Introduction To The Athens Diving Perpetual Calendar Watch

As a masterpiece of the Athens watch, the Athens perpetual calendar watch is the world’s first perpetual calendar watch that can be adjusted with the same crown before and after the year, month and day. In this year’s watch exhibition, Athens merged the essence of the two series of ‘nautical watches’ and ‘perpetual calendars’ with the aesthetic characteristics of watches through the limited diving diving watch.

限量 The Diving Perpetual Calendar Limited Watch has the feature that all perpetual calendar displays can be adjusted simultaneously: just turn the crown a few turns, the calendar can be adjusted back and forth for a day or a few days, months, or even years. At the end of the month, the date display will automatically adjust to the first number, and the month dial will then rotate to the next month. On December 31, the date, week, month, and year window displays will be adjusted forward. Similarly, the calendar display can be adjusted backwards.
The large double-window date display in this model makes the date clear and easy to read. The case with a diameter of 42.7 mm is made of stainless steel. Each watch is individually numbered, with a screw-in crown and sapphire crystal glass. The case back has a transparent design, and you can enjoy the 22K white gold automatic dial created by the watchmaker.
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Updated: 13. September 2020 — 23:43
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