Glasutti Original 37 Chronograph Art Exhibition Hangzhou, China

In May 2015 (Hangzhou, China), the top German watchmaking brand with a history of 170 years, Glashütte’s original ‘Art of Chronograph’ theme exhibition has been shown in a series of exhibitions in Germany and the United States After that, now for the first time in China, its mysterious veil will be unveiled at the Glasorty Original Store in Hangzhou Tower. In this exhibition, the Glashütte original brand reproduces a series of classic chronograph works in Glashütte’s long history of watchmaking. A more intuitive understanding of Glashütte’s original tradition of high-end chronograph manufacturing.
Chronograph Legend
   As its name suggests, Glashütte Original inherits the long tradition of watchmaking and unique cultural heritage from Glashütte, Saxony, Germany in 1845. The hand-wound chronograph pocket watch produced as early as the Julius Asman watchmaking workshop in 1890 laid the foundation for Glashütte’s original chronograph. Over time, the development and progress of science and technology, the UROFA period chronograph equipped with 59 movements in 1940, officially opened a new chapter of Glashütte’s original chronograph. After the establishment of Democratic Germany, Glashütte’s original predecessor, the Glashütte People’s Watch Factory (GUB), in 1955 launched a 64 chronograph movement that better met the needs of the era. Today, the Glashütte Original Watch Factory is known for its extraordinary masterpieces of highly complex watches, including well-designed chronographs. Most of the chronograph models made in recent years are characterized by large complications, technological breakthroughs, and the visual beauty of the dial. They all have some things in common: they are the most extreme expressions of German watchmaking art.
Powerful and easy to operate
   Glashütte Original has undergone historical polishing, continuous progress and innovation. The heavy-opened Senator Calendar Chronograph and 1970s Chronograph Chronograph, both of which are equipped with a new independent research and development of 37 automatic machines. The core is equipped with highlights that make watch collectors heartbeat: column wheel mechanism with central stop seconds, 30 minutes and 12 hours, and unparalleled flyback function. Small seconds, 70-hour power reserve display, and Glashütte’s original and acclaimed iconic large calendar.

   Compared with the more complicated structure, the 37-01 column wheel automatic movement is as simple and compact as possible. The diameter of 31.6 mm, the vibration frequency of 28800 and the simple basic design improve the stability of this movement and enhance the anti-interference, making the performance of the watch more and more outstanding over time.
Only motives, keep improving
   It is worth mentioning that this exhibition invites talented watchmakers from the original own watchmaking factory in Glashütte, Germany, to present the superb skills and special skills of Germany’s top watchmaking. Visitors at the site experienced the fine-tuning of burning blue steel screws and polishing goosenecks under professional guidance. In addition, Glashütte Original also provides the best quality watch strap replacement service and watch movement detection, allowing more watch enthusiasts to experience the infinite charm and intimate service from Germany’s top watchmaking arts.
Accurate timing, shocking experience
   Glashütte Original created an extraordinary series of sensory journeys for the visitors. Visitors can use the latest 37 series chronograph to record the time consuming of the original track competition game. The atmosphere at the scene was enthusiastic. Each contestant used a special remote control to control the car. The keystrokes of the contestants directly affected the speed of the car. As the competition horn sounded and the moment the 37 chronograph was pressed, the cars ran on the track, and the audience held their breath as if it was exciting to be in the real racing scene. The results of the players were recorded exactly. The accurate and shocking experience made the site visitors praise the 37 chronograph for its outstanding performance.

Exhibition Information:
Glashütte Original ‘Art of the Chronograph’ Theme Exhibition
When: May 1-May 10, 10:00 – 22:00
Venue: Glashütte Original Hangzhou Building, 1st Floor, Block D, No. 258 Huancheng North Road, Hangzhou, China

Updated: 1. April 2011 — 15:12
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