A Watch That ‘tells’ Stories. Legendary Classic Models

Each watch is an exquisite work of art, which becomes more mysterious and beautiful with the passage of time; each watch is telling a story, and each story is a condensed history. Their attitude towards time is sacred and rigorous. The years are stimulating, but the time has brought to these watches not only the precipitation of history, but also the ancient cultural atmosphere. They are also exquisite and luxurious. In terms of value, after years of baptism, antique watches have become more precious and moving, cherishing our fond memories. Behind each watch is its own story, and these stories add a halo of love to the watches. Today they tell these stories.
Mario Anthony has only one Mary Anthony pocket watch
‘Marie Anthony’ pocket watch is said to have been created 200 years ago by the admirer of the French Queen Mary Anthony. At that time, Mary Anthony preferred the Breguet watch, and especially wanted a pocket watch with functions such as three-question, perpetual calendar and power reserve display, but this was unrealistic for the watchmaking conditions at the time. After learning of this news, the admirer of Mary Anthony found Breguet’s artisans and commissioned the founder Abraham-Louis Breguet to make such a watch anyway. Unfortunately, when this watch was completed, Queen Mary was dead for 34 years. Queen Mary failed to achieve her wish. Later, this pocket watch was also fateful, wandering among different collectors, and then stolen in a museum in Jerusalem in 1983.
重现 In order to reproduce this watch, Breguet convened a team of 12 watchmakers. With the description of photos and books, it took four years to complete this pocket watch with 823 parts. Coincidentally, the stolen Mary Anthony pocket watch also appeared magically at this time. The owner expressed his wish to sell this pocket watch through the French Louvre, which has a relationship with Breguet. As for whether it is the original product of that year, further verification is needed.
公主 Princess Sissi’s Secret Watch of Paris In 1860, Dylan met a enamored woman at a masquerade party. She was wearing a lilac dress, her head high and her mask. She danced with Dylan one after another until the bell struck at midnight. The lady in the lilac long dress disappeared at the ball, but it was a mysterious love left to Dylan. That noble gesture, the gorgeous necklace that appeared on the neck, made such an encounter full of mystery. Dylan finds himself in love with a beautiful and illusory shadow, lingering all day long, but never knows who she is. Finally at a rally in the palace, he once again saw the lady in a lilac dress that she thought about day and night. At this time, she was no longer a civilian woman, but a high-ranking Austrian Queen Elizabeth (that is, Princess Sissi)! The tightly closed lips, freeze gesture, and frosty eyes of the Austrian Queen Elizabeth (also known as Sissi) who dressed up prevented him from being associated with the lady in a lilac dress who loved freedom and passion. The heavy phantom folded into a heavy mystery entangled Dylan’s long life. In order to put his thoughts on things and keep time at that midnight, Dylan germinated the idea of ​​making a watch, so he made a Bracelet-style watch, this is the prototype of the Princess Sissi commemorative watch in the Royal Garden series.
Princess Sissi has been unable to adapt to the life of the palace since her marriage, and she is always upset all day. In order to please the princess, Austrian King Franz Joseph decided to send her a custom watch on her 30th birthday. She wanted to let her know. He came to spend her time with her. Coincidentally, after many screenings, this task fell to the Grand Mercure family in Paris. Of course, Dylan devoted 100% of his energy to making this watch. He added a lot of luxury elements to the original design manuscript. This This watch is the prototype of the Queen’s jewellery watch in the Royal Garden collection.
The distinctive curve of the classic ergonomic watch back and curved sapphire anti-glare mirror of the Grand Mercure MATZO PARIS Royal Garden watch in Paris is reminiscent of the soft contour of the shell, presenting a noble and elegant yet relaxed and comfortable style, Fine, sporty character. The dial is hand-engraved with the Grand Mercure Paris Royal Garden pattern, which completes the overall beauty. Warm shell tones complement all exterior tones, and the highlight polishing process adds a feminine touch to the product. In the middle of the dial, the original Mercury original pointer jumps lightly. Without it, the passage of time will be completely submerged in the brilliant sparkle of diamonds. The rare Mediterranean fritillary dial is one of the distinctive designs of this series, showing a more modern sense. The Queen’s Jewelry Watch and Princess Helen Watch in the Royal Garden series are hand-set with 38 VVS diamonds. The sparkle of the diamonds makes the entire watch full of aristocratic interest.
Lange Pocket Watch of Emperor William
The German Emperor Wilhelm II also has an extraordinary love for clocks. Among his many pocket watches, his favorite is a Lange pocket watch. This pocket watch movement is gold-plated and inlaid with 16 ruby ​​bearings, gold screw compensation balances, carved balance plywood, a particularly striking exquisite enamel dial, and a luxurious 18k gold case set with 18 rubies and 57 round diamonds, the top of the pocket watch is a portrait of William II painted in enamel. This was a beautiful representative of the timepieces.
When William II visited Turkey with this beloved pocket watch in 1898, King Abdul Hamid II of Sultan was ‘love at first sight’ with this pocket watch, holding it in his hands and refusing to return it for a long time. Seeing King Sultan so fond of this pocket watch, William II could only bear it and gave it to King Sultan. Today, this precious pocket watch is hidden in the Pukap Palace Museum in Istanbul.
Jacques de Qian Qianlong’s robot puppet clock As early as 1783, Jacques de Lo began to sell various items to China, including watches, snuff bottles, perfume bottles and shrines. The first pair of works is a gold-plated copper bird cage. According to a clear record in the ‘Incoming List’ held by China’s First Historical Archives, the pair of bird cage bells were presented to the Emperor Qianlong as tributes by the Guangdong Customs on the 3rd of August, 1785. Got her Chinese name Jacques Dro. At that time, Jacques de Rodriguez’s masterpieces of watches and clocks were loved and collected by Chinese emperors and dignitaries. One of the clocks was most loved by the Emperor Qianlong. This clock is special in that it is composed of two completely independent mechanical devices. It contains a robot puppet. Before the ‘European gentleman’ starts, help it Dip the ink in the ink brush and turn on the switch, and the gentleman will neatly write the eight big characters ‘Eight Directions, Nine Earths King’. This was deeply loved by the emperor Qianlong, who was so coveted and ingenious, that after retreating to the emperor, he ordered people to move it to his retirement palace in order to enjoy it at any time.

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