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Palm Printing Technology: Portugal Sidérale Scafusia Astrological Map

Hissing, Dangdang, Hey. There is a faint smell of paint and solvents in the air. Two small closet-sized devices with ‘Made in Switzerland’ labels on the sides shimmered and sounded like a CNC. Marlies Scarpino, wearing a white coat and hair tied in the back, is operating one of the control panels. Although she is accustomed to noise, she can quickly and accurately detect any abnormalities in her voice. As an offset printer and business backbone, she is busy working on her own in one of IWC’s smallest divisions. The business of this department is printing, which at first glance seems to have nothing to do with the watch industry. Marlies Scarpino is one of about 130 employees engaged in the production of parts and cases. They moved from the relatively crowded Schaffhausen to the nearby SIG industrial area in Neuhausen, which has ample space. IWC pad printing technology Portugal Sidérale Scafusia exquisite astrological map
工业 The industrial zone is located on a rocky plateau with a unique location, directly below the Rhine Falls. Most of the time, tall bushes obstruct the view, making it difficult for people to see this natural wonder. Interestingly, IWC’s decision to establish a printing shop inside the company also has an indirect relationship with water. More precisely, IWC needed to find a reliable solution for the luminous rotating bezels used in marine watches. The previous model used a chamfered rotating ring with an outer coating of luminous paint—a problem encountered during implementation. IWC relies on manufacturers. Although the products they provide can meet the necessary quality requirements, they are always unsatisfactory. This situation may also herald the era of technological change.
底 The underside of the sapphire glass ring used in the rotating bezel of the current series is coated with a 0.3 mm thick Superluminova® luminescent coating. Depending on the model, the paint comes in a variety of colors. In view of this, the company intends to carry out the printing process in-house. The concept conveyed in this event is in line with the motto of IWC: excellence, experience first-hand. I have to mention Clemens Gisler here. Six years ago, the young engineering graduate joined IWC with skills in mechanical engineering, microtechnology and production logistics. Two years ago, he was entrusted with the task of perfecting the internal printing process of the watch’s complex patterns and vigorously promoting mass production. So today IWC has its own small custom printing shop. Clemens Gisler said: ‘The field is very promising.’ He confirmed his assertion with excellent results and showed the Plexiglas case divided into several regions quite proudly. He has the answer to this question: how to make more than 500 stars printed on the Portuguese Sidérale Scafusia watch.
The location of the star map is specified by the watch owner, and the data provided by Zurich astronomer Ben Moore himself is used to make printing plates. The pattern is then printed on an ultra-thin sapphire glass disc inside a watch. The thin wires that connect the stars are like silk, only eight hundredths of a millimeter thick, and together with the stars form a well-known constellation. The dial, which depicts the horizon and celestial equator, is also printed on the watch, providing three sets of time for each customer who customizes the watch. One is inside the watch, and the other two are in different parts of the watch to deal with the worst case of severe damage to the back glass plate. The impressive thing is not only that, Gisler proudly points to another night sky dial, the stars above are orange-red. This is a colorful luminous Superluminova® coating used in many marine models. Customers can personalize their watches to the limit. New technology transforms complex watch mechanics into exquisite art, opening up a whole new world, such as rotating diving bezels, date dial printing and astronomical displays on Portuguese Sidérale Scafusia watches. In this way, it is not surprising that many people have become regulars in the printing workshop, including many designers of IWC. Marlies Scarpino and Andres Leupp have recently taken over the actual work of printing at Clemens Gisler. They can talk about the products they offer, and their product catalog is amazing. When you need to print letters, numbers or other graphic elements on flat, irregular or even raised surfaces, you only need one modern technology to complete it, which is the magic ‘pad printing’ technology.
We see or use products made with this technology in our daily lives: keyboards and control panels on cameras, writing instruments or car dashboards. Of course, it is impossible to use this technology for the surface printing of high-quality watches: what is printed on the surface, whether it is a number or other decorative patterns, will be subject to worldwide scrutiny, and glass protection must be adopted to avoid wear and aging. From a quality point of view, IWC’s pad printing is meticulous, and its precision is no less than its watchmaking standards.
The ‘rubber pad’ itself is just a rough concept, a tool involved in lithography. Basically, it is a kind of round, conical or conical elastic silicon pad, dip paint from the groove of the printing plate, and press on the surface to be printed. It is the shape of the pad that allows it to shrink when dipping and storing paint, thereby squeezing and eliminating air bubbles. This method can also be used for clear printing on irregular objects. IWC processing machines are custom-made, provided by suppliers from nearby villages, and the machine frame is reinforced to ensure that distortions do not occur during printing. Of course, the process can be complicated.
Let’s take an example: whether to use standard paint or luminous paint in the printing process, it determines whether the components for printing plate conveying paint need to be etched on the steel plate or laser-printed on the ceramic plate. This is because Superluminova® is very corrosive and can damage steel materials. The plates used for such high-quality printing have a depth of up to 55 μm (microns). This means that most printing steps need to be repeated several times to get the coating to the desired thickness. After each printing step is completed, it is dried and solidified in an oven at about 120 ° C, and then cooled on a cooling plate.
Take the printing of the rotating bezel of the marine series watch as an example, we can see that it takes a lot of effort. First, apply three coats of black paint to make reverse numbers, which are printed under the sapphire glass bezel. The printing was then repeated and dried, during which a 0.3 mm thick yellow or white Superluminova® coating was printed. Finally, a white reflective treatment is applied to the luminescent coating to further enhance protection. In short, the number of prints is not less than 33. To further complicate matters, the hue of the luminescent paint can also be modified to make it greener or bluer by adding various pigments. For example, in a white marine watch, the first fifteen-minute scale on the rotating bezel emits green light, and the remaining scales glow blue.
By the way, Marlies Scarpino has never used such an expensive coating: 1 gram of alumina powder and rare earth is worth 25 Swiss francs, so expensive that it can wet our eyes: almost the price of gold before the financial crisis. Needless to say, all products are subjected to strict quality inspection and then microscopic inspection. Even with the smallest mistakes, such as missing a little paint on the numbers, parts will be put into boxes containing defective products. Marlies Scarpino is right: ‘This expensive product, I expect absolute perfection.’

