Montblanc Transforms Between Kailuan

The Minerva movement factory has always been known for producing top-quality chronograph movements. Before Montblanc acquired it, many readers in China had never had the opportunity to experience the elegance and elegance of the Minerva chronograph movement. luxurious. First of all, it is very distinctive: the large-diameter weight balance, the gooseneck spinner, the Y-shaped timing wheel fixing splint, and even the curve of its timing start / stop lever are so charming. Therefore, if you are fascinated by classic chronograph movements and you are hard to find, Montblanc-Mervina is definitely your best choice. As Montblanc becomes more proficient in understanding and applying Minerva, from simple chronographs to weird water-drop-shaped tourbillon watches, Montblanc has already drawn a lot of valuable wealth from Minerva. In 2010, Montblanc’s technology and Minerva’s technology jointly created a work that could be used with one heart and one heart-the Metamorphosis chronograph. First of all, it is a fusion of several designs: chronograph, calendar, standard hands, and single crown to control timing start / stop / zero. These technologies are not rare or complicated, but when they are integrated and displayed in stages, they have the power to turn ordinary into magic. In view of Minerva’s expertise in producing chronographs, the front of Montblanc Metamorphosis Mood is presented in the form of a chronograph. When sliding the lever at 10 o’clock, the two mysterious dials at 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock slowly pull apart, revealing the second face of the watch-the calendar watch. Although it was only a change in less than 10 seconds, it was the great effort of the mechanics. Montblanc artistically transformed the technology of Minerva.