Design Stylish And Simple Watch

Seiko Watches introduces 4 kinds of watches in the ‘RIKI WATANABE COLLECTION’ series. This watch is designed on the theme of large commemorative clocks decorated on the street. Prices range from 16,800 yen to 17,850 yen.
  Decoration designer Watanabe is in charge of watch design. This design is a simple design pattern that can be seen everywhere in the street, like a large commemorative clock. The parody theme is the ‘pole clock’ next to the first life building in Tokyo’s Hibiya, which Mr. Watanabe started in 1972. At the time of publication, this ‘pole-type clock’ was praised for ‘coordinating with buildings and contributing to the aesthetic appearance of the street’.
  The dial of the watch uses an index model that is easy to watch, taking into account the scale setting. More space is reserved in the dial, highlighting the relaxed atmosphere.

Updated: 13. September 2015 — 22:31
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