Experience The Rigorous Handmade Skills Of German Lange Watches

This is one of the smallest departments in Lange’s headquarters. The department’s workshops are located underground and only have six employees. These six top sculptors are dedicated to working in this small and peaceful working room. With bare hands, each Lange watch is carved with special patterns that are smaller than the nails, and the fine balance splint makes the already extraordinary Watches become unique. The origin of watch engraving
  Lange inherits the traditional fine technology, engraving unique patterns for the balance plate and other parts of the watch. Before the century, Lange’s high-end pocket watches, also known as 1A series, were also decorated with delicate carvings by human hands. They are exquisite and elegant. Sculpting emphasizes precision skills, endless creativity, aesthetics of design and proportion. The current technology used to engraving the balance plate is inherited from the engraving of historical watches. The balance plate that supports the balance is small and exquisite. It is the central part of the watch. From the aspect of design, it is decorated on this subtle part. The decoration of Peugeot is the most clever.
  To this day, the balance plate on the Lange watch is still carved by hand, and the pattern is based on the pattern carved on the Lange pocket watch of the year, including the petals around the central screw of the balance plate, climbing around each corner The pattern of the pattern and the grid showing the index position, each detail tells the brand more than 160 years of history. These traditional patterns will be displayed on current watches in different sizes according to different watch models. The balance letter ‘V’ (Vorgang) and the slow letter ‘N’ (Nachgang) are engraved on the balance plate, indicating the magnitude of the index adjustment. The watchmaker can then accurately adjust the Lange watch according to it. Swing frequency. In fact, each splint is different. The strength of each knife of the sculptor, the depth of the pattern engraving, and the angle of the engraving knife can all affect the effect of engraving. Special requirements are constantly emerging Langer’s sculpting masters are willing to accept challenges and meet guests’ special requirements, engraving on the buckle, the sides of the case, the narrow edge or the solid case back. The sculptor can also engrav personalized text or patterns on the balance plate, including the initials that are difficult to see with the naked eye, making the watch unique. Guests can think freely, Lange’s excellent team will determine how to achieve it for the guests based on their professional knowledge. At present, the most common engraving patterns include combination patterns, weapons, inscriptions, personal portraits, etc. However, the style of each sculptor is very different. After a few years, everyone can still tell which sculptor’s handwriting is from the watch. . Customers who visit Lange’s watch factory will have a better chance to meet the master sculptor who is responsible for sculpting their watches and see the true face of Lushan. Gravure and relief
  As everyone knows, freehand engraving takes a long time to complete. It takes 45 to 90 minutes to engraving a small balance wheel splint. Depending on its size, it takes more than a week to engrav the pattern on the back of gold or platinum. Lange is mainly engraved by intaglio or embossing. The former is engraved with a pattern, which is especially suitable for engraving beautiful lines of text. The latter is to be formed on metal materials. The excess material will be cut away, and the remaining prominent relief Patterns, carved lines and surfaces can be colored with enamel, creating a richer sense of hierarchy visually. Different engraving methods require the use of different tools. The engraving only requires the use of engraving knives of different widths, and the relief requires additional chisels and perforators. It is no surprise to see more than 40 carving knives on the work table of a sculptor. The carving knives are also divided into different types: onglette knives, round-edged knives, beveled knives, straight-line knives, and plane engraving. Knives and other special types are selected according to the position and size of the carving required. The sculptor needs to be very calm when holding the sculpting knife to ensure the safety of use. Therefore, each sculptor will make a set of the most suitable tools according to his wrist size, sculpting habits and needs.
  The art behind the engraving The engraving on the watch is a type of micro-engraving that requires magnification of ten to twelve times under a microscope to perform. The sculptor needs to control the sculpting knife and chisel with 100% proficient skill to shape the perfect sculpting crafts. Generally speaking, it takes three years to train a sculptor, but to become a master sculptor, some additional characteristics are required- First and foremost is a stable wrist. Three-dimensional vision, drawing skills and artistic talents cannot be ignored. The unique style of the sculptor is not only revealed in his ‘authentic traces’. Even the works made according to the special requirements of customers still have his brand imprinted. It can be seen that the name ‘artist en miniature’ is by no means unscrupulous.

Updated: 18. March 2021 — 14:01
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