diving watches that are much more waterproof than ordinary watches. Several of them are just like the 50s. They have been passed down to this day. Not simple, so Fifty Fathoms is also a candidate that many people will definitely be on the list when collecting advanced diving watches. In 2019, Blancpain re-launched the new Fifty Fathoms watch, which roughly continues the vein of the previous series of replicas, and retains the basic three-pin function, but it emphasizes more on this series and the French navy frog. The origins of the human commando, regardless of the face plate or the bottom cover, can find exclusive elements related to the army.

In order to highlight the cooperation between Blancpain and the French Navy Frogman Commando, the brand launched a limited-edition watch designed in reference to the first generation of the Fifty Fathoms in 2019 to pay tribute to the French Navy.

The reason for the birth of the Fifty Fathoms has been introduced in many articles before. In short, in the 1950s, Robert Maloubier and Claude Riffaud, the two key figures of the French Navy Frogman Commando, hoped to replace the players. We were looking for a professional watch suitable for underwater tasks, so we set out to find a diving watch. After looking for a few brands of watches to try, they were not very satisfied. What is the size of the watch? There will be difficulties when reading in the water. If the waterproof performance is not good, and the task cannot be performed underwater for a long time, the research and development staff of Blancpain was testing the waterproof watch in southern France at the time, so the two were connected to Blancpain. Per referenced the requirements of diving watches proposed by Robert Maloubier and Claude Riffaud, combined with some unique diving watch characteristics created by him, such as one-way rotating bezel, high waterproof performance and antimagnetic case design, he never thought of passing the French Navy frog in one fell swoop. The test of the human commando was subsequently adopted by the military as a mission meter, which was the reason for the birth of the Fifty Fathoms.

The inverted triangle timescale at 12 o’clock on the dial of the watch is relatively rare on modern re-enacted Fifty Fathoms watches. This is an element dating back to the first generation of Fifty Fathoms watches. In addition, the ‘7’ character at 6 o’clock is Related to the meaning of military operations

Looking back at this history, although Jean-Jacques Fiechter, the brand’s main proprietor at the time, played an important role in diving, but it was also because of this partnership with the French Navy that greatly increased the professional impression and popularity of Fifty Fathoms. The two complement each other. In 2019, Blancpain looked back at such a rare opportunity again, so it launched a new role of the fifty-thousand limited edition to pay tribute to the French Navy Frogman Commando (like their Bole).
The new Fifty Fathoms Limited Edition is made of stainless steel, with a diameter of 45mm. It is not far from the 50 Fifty Fathoms in our current impression. For example, the unidirectional rotating bezel is additionally covered with a curved sapphire crystal. The black background is mainly the color of the dial and bezel. In addition, this watch is equipped with the brand’s 1315 movement. This movement accommodates a total of three barrels arranged in series, which can output kinetic energy for 5 days. The longitudinal system is introduced with silicon material with excellent antimagnetic performance. The solid bottom cover guarantees the standard waterproof watch specifications of the watch up to 300 meters.

The bottom cover is engraved with the emblem of the French Navy Frogman Commando, including the anchors and winged seahorses, which symbolize the meaning of the sea and paratroopers, respectively.

The new faceplate can be found to be different from the current Fifty Fathoms and exclusive to this limited edition, including the time scale changed to a geometric shape, especially the inverted triangle sign at 12 o’clock is also a long-lost in the Fifty Fathoms series. Now, this is the design adopted by the first model of the Fifty Fathoms. In addition, there will be a number ‘7’ in the direction of 6 o’clock on the faceplate. What does this seven mean? It turns out that under normal circumstances, oxygen will Under the pressure of 1.7 bar, it turns into toxic gas, and if the frogman commando team members dive in pure oxygen, the limit of the diving depth is set at 7 meters to ensure the safety of the team members. Therefore, the number 7 not only represents The tipping point is also a hidden symbol of military diving operations.

Fifty-Five Salute to the French Navy Combat Diver

Stainless steel material / 1315 self-winding movement / hours, minutes, seconds, date display / sapphire crystal mirror / waterproof 300 meters / table diameter 45mm / limited to 300 / reference price: 120,000 RMB
The Fifty Fathoms watch recreated in modern times has a design with a transparent case back, but this one has returned to the solid case back. If you want to trace the origin of the original Fifty Fathoms, using a solid case back is indeed better than a transparent case back. Reasonable, and this time, Blancpain engraved the logo of the representative of the French Navy Frogman Commando—anchor and two seahorses with wings on the bottom cover. These patterns constitute the meaning of the sea and paratroopers, showing the watch The special design and commemorative significance, as mentioned earlier, this is a limited edition watch, so you can also see the number engraved with XXX / 300 on the bottom cover. The incentive to issue a small number of 300 plus the special joint meaning makes this one The fifty-year-old has a special reason to start.

Jean-frédéric Dufour Is Leaving For Rolex Ceo

According to reliable news today, Jean-Frédéric Dufour has officially assumed the role of CEO of Rolex. He is also the sixth CEO of the Rolex brand so far.

 In the past, Jean-Frédéric Dufour’s name will surely be associated with Zenith. He was laughed and became the ‘replica emperor’ when he became CEO of Zenith in 2009. This should be a glorious sum for his resume. .

 Like most CEOs, Dufour does what he likes and excels at. Jean-Frédéric Dufour has used his infinite passion to achieve many brand myths. Prior to Zenith, he was responsible for product development at Chopard. Remember that Hublot CEO Jean-Claude Biver summarized Jean-Frédéric Dufour’s work at Zenith: ‘He can bring the brand back to life.’ For nearly five years In this time, the Zenith CEO re-established the brand’s splendor and ‘precision, purity’ pioneering spirit.

 Now he is going to start a new journey with his own glory. The appointment of the sixth CEO of Rolex is an explosive news for the watch industry. As we all know, since the founding of Rolex in 1905, including the founder Hans Wilsdorf, the company has only appointed five CEOs. It is obvious that the company’s power structure has always been extremely stable, and it can even be said to have achieved autocracy. , The degree of authority.

   Gian Riccardo Marini, who took office in May 2011, is the company’s fifth CEO. According to the official statement, the organizational structure was reorganized, mainly to respond to the need for Rolex in Switzerland and even globally. Due to changes in manufacturing, manufacturing, and sales strategies, not only the CEO was replaced, but also a new overseas division of the group, and Daniel Neidhart, who was originally responsible for the Chinese market, was appointed as the head of the department. He continued to use Hong Kong as a base to plan overseas business.

 This time Jean-Frédéric Dufour’s departure has not yet been officially said, but the arrival of a new CEO will definitely bring something different to the brand. From this year’s Basel Watch Show, it is not difficult to see some of the current trends in the watch market. With the change in the consumption structure, many brands have weakened the competitiveness of the high-end market, focusing on the mid-end watch market. And a major brand such as Rolex, which spans the mid-range and mid-to-high-end markets, will consider the changes in every small detail.

 As an editor, I also look forward to Jean-Frédéric Dufour being able to continue to write the glorious myth of my career at Rolex. Let us wait and see!