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Hamilton ranks among the world’s leading watchmakers with its recognized creation of elegant and durable watches

brand introduction
In 1892, Hamilton Watch Company was established in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Its first generation Broadway Express train pocket watch was hailed as ‘the most accurate train timer’. With its unparalleled accuracy and reliability, the Hamilton Train Timer ends the frequent train crashes and marks the beginning of a successful long-term journey.
During the second decade of the 20th century, Hamilton was known for being a provider of American troops. The first wristwatch provided was used by General & # 39; Black Jack & rdquo; along with his men and women who battled hard on the European battlefield.
In the 1920s, the rules of success for precision and durability reached new heights. In 1928, the popular watch Bagpipe Rock and the appearance of Yankee Watch established Hamilton’s leading position in American style.
During World War II, Hamilton stopped producing consumer watches, and concentrated on the difficult task of providing the US military with a total of one million watches. For the first time, Hamilton produced a marine timepiece using modern industry. About 10,000 Hamilton marine timepieces experienced the baptism of the war in World War II.
Hamilton secretly carried out the ‘Plan X’, after three years, finally in 1957, the world’s first electronic (battery-powered) watch, the Ventura series, came out. 1961 Elvis & middot; Presley wore his Hamilton Ventura watch when he performed the movie ‘Blue Hawaii’
At 6:01 am New York time on May 6, 1970, the world’s first digital display watch manufactured by Hamilton began to time.
The classic design style from the 1920s to the 1960s recovered in the 1980s and was reintroduced by Hamilton to watch design. In the past, the Boulton, Ardmore and Ventura series, which people loved a lot, aroused and led a fashionable whirlwind of classic watches in the industry.
The character continues Hamilton’s friendship with Hollywood through the movies ‘Men in Black’, ‘Deadly Weapon 4,’ ‘Fighting Club’, ‘Independence Day’, ‘Genius Ripley’ and ‘Electronic Love Letter’. The striking styles and styles used by women’s clothing designers and stylists complement the Hamilton watches, casting a large number of vivid characters.
Hamilton is one of the leading watch manufacturers in the world with its recognized creation of elegant and durable watches. Hamilton watches are the result of a strong American spirit and unparalleled state-of-the-art Swiss trend technology.

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