Luxury Gold Watch Shows Luxury In Publicity

In the cheetah decoration watch, Cartier has devoted great passion to the process of metal beads.

Madness really only has the hour hand, and the minute hand still follows the routine.

The cut-out design of the golden moon snake turn series of the magical moonlight of the giant family creates a translucent texture.

IPhoneSince the iPhone 5s released a golden version, there is a trend of ‘one who is a local tyrant and one who is fighting’. Gold items stand out in fashion week, and ‘local gold’ will not be the only one in the electronics world. In the watch and clock industry, the trend of ‘local tycoon gold’ is also menacing, showing its gorgeousness everywhere, and also showing their high prices.

Crazy hour hand

To celebrate the 10th anniversary, Franck Muller has launched a limited edition of crazy hours with diamonds set on the number 10, available in rose gold and white gold. Rose gold and diamonds, together with the crazy unique hour hand design, make this watch unique in the luxury of the local gold.

Crazy Hours has become Franck Muller’s most iconic series since its launch in 2003. It was named Crazy Time and later identified as Crazy Hours. Countless people will be shocked after watching this watch’s time-hopping method and will be surprised by the time. Presentation itself generates new understanding and reflection.

Holding this watch in your hand, the first feeling is: how so messy! There are only four Arabic numbers 1, 4, 7, and 10 at the correct points. The others are messy. what happened? Is this crazy design? Taste it carefully and observe it again. If we look at 1 point first, then 2 points, and continue to see 12 points, we will find the law. The name of the watch is Crazy Hours. Madness really only has the hour hand, and the minute hand still moves according to the routine. There will be a 5-hour scale between 1 and 2 and a 5-hour scale between 2 and 3, and so on until 12 o’clock. Each hour of the hour is a 5-digit promotion. As for whether you can understand time, it depends on whether you have the same unusual thinking.

This is the secret behind the hour hand Crazy. The angle that the gear drives the hour hand to jump every hour is the same, which is 150 degrees. This is a design completed from the inside to the outside, a great and crazy idea, not What a crazy person. We should pay tribute to the designers and engineers of this watch, who brought us a different time experience and visual effects.

款 For the first time, this model uses mirror polishing on all metal Arabic numeral nails. Each model is limited to 74 pieces. Still with FM 2800 HF automatic movement.

animal world
Animals have always been the inspiration for fashion design. What would it look like to plate the animal with gold? In this watch story where gold meets, Cartier finds a cheetah, while the giant family and Athens express the artistic texture with a snake.

In the cheetah decoration watch, Cartier was enthusiastic about the world and its miracles, and he was very enthusiastic about a gold jewelry process that was born at the beginning of human civilization. In order to make this door thousands of years old, rare and almost lost ancient craftsmanship reappeared, Cartier has carefully adjusted and improved to create the Rotonde de Cartier cheetah decorative watch.

The La Magic Moon-The Snake Collection, launched by this year’s family at the Basel International Watch Fair this year, pays tribute to the traditional Chinese Year of the Snake with a gorgeous snake-shaped watch. The snake-shaped watch is made of rose gold or platinum, and the original hollow design creates the delicate texture of the entire work. The bottom of the dial is covered with bright diamonds. Through this magic stage, the three-dimensionally carved golden snake floats above the base, creating a profound beauty. With the master craftsmanship of this master, this rotatable and spirited golden snake scale on the dial is as vivid as life. It shows the power of spitting letters, seems to be quietly convinced, straight out of the mirror …

Athens new 鎏 gold-filled enamel spirit snake watch with a 40 mm diameter 18K rose gold case, wear-resistant sapphire crystal glass and waterproof crown. Gold, painted enamel, and snakes became the logo of this watch. The craftsman first used the method of coloring enamel to sculpt the area to be colored directly with a chisel on the dial, and then filled it with glass enamel. The oxides of different metals can be refined into different colors. The dial is then baked at a high temperature to melt the enamel. After the surface of the enamel has cooled, polishing is completed. Upon completion, the dial presented a spectacular pattern: a giant snake quietly emerged from the dense foliage, ready to attack, ready for attack. It opened its teeth and tongue, exposed its fangs, stabilized its body with its tail around, and blue and green gem tones beating on the snakeskin.

Updated: 17. December 2020 — 7:45
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