Inheritance Of Classics Glashütte Originally Releases ‘souvenir Watches Of The Sixties In Gold’

October 2015, the golden autumn in October is a colorful season. In this season, the original Glashütte original commemoration of the glorious past of the 60s, specially launched the ‘Golden 60s Retro Memorial Watch ‘This series of watches is based on the original’ Spezimatic ‘series of watches launched by Glashütte in the 1960s, and is made with the latest exquisite craftsmanship and movements. There are only 25 sets worldwide. Available only at direct-sale stores.

Glashütte Original Shanghai Store

Glashütte Original Shanghai Store Event

The watch released this time is based on the classic ‘Spezimatic’ series.
   The original predecessor of Glashütte, the German People’s Watch Factory, as the largest watch factory at the time, was deeply affected by the 60 wave, and launched the ‘Spezimatic’ series. The arc-shaped dial, solar radiation texture and other detailed designs closely follow the trend of this special period in the 1960s, taking into account the fashionable elements and classic elegance, making it one of the well-known and popular watches at the time.

鎏 Golden 60s retro commemorative watch modern ice blue
   The 60th Century Retro 60s commemorative watch released this time is divided into five colors: modern ice blue, strong alcohol dark coffee, vintage gold, sun gold red, low-key elegant gray, using Glashütte original movement 52 can provide 40 hours of power reserve and 30 meters of life waterproof, stainless steel case diameter 39mm is a relatively neutral model size unisex.

鎏 Golden Sixties Retro Memorial Watch Sunburst Gold Red
    Glashütte Original owns its own dial factory in Pforzheim, the golden city 600 km from the town of Glashütte. The strong historical atmosphere of gold and fine jewellery makes the dial factory draw on the profound knowledge of dial making. The process of creating the ‘gradient’ effect is complicated and time-consuming, requiring experienced watchmakers to galvanize the dial first, and then perform layer-by-layer hand-painting in subsequent steps. For better quality, the entire process must be paused repeatedly. Finally, a special spray gun is used for further coloring.

鎏 Golden 60s vintage commemorative watch low-key elegant gray
   Among them, the low-key elegant gray and strong alcohol deep coffee seem to be low-key and smooth, but they are exquisite in the details. The delicate diamond-shaped or dewdrop structure is embossed on a dial as thin as paper by 60 tons of gravity, and finally appears. This precious engraving technique called ’embossing pattern’ has a history of 40 years and is another symbol of Glashütte’s original and pure quality.

鎏 Golden 60s vintage commemorative watch

鎏 Golden 60s Vintage Memorial Watch Vintage 鎏 Gold

    The watch uses curved sapphire crystal glass to give the dial and movement a wider view of appreciation. It is necessary to use diamond grinding technology to roughen the raw materials to achieve the arc effect. Each one will consume more raw materials, and the higher scrap rate also increases its own cost. Under the mirror are curved dials and micro-curved hour and minute hands that are coated with Super-LumiNova. Arabic numerals at the 3, 6, 9, and 12-hour positions use the iconic font of the 1960s.

Summary: All 5 watches have a soft and round stainless steel case with a diameter of 39 mm and a Louisiana Alligator leather strap. Like other models in the 1960s, the new models are also equipped with automatic movements 39-52. This brand’s home-made movement has a power reserve of 40 hours. It has been carefully modified to convey the typical characteristics of the traditional watchmaking tradition of Glashütte town. The single price is 59,500 yuan, and the entire set can be purchased in a limited edition of 25 sets. Well worth having.

Updated: 28. October 2012 — 16:12
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