Introduction To The Le Méridien Elegant Power Reserve Watch

Les Classiques
Amy’s moon phase watch often makes people feel amazing. This is not unexpected. It has aesthetic cognition and courage to break through. Naturally, the moon phases that are not sufficiently sharp in the configuration can be lifted into the visual focus. Les Classiques elegant series power reserve watch gives the same feeling, the original power reserve display can also play like this.

Whether the power reserve display of a general watch is at 3, 4 or 9 o’clock, the design of the display panel is usually lower-key than the moon phase. The reason is simple. The power reserve display focuses on practicability, and the display panel with a pointer can change a lot of forms. The Les Classiques elegant series power reserve watch moves the kinetic energy display to 12 o’clock, and the arc of the display window is enlarged to 120 degrees, so the entire power reserve display is very eye-catching. The independent seconds dial at 6 o’clock provides a visually balanced effect, with gold-colored hour markers and hands, and a silver-white dial, which naturally reveals a strong sense of fashion. In addition to styling and creative dial configuration, polishing is also the key point in judging the value of watches. Le Méridien takes these details into account. Take slender rod-shaped time scales, the smallest right-angled section area is less than 0.01 square millimeters, but if you look closely through a magnifying glass, you will find that the texture is as fine as polished, showing that Amy has a critical and strict quality requirement.

Updated: 19. November 2020 — 0:26
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