Franck Muller® New Franchise Store Opens In Nanjing West Road, Shanghai. Zhang Zhilin, Asia-pacific Brand Ambassador, Serves As A Ribbon Cutting Guest And Congratulates The Wonderful Moment

[Shanghai – June 13, 2019] The world-renowned Swiss haute horlogerie manufacturer Moulin Muller, who is world-renowned for its extraordinary craftsmanship, officially settled in Nanjing West Road, Shanghai, and today held a simple and grand ribbon-cutting ceremony. Zhang Zhilin, the brand ambassador for the Asia-Pacific region, Nicholas Rudaz, the director of operations of the Famouran Group, and Mr. Zhu Junhao, the executive director of the Famouran Asia-Pacific region, attended the opening ceremony to witness the wonderful moments.

French Mulan Shanghai Toasting at Nanjing West Road Store

  The Franck Mulan store is located in a prime location on Nanjing West Road in Shanghai. It brings together the surrounding commercial atmosphere and luxurious atmosphere, presenting a unique beauty in it. The overall design of the store is a fusion of the brand’s creative spirit and the elegance and luxury of its watches. With the world-renowned iconic Arabic numerals as the core element, it dazzles the entire store, and enters the Famulan brand from the moment it enters the door. Design world. Whether it is the unique Arabic numerals in the store, soft and comfortable lighting, or the high-end selected watch presented by the hanging cabinet on the wall, it reflects the meticulous pursuit and ingenuity of details of Famouran.

French Mulan Shanghai ribbon-cutting ceremony at Nanjing West Road store

Franck Muller Asia Pacific Brand Ambassador Mr. Zhang Zhilin unveiled Vanguard Crazy Hours Asia Special Edition Rose Gold Watch

  During the event, Zhang Zhilin wore the French Guardian Vanguard Crazy Hours Asian Special Edition watch, interpreting the brand’s bold and innovative design style, showing the brand’s outstanding craftsmanship and exquisite design. Zhang Zhilin said at the scene: ‘As a brand ambassador, I am honored to be present at this opening ceremony to witness the start of a new milestone for Francois Mulan. I also wish the brand-new franchise of Francois Mulan a new glory!’
  Mr. Zhu Junhao, Executive Director of Asia Pacific of Murmur, said: ‘We attach importance to the development of each stage of the brand. China is an important part of the development process of Murmur. We will be committed to presenting exquisite watch craftsmanship and sincerely hope that Nanjing West Road stores can bring a distinguished experience to customers. Thank you all for joining us to add a memorable memory to the new starting point of Famouran. ‘
  In the Franck Mulan Nanjing West Road store, the brand adheres to the service tenet of customers, creating an elegant personalized appreciation space for guests and high-end watch enthusiasts from all walks of life, and can enjoy a variety of exquisite high-end timepiece masterpieces. . The brand sincerely invites you to come and join us.

Panerai Radiomir 1940 3 Days Acciaio-47mm 3-day Power Reserve Stainless Steel Watch

Panerai presents two special edition watches with new creative dials, inspired by one of the pendulum clocks in the historic Florence boutique. In the last century, countless customers stopped to admire its pendulum clock at this Panerai boutique located in PIAZZA SAN GIOVANNI.

   The ‘Orologeria Svizzera’ (Swiss Watch Shop), founded by the Panerai family in Florence in 1860, was once a watch retailer favored by noble celebrities in Florence. In fact, before Panerai made its first watch for the Italian Royal Navy, the specialty store sold pocket watches, watches, table clocks and magnificent pendulum clocks from fine watchmakers. The specialty store facing the Saint John’s Baptistry is still located here, and on the first floor of the store, the extraordinary pendulum clock series was once displayed.

   Panerai Watch Factory took inspiration from the dial of one of the pendulum clocks and launched a new retro-style model: Radiