New Kunlun Watch Boutique Opens In Macau

According to the Watch House, recently, a huge Kunlun watch boutique opened in a shopping mall in Macau. Whether in terms of floor space or the number of watches in the store, this shop is unprecedented.

 Based on the principle of opening up the Asian market, this Kunlun boutique is jointly established by the Swiss company Prestige and Tak Chun. The store area is 65 square meters, where not only can you watch Kunlun’s exquisite watches, but also understand the brand’s long history of watchmaking.

 Since its establishment in 1955, Kunlun Watch Factory has been resolutely innovating and striving for perfection with the courage to break through tradition. In just 40 years, it has been recognized as the world’s most energetic brand-name watch manufacturer.

 In the past few years, Kunlun Watch has undergone a comprehensive transformation, which has enabled the company to achieve a perfect balance between products, quality requirements and creativity as the brand’s heritage. It is precisely because Kunlun Watch strives to defend the historic position of the brand, while adhering to the brand’s purpose of watchmaking, the brand has been developing steadily. Kunlun Watches has invested a lot of resources to integrate watchmaking expertise, while developing more sophisticated production tools, and improving the quality of human resources and promoting employee training. After continuous efforts, the brand is once again aligned with its genetic heritage.

 Kunlun Watch is positioned as a unique brand, providing a high-quality watch series, its watches adopt a novel, unique design and equipped with sophisticated mechanical movement. Its existing 150 models are divided into four major pillar series, namely the Admiral’s Cup series, Romvlvs Roman lettering series, Kunlun Bridge series and exquisite craftsmanship series, whose profound heritage comes from the brand’s long history. All its collections range from 5,000 to 1 million Swiss francs, the most proud of which are watches made from precious metals and equipped with sophisticated clock functions.

Updated: 21. May 2012 — 23:03
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