Anne Gullen’s Year-end Auction: Patek Philippe And Vacheron Constantin Tongchuang Achievements

Evan Zimmermann, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Antigollum, said: ‘2012 was a very exciting year for Antigollon. This year we auctioned some of the world’s coveted clocks and collectors. Excellent transaction price and several world records. We are happy to end this year with such a good performance, and once again present to our customers exquisite watches of major brands. ‘He continued:’ We are eagerly looking forward to the next Antigoron auction This auction will be held in Hong Kong on January 26th. At that time, a Patek Philippe number 50,740 calendar minute repeater, and a Patek Philippe number 3939, enamel dial tourbillon three minute red gold watch, so stay tuned. Watch out. ‘Patek Philippe Perpetual Calendar Minute Repeater Platinum Watch (No. 5016) Vacheron Constantin’ Lake Geneva ‘Enamel Pocket Watch
In fact, the auction atmosphere throughout the auction has been very warm, with collectors from all over the world, including Russia, China, Hong Kong, Italy, Mexico and the United States. Enamel pocket watches were particularly popular with buyers at this auction. The production of Vacheron Constantin and J. Ullmann & Co. also achieved satisfactory results. Among them, the Vacheron Constantin ‘Lake Geneva’ enamel pocket watch, painted by Helen May Mercier, was sold for 110,500 US dollars (about 861,900 Hong Kong dollars), more than the high estimate. Three times; and J. Ullmann & Co.’s enamel-inlaid pearl hunting shell minute repeater pocket watch for the Chinese market was sold for $ 36,250 (approximately HK $ 282,750), more than twice the low estimate.
Patek Philippe hand-drawn dome clock
An equally eye-catching lot is the Patek Philippe hand-painted dome clock with a pattern by the famous artist John ‘Crash’ Matos. This exquisite clock was sold for up to $ 30,000 (approximately HK $ 234,000), double the high estimate. Proceeds from this lot will go to the Aids Community Research Initiative of America (ACRIA).
Rolex ‘Submariner’ gold-plated dial and hands (No. 6538)
Rolex watches were also very popular in this auction. Many of the lots sold for higher prices than before the auction. Among them, Rolex No. 6538 ‘Submariner’ gold-plated dials and hands, which are widely favored by collectors, and have aroused fierce buyers from all over the world. The bid ended up being sold for up to $ 40,000 (approximately HK $ 312,000), which is 30 times higher than the high valuation. On the other hand, Rolex 6238 ‘Paul Newman Daytona’ was sold for $ 68,500 (approximately HKD 534,300), while Rolex 6034 ‘Pre-Daytona’ red gold watch was sold for $ 47,500 (approximately HKD 370,500).
Breguet ‘Marine’ red gold chronograph stopwatch (No. 5827)
In addition, Breguet also achieved important auction results; Breguet number 5827 ‘Marine’ red gold chronograph stopwatch was sold for $ 20,000 (approximately HK $ 156,000); Breguet number 8908, an egg-shaped 18K white gold diamond watch was sold for $ 31,250. (Approximately HK $ 243,750). The Breguet 7027 ‘Classic Tradition’ white gold watch was sold for $ 22,500 (approximately HK $ 175,500).
At the same time, the F.P Journe “Octa Calendar” platinum watch, equipped with a specially customized chain bracelet, also attracted the attention of many collectors. This rare astronomical watch was finally sold at a high price of $ 56,250 (about HK $ 438,750) after a heated bidding round.

Updated: 12. November 2015 — 23:42
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