Don’t Study Hard, Live Up To Shaoguang Montblanc’s Selection Of Graduation Gifts, Engraving Precious Youth Time

Apricot rain pear cloud, Mid-summer Ming cicada, Sycamore leaves fall, Shuo Feng 凛冽. Time secretly scrambled for books in the classroom, sweated on the playground, and slipped away between friends and jokes in the cafe. The young boy now also puts on a black bachelor uniform, and throws an arc to the sky. The line, in the summer full of pure white gardenia flowers, ushered in the last bell of the last class. At the time of graduation, Montblanc presents many classic and elegant choices, full of good hopes, and imprinting every graduate with wanton youth.

   Give your heart by pen
   You, who are about to enter the next journey of your life, are not only grateful to your parents who have guided you and inspired you while you look forward to the future. Montblanc Meisterstück The Little Prince Doué Ink Pen is a classic writing instrument with an elegant brown precious resin pen holder, which contrasts sharply with the sparkling platinum cap. The cap is engraved with the pattern of dunes and airplanes, and the famous phrase ‘Every Adult Was a Child’ in The Little Prince. The message began to stand on its own, but you did not forget your original intention. It also offered gifts to help you record innocence and inspire your dream people.

Montblanc Meisterstück Little Prince Doué Ink Pen Classic Writing Tool
Montblanc Pilot Little Prince Check Notebook 146
   Writing the future with stars
   Stars and hoops, a few degrees of cold and summer, walked out of the campus, and greeted a vast future like the universe. Montblanc’s new Starwalker series precious metal ink pen, the transparent cap, the Montblanc emblem is placed in the blue dome symbolizing the earth; can also be matched with the same series of pencil bags, decorated with the earth’s pattern overlooking from space. Give yourself, record every critical moment in life, and write about a future with infinite possibilities.

Montblanc StarWalker Series Precious Metal Ink Pen
Taipan Select Collection Starwalker 1 Pack Round Zipper Pen Case
   Taking dreams as horses
   Whether it is a city tour or a wonderful adventure, the Montblanc MY4810 boarding suitcase will become your intimate graduation travel companion, always with you to explore the unknown next journey. The MY4810 boarding suitcase has high-performance rollers and precision telescopic handles; the storage function of the power bank helps travel endurance; it provides distinguished services by engraving names and letters, and highlighting its personality. Comprehensive and diverse functionality is also suitable for future business travel, helping walkers gain more growth during the journey.

Montblanc MY4810 boarding suitcase
   Escort with love
   For more than twenty years, time rushes forward from my wrist and never stops. From greenness to maturity, parents always accompany each other year by year. They illuminate the forward direction in the company of the moment, and give their children the strength to emerge from the sun. The Montblanc 1858 special small seconds watch is back to classics. The retro dial is decorated with large Arabic numerals and church-style hands. The brown alligator leather strap is stitched with ecru saddle-shaped corners and secured by a stainless steel pin buckle. Between the wrists. The tough design combines style and taste, and it shows the modern mature style. Time is flowing and love is everlasting, adhering to the heart of gratitude, and paying tribute to the unfortunate family.

Montblanc 1858 Small Seconds Special Edition
   Facing the unknown, Huai Ling looked forward to it, and was a little nervous. The graduates set sail and sailed all the way to the bright future that belongs to them. Montblanc’s new smart watch SUMMIT 2 uses digital technology to interpret the charm of fine watchmaking. A brand new start, with wrist timepieces every moment, city exploration, travel and fitness, practice how to deal with challenges with ease, and perfectly integrate with the pace of life in the new society. The fashionable and avant-garde design does not lose youthful vitality, just like the declaration of #STAYAHEAD 不止 前进 #, showing the wearer’s extraordinary self-confidence and determination, easily interpreting various styles.

Montblanc’s new smart watch SUMMIT 2
   Taking the heart as a boat
   Stepping out of campus, a new journey of life is about to begin. Montblanc Little Prince’s special cufflinks are engraved with the airplane pattern piloted by the pilots. I hope that every ‘newcomer’ student can immediately start a new chapter in life. The celebrity star on the cufflinks symbolizes the guide to the future, and it also means that every one on the journey can take the love, bravery and hope like a little prince, travel in the sky of the universe and find your own starry sky. Paired with Montblanc Craftsmanship wallets, the iconic ink rhyme leather print highlights playfulness and elegance. Ignorant young man, walking along all the way, stumbled, staring in the sea, the future is poetry and distance.

Montblanc Little Prince Special Cufflinks

Montblanc Craftsmanship Wallet

Updated: 26. September 2015 — 8:58
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