Beauty’s Superb Craftsmanship Creates Outstanding Timepieces Queen Of Naples Couture Zodiac Sheep Watch

Sheep has a moral meaning of well-being in Chinese traditional culture. Xu Sheng, the ‘character of the word,’ in Shuo Wen said: ‘Sheep, Xiangye.’ Auspicious meaning; and in the Western Bible, ‘Sheep’ often appears in a noble and great image, which is a symbol of tolerance, kindness, courtesy, and selfless dedication. The Breguet Queen of Naples series Haute Couture Zodiac sheep watch, equipped with Breguet movement specially designed for this series, displays the classic goose-shaped dial in square inches. This superb timepiece uses superb shell relief technology, a three-dimensional presentation of a goat that is about to leap forward, presenting auspicious meaning to the upcoming 2015 zodiac year of the sheep.

Queen of Naples with first watch

   In 1810, at the invitation of Caroline Murat, Napoleon’s younger sister Naples, Master Breguet took two years to create a timepiece that can be worn on the wrist. This first watch in the history of watchmaking has also become the source of inspiration for Breguet’s modern watchmakers. In 2002, the Breguet ‘Queen of Naples’ watch was launched. The unique shape of the goose-shaped case perfectly blends the style of the 18th century with the fashionable avant-garde style. The Breguet Queen of Naples series high-end jewelry watch touches the most mysterious emotions of modern women and awakens their desire to sleep.

   Elegant and feminine design combined with traditional hand-crafted shell reliefs, adds a romantic and classic feeling to the Breguet Naples series of high-end custom zodiac sheep watches. It shows the exquisite shell relief craftsmanship: curly wool appears to move with the wind The goats that are leaping up are like being born out of nowhere, ready to come out. The eccentric hour and minute display dial, if there is nothing, presents the three-dimensional relief effect in front of the world in the most exquisite and elegant way, quietly telling the passage of time. The 18K white gold diamond case and sapphire crystal mirror provide the best protection for delicate relief work. The design of the transparent bottom cover also reveals the golden oscillating weight hand-engraved and set with natural mother-of-pearl. This watch is like a masterpiece of timepiece born in a shell, which once again reflects the perfect fusion of Breguet’s extraordinary watchmaking skills and traditional handicrafts.

Watch description

18K White Gold Watch
Bezel set with 40 diamonds, weighing approximately 2.42 carats
Self-winding movement
Shell dial made of shell relief
Sapphire crystal case back
Water-resistant to 3 Pa (30 meters)
Dimensions: 40 x 31.9 5 mm

Shell embossed craftsmanship

   The dial of the Naples Zodiac Year watch uses a long shell relief process, which is an ancient handicraft originating from Torre del Greco (Greek Tower), a small town located in the Naples region of Italy. The use of high-relief techniques on sculptural materials to highlight the layered sense of contrasting colors is one of the most amazing crafts in the world. Breguet watchmaking company respects this skill, each shell relief dial is a real shell micro-carved artwork. This extremely delicate engraving technique is made by a technician using a simple steel needle to scribe on different levels of the shell, and the depth of the engraving is less than two millimeters. All of this can only be carved by hand in accordance with traditional methods. If machinery is used, the shell will be damaged, and the cellular tissue of the shell can be clearly seen only under a microscope.

   In order to achieve the desired effect, the technician needs to carefully screen and inspect the color, layering, perspective, layer, and overall transparency of the shell. Shells are a kind of living carrier. You must use delicate methods to create beautiful works. Breguet asked the sculptor from Italy to choose natural seashells. After being polished to remove the rough and hard surface, it was cut according to the design requirements to form Breguet’s unique shell pieces, and then carved by hand by experienced carving craftsmen. Quite complicated, once there is no chance of correction. Therefore, each Breguet shell embossed dial is an excellent timepiece created with superb craftsmanship.

Updated: 9. March 2012 — 14:01
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