Iron Blood Tenderness H Home Quality Hamilton Khaki Field Automatic 42 Mm Watch Tasting

For friends who often watch Hollywood movies, most of them know the brand of Hamilton. Before the hero performs the task, most of them will wave their sleeves and glance at the specific time. Yes, this brand is Hamilton. On the screen, I see the typical European and American style of the H watch-tough and rough or avant-garde fashion. I do not know that the H watch has its ‘iron and tenderness’ side. In 2016, at the Basel International Jewellery & Watch Fair, Hamilton launched such a ‘iron tenderness’ watch-Hamilton KHAKI FIELD automatic 42 mm watch, which has both tough and rough wild charm and avant-garde Stylish and modern, taking one model alone, its specific model is H70605943.

Wild appearance

Front view

   Hamilton KHAKI FIELD automatic 42mm watch, one glance at its appearance, you can feel a wild wildness, the silver-white stainless steel case, vibrant, dark green round dial, melodious Deep, the strap is also dark green. Crossing this case coincides with the dial. Whoever says that only black is domineering, this combination is more wild.

Side view

   Intricate dial design, 13-24 hours on the inner ring, 12 hours on the middle ring, 60 minutes (seconds) on the outer ring, surrounded by a large three-handed needle in the center, and a square box next to 3 o’clock The date display window is just a large three-pin design, plus a date display window, the design is so complicated, this design is also no one.
Practical performance


    A closer look will reveal that the three ‘circles’ are not difficult to understand. The opposite way can bring a lot of convenience to our lives. The 12-hour scale and the 60-minute (second) clock scale are naturally used. To indicate the hour, minute, and second, the 13-24 hour scale circle in the middle, although it looks more complicated, can save us a little brainpower, look up at the sky, determine whether it is morning or afternoon, and look down at the watch. Directly determine the specific time, whether this time is 4:14 or 16:14, you can know without thinking.

Big three pin design and date display window

   Take a look at the dial again. The three-pin design, Arabic numerals, two contrasting colors, built-in 13-24 hours scale, simple atmosphere, very convenient time, calendar display window, black letters on white background, a small detail can Bring a lot of convenience to life, 42mm diameter, moderate size, comfortable with canvas strap. The details of this watch are so thoughtful. This is not a ‘feeling’, but what is it?
The quality of the H family

    The round stainless steel crown is carefully polished, rounded and comfortable to touch, with stripes on the sides, medium size, and convenient for function adjustment. The Hamilton logo “H” is embossed on the top of the crown.



   The straps of the H watch are mostly metal bracelets or leather straps. This watch has a different approach. It uses a unique canvas strap. The dark green strap echoes the dark green dial across the case. The lines are compact and exquisite. They are comfortable to wear. The edge of the strap is stitched with brown-blue stitching, and it fits with the blue leather material of the buckle part, which is generous. Of course, the H family never forgets to innovate, not only the strap uses a unique canvas material, even the classic pin buckle is designed here as a double pin buckle.


   The watch case, made of stainless steel, measures 42 mm in size and is carefully polished. The edges and bezels have been polished to give them a distinct layer, reflecting metallic brilliance, and a vibrant look that reflects the true nature of a man.

   The lugs are 22 millimeters wide, polished from stainless steel. The lugs and case are cast in one piece to make the connection smooth and natural. The slightly curved design makes the watch more comfortable to wear.

Case back

 Movement chart
   This watch is equipped with Hamilton H10 movement, stable performance, accurate travel time, waterproof depth of 100 meters, power reserve of up to 80 hours, design through the back, at a glance you can clearly see the mechanical charm of the automatic movement of the movement .

Effect map

   Having said so much, this watch is finally worn on the hand. After looking at the real picture for a long time, changing the taste to see the effect picture is also very good. The Western saying is reasonable, ‘a hundred readers will have a hundred Harry Potter.’ Here is no more talk about wearing effects. Everyone feels it is enough. There is only one requirement. Please consciously ignore hair (obsessive-compulsive disorder). Don’t blame).

Hamilton KHAKI FIELD Automatic 42mm H70605943
Summary: This watch is equipped with a bright dial with large digital scales, a stainless steel case, a canvas strap, and an automatic movement with a power reserve of 80 hours. The style is tough and avant-garde, deducing Hamilton in the 1940s. The essence of military watches is designed for energetic and adventurous people. It is an ideal choice for outdoor enthusiasts.