Eight Moves To Keep Your Love Table Away From Harm In The Hot Summer

The summer climate is hot and humid, coupled with a lot of outdoor sports and sweat, the requirements for watch wearing habits and maintenance are even higher. How to properly and effectively maintain our love watch in summer? The watch house summarizes eight TIPS for you, so that your love watch will be away from harm in the hot heat.
[Contact with water] When you see this title, you may say, ‘My watch is water-resistant!’ That’s right. Today’s watches do have water-resistant functions. But don’t take the watch as a superman. No. First see if there is a word ‘waterproof’ on the back of the dial. In some cases, you must also distinguish how many meters are waterproof. Generally speaking, 30 meters waterproof refers to life waterproof. Only suitable for swimming and general housework, 100 meters waterproof watch can be used for underwater work such as swimming and diving. If you have to take it with you when swimming or bathing, you can show the style of your watch. Please remember that it is waterproof in advance. Even if the waterproof level is high, you cannot soak in the water for a long time. When the watch goes to sea, the corrosion of seawater can be many times higher than that of fresh water. In addition, summer girls like to spray perfume on their wrists. Remember not to spray it on the wrist of your watch. In your spare time, you can see how scary the chemical composition of the perfume is.
[High temperature] Your watch is as afraid of heat as you are, and any watch should not be used in environments where the temperature changes greatly. Because the waterproof rubber ring is affected by temperature, it will expand and contract due to thermal expansion, and it will accelerate the aging, which will cause water condensate in the water and the surface, which will seriously damage the parts. The temperature rise will also affect the timing error of the watch. Generally, it is better to be 25-28 degrees. In summer, the temperature is generally around 35 degrees. Therefore, try to avoid exposing your watch to noon. Under strong sunlight. In addition, do n’t take your love watch to do high-temperature yoga and other activities, it ca n’t afford the sin.
[Anti-sweat] The main impact of sweat on the watch is the strap and the case. Sweat is corrosive to the case. The all-steel case is better because of its nickel-chromium alloy. The semi-steel case is copper. Sweat is easy to corrode. You should often wipe the sweat with a soft cloth or pad it with a plastic table to prevent it from being attacked by sweat. The impact of sweat on the belt is greater, which is why you should wear a belt watch as little as possible in summer. First, the belt will adhere to the wrist after sweating, making the wearer uncomfortable. Second, the sweat stains on the belt are extremely difficult to clean. , Long-term wear will not only produce odor, but also deform, harden or even break the strap. For summer sweating, you can only wear a watch less frequently, and you must clean it often. When cleaning, first wipe with water and then with a dry cloth. The time is short and the frequency is frequent. The steel strap is easily slippery when sweated, but now that high-end watches are waterproof, you can wash the sweat under the tap. For sports watches with plastic bands, they must be cleaned frequently, otherwise the bands will easily turn yellow and it is an irreversible process.
[Chemicals] Watches should be kept away from all chemicals with corrosive effects, such as bleach, hand sanitizer, etc., should not be worn in acidic environments, such as when it is raining. In addition, if you are a fan of new material watches, such as ceramics, you must be careful of oil. Once ceramic watches are stained with grease, it will be particularly difficult to clean.
[Magnetic shock] It is said that the watch has ‘two defenses’, which means anti-magnetic shock. In the national standard, the antimagnetic and shockproof performance standards are expressed by the ‘residual effect’. The residual effect refers to the difference between the instantaneous day difference of the watch before detection and the instantaneous day difference of the watch after detection. When the watch accidentally falls from a height of 1 meter to a horizontal hardwood surface, the residual effect of the quartz watch does not exceed 2 seconds, and the residual effect of the mechanical watch does not exceed 60 seconds. Therefore, the watch is very afraid of falling and shock. Outdoor activities in summer Many, especially in and out of playgrounds, high-speed rotation will also cause the watch to vibrate, affecting life. In addition, you should also stay away from high magnetic fields such as high-voltage lines, audio, and large electrical appliances to avoid adverse effects of magnetic fields on the watch.
[Cleaning and maintenance] There is a lot of moisture and sweat in summer, especially for watches. Internal maintenance washing oil, or thorough cleaning, should still be regularly sent to watch stores for professional treatment. Some watch stores are very popular for ultrasonic watch washing, but because this instrument needs to clean the watch in an oscillating manner, it is very easy to cause the internal parts of the watch to come loose. Therefore, this cleaning method is easy to cause confusion, so it is not appropriate to use such instruments to wash the watch. As for oiling your watch, do n’t try it yourself. This is a professional job, and you must go to a watch store to do a professional treatment.
[Wearing habit] (1) When wearing a watch, you should often wipe off sweat with a soft cloth or pad it with a plastic watch holder to prevent it from being attacked by sweat. (2) Do not open the back of the watch at will, so as to prevent dust from entering the movement and affecting the normal operation of the watch. (3) Do not place the watch in a wardrobe with camphor pills, as the watch oil may deteriorate. (4) Do not place the watch on the radio or television to avoid magnetization. (5) Watches that are not worn for a long time should be wound up regularly every month so that the parts will not be in a static state for a long time to ensure the performance of the watch.
[Self-help] If you accidentally mistake your daily waterproof watch as a high-power waterproof watch, don’t panic, and teach you a little way to help yourself. Take the silicone particulate matter and the waterlogged watch in a closed container. The silicone absorbs water very well and can remove water in a few hours. This method is simple and practical, and does no harm to the watch. Do n’t be frustrated when scratches appear, you can first drop one or two drops of water on the dial, and then squeeze a bit of toothpaste to wipe it off, you can remove the scratches and make the dial as new, remember to choose toothpaste without particles, avoid two Scratches.

Updated: 31. August 2020 — 22:58
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