A Tribute To Chinese Legend Zenith’s ‘legend · China’ Project Officially Launched

On July 14, the National Museum of Beijing, the famous Swiss watchmaking brand Zenith held a ‘Legend · China’ press conference. The prelude to Zenith’s ‘Legend · China’ project has begun. As a new long-term project for Zenith in the Chinese market, ‘Legend · China’ aims to praise the magnificent Chinese culture and pay tribute to Chinese legends.

   Zenith Global CEO Mr. Aldo Magada came to the scene, and invited the famous historian and lecturer of the 100 forums, Mr. Yuan Tengfei, as the spokesman and honorary consultant of the project, and shared his ‘legend · Unique Insights from China.

   ‘Zhenli always believes that legends are born in the times, and times create legends. There is an old saying in China that times create heroes. I want to express the same truth. In any moment, in any place in the world, explore The legendary spirit that transcends the era, and the interpretation of the origin of the era and the legend, are of extraordinary significance to the country and the nation. ‘Mr. Aldo Magada, CEO of Zenith Global, addressed the event.

   As a legendary watchmaking brand with a history of more than 150 years, Zenith has been committed to exploring the track of time, paying tribute to historical legends, and has deep roots with historical legends. Waiting, Zenith will combine the recommendations of the project spokesman and honorary consultant Mr. Yuan Tengfei, and select a Chinese historical legend each year as a design inspiration to launch a new watch under the prestigious Columbus series. The first new watch is expected to be released in early 2017.

   At the end of the event, Zenith Global CEO Mr. Aldo Magada and Mr. Yuan Tengfei unveiled the ‘Legend · China’ project and took a group photo.
Summary: Putting aside the product itself, in a sense, through the ‘Legend · China’ project of Zenith, it has the opportunity to pass on such an opportunity and platform as a watch, so that people can review these births Great people and legends are a good thing.

Updated: 8. January 2021 — 11:39
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