Breitling Joins Hands With Frank Zappata To Create The New Flyboard® Air Suspension Flying Skateboard

As an expert in precision chronographs and the founder of extraordinary aviation feats-Breitling became the main sponsor of this unique flying machinery development project. Just stand on top of the skateboard and you can shuttle freely in the air. This collaboration opens a new chapter for mankind to conquer the blue sky and overcome the wildest challenges.

Franky Zapata was born in Marseille, France in 1978. Since childhood, he dreamed of flying in water. At the age of 16, this dream prompted him to experience a jet ski for the first time, and to grow into an outstanding professional motor racing test driver.

However, Zapata is not just an outstanding athlete. He also has a courage to open up and try, constantly strives to push the limits, and climbs new peaks that have not been reached by predecessors. In 2011, he invented a hydrodynamic propulsion board that was connected to a jet ski and could ‘fly’ on the water, named it ‘ESH Flyboard ®’. This novel device immediately set off a new wave of sports and was highly sought after around the world-water sports fans have begun to experiment and practice, becoming a new and challenging water sports project.

Enthusiastic and fighting Zapata also set up his own company Zapata Racing ® to create a variety of hydrodynamic propulsion engines suitable for entertainment and competitive games, such as the Flyboard ® Pro series, Hoverboard by ZR ® and Jetpack by ZR ® seats, etc. . Each product has excellent safety guarantees, and can bring an exciting and exciting experience to the driver, which is favored by millions of water sports fans around the world.

In April 2016, Frank Zappata took his invention to a whole new level. After four years of research and development, Flyboard ® Air, a high-tech skateboard capable of flying completely independently in the air, debuted. At present, this new ‘Autonomous Propulsion Unit’ (APU) is still in the prototype stage. It weighs about 20 kilograms and is powered by six power engines (four under the skateboard and two on the side) to ensure its stable flight in the air. In addition to ultra-modern hardware design, a highly sophisticated software system is also required to meet its development. The driver stands upright on this ‘UFO’, which is slightly larger than the aerial camera, and achieves balance through ‘mass transfer’, just like driving a Segway electric balance vehicle, using a hand lever to adjust the propulsion.

Frank Zapata has now completed several very successful and high-profile Flyboard ® Air flight tests and set a world record for the ‘longest distance traveled by flying skateboards (floating skateboards)’, which has since become a household name. Guinness Book of World Records. Like all outstanding aerospace professionals, he regards flight safety as the top priority and uses this as a principle to create this sophisticated and well-designed ‘autonomous propulsion device’, even if the engine occurs during flight. Failure, the skateboard can still function normally. In terms of performance, the goals of Flyboard ® Air (also known as ‘jet suspension skateboard’) are also ambitious: a maximum speed of 160 kilometers per hour and a maximum flight altitude of 3,000 meters-reflecting Frank Zapata’s desire to fly freely in the air since childhood. dream. In addition to meeting sports and entertainment needs, this innovative flying hoverboard is also expected to be more widely used in areas such as oil rigs, skyscrapers, bridge maintenance or military.

Supporting the Flyboard ® Air project reaffirms Breitling’s unremitting commitment to support the spirit of fearlessness and innovation. Since the birth of the first generation of ‘good guys in aircraft’, fearlessness and innovation have become the driving force for the vigorous development of the human aerospace industry. It is precisely because of the love of adventure and the perfect combination of courage and rigor that human beings can continue Breaking through the limitations and turning seemingly out of reach dreams into reality.

Updated: 22. October 2019 — 7:41
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