Engraving Time Glashütte’s Original Extraordinary Journey Five Films, Five Perspectives, Five Languages, One Challenge

Innovative film works sponsored by Glashütte, shine at the 65th Berlin International Film Festival. Five short films in different languages ​​were selected by seven young directors. At the premiere, as the official partner of the Berlin Film Festival for five years, Glashütte Original invited media and partners to visit Soho-Haus in Berlin. The live film protagonist and director and guests had a lively discussion. On the day of the premiere on February 11, 2015, these films, which were originally sponsored by Glashütte, were also shown simultaneously on the YouTube channel.

In order to show the original and novel aspect of Glashütte Original, in August 2014, Glashütte Original made a special request to the brand’s close friends, partners and watch industry professionals, hoping that everyone can create a wealthy Creative films show what they know about Glashütte’s originals.

This creative solicitation received a warm response. Seventeen of the creative submissions from around the world are outstanding and present a distinctive style and content. In order to select the five best creative awards, Glashütte Original has experienced a tangled choice. The five films that were eventually born were very unique. While highlighting the brand’s characteristics, they also did not forget to tell the intimate relationship between the film’s protagonist and the original of Glashütte.

At the 65th Berlin Film Festival, Glashütte Original screened these films for the first time under the witness of the film’s creator.

 Five Perspectives-Trailer

Video overview:

‘Mechanical Dreams Come to Reality’

In this short film, Joacim Olsson and Tony
Axelzon tells us about their love of machinery and German engineering art, and shows their special close relationship with Glashütte originals. These two watch lovers from Nordköping, Sweden have a deep relationship with the original Glashütte brand. In the film, they not only tell how they have grown from mechanically obsessed children to adults who can’t live without this hobby, but also how this love of craftsmanship and mechanical details makes them fall in love. Glashütte Original. The film vividly depicts two hardcore fans of precision machinery, and expresses a very sincere love for Glashütte original from the perspective of the owner of the Glashütte original watch.
Phoenix Nirvana

Goulard is a journalist and he also runs the internationally influential watch blog ‘Monochrome’. In his film, he emphasizes the impact of this history on the original and future of Glashütte’s originals in the context of the gushuri watchmaking industry’s magnificent history. His film shows the views of a watch journalist interested in research. In the film, he starts from the facts and personally tells about his vivid history of the Glashütte watchmaking industry that continued from 1845, the rich heritage of the Glashütte watchmaking industry, and passed down from crisis to war, from generation to generation, A fascination with carefully preserved watchmaking knowledge.

Original Voice

This work is by reporter Joern
Kengelbach with composer Sven
The crystallization of Helbig’s cooperation, the film records more than 600 sounds from watch production to assembly, showing the unique sounds and images of Glashütte original, exploring this Saxon watchmaking factory from a unique perspective. Kengelbach’s idea is to capture the sound of the watch factory and create the brand’s unique sound logo. This idea obviously needs the help of professional musicians, and the well-known artist Sven, who has a wealth of musical works,
Helbig became the right person for this musician role.

The focus of this idea is to capture the sound of the watch production process-from the original cumbersome machine roar to the quiet and delicate sound of the watch assembly process, the final composition is the accurate and accurate ‘original sound’. As Helbig said, tame the uncontrollable time, measure eternity between minutes, and in order to make it all touchable, even if only for a brief moment, Glashütte Original is willing to always be devoted.

Glashütte’s Original Journey with My Life

Dr. Zhiming Xu has studied Glashütte’s original history for many years, and he has been one of the brand’s most enthusiastic followers since the brand returned to the haute horlogerie industry. This short video is from the perspective of such a passionate watch collector. Dr. Xu is a financial professional from Hong Kong who has been pursuing details for many years. Since falling in love with collecting the Glashütte Originals in the mid-1990s, the Glashütte Originals has been accompanying him in his life journey. In the film he highlights his collection of Glashütte original watches, which mainly include classic masterpieces and limited edition models, and explains why these watches fascinated him. This film is informative and tells the love of the brand from the perspective of a true Glashütte original connoisseur.

Time Traveler

Watch and Lifestyle Reporter Rhonda from Canada
Riche tells a personal experience in this film, and it is this experience that made her have a deep feeling for Glashütte’s originality. Riche spoke affectionately about the special findings of an extraordinary journey, emphasizing the importance of family and family. The film revolves around an old-style GUB from the 1970s
Ladies watch unfolded, this watch was bought by Riche at a flea market in Toronto. In the film, in order to take this watch ‘back’ to Glashütte’s hometown, trace its historical heritage, and study how Glashütte’s original company history inspired modern design, the hero went through a journey of exploration-the film is exactly Using this as a clue, it also describes the intimate relationship between Riche and Glashütte Original.

The birth of these film works is an innovation in the watch industry, and also provides a new and personalized way to understand the Glashütte Watchmaking Factory, the original Glashütte brand and history. In this regard, Glashütte is proud of its originality. These five films have different themes and show the colorful image of Glashütte Original and his friends and partners from a very unique personal perspective.