Montblanc Viller 1858 Series Double Cylindrical Tourbillon Watch

Limited to 1 platinum, 8 to platinum and rose gold each, case diameter 47 mm, equipped with Montblanc-made MB M65.63 hand-wound movement, double-column hairspring, low swing frequency 18000 times / hour , Power reserve 46 hours.

Montblanc Villeret 1858 Series Double Cylindrical Tourbillon Watch
Bi-Cylindrique is translated as a double cylinder. As the name suggests, the radius of each hairspring is the same, unlike traditional hairsprings that expand outward, and have very good concentricity (the center of gravity of the hairspring is consistent with the geometric center as much as possible). Double cylinders have one inside and one outside, but the torque is the same, and they work in the opposite direction, that is, one relaxation and one contraction, which can further strengthen the concentricity and isochronism of the balance spring, and eliminate the deviation of gravity. This device has never appeared in a watch, nor has it been assembled in a tourbillon. It is the latest research result of engineers at Montblanc Villeret.

The complexity of the double cylindrical hairspring is just one of the highlights of this watch
的 The complexity of the double-column hairspring is just one of the highlights of this watch. What I appreciate more is that the designer can open the door of convenience and let people see the ‘mysterious time’ display. Because the biggest difference between a watch and other luxury products is that it can move forever, just like a human heart, life is endless, and motion is endless. What a traditional watch can see is that the hands are running, what is invisible is the balance spring in the movement is oscillating, and the TourbillonBi-Cylindrique mysterious tourbillon watch presents these two parts in the most delicate way for people to enjoy Play and share the magic of creation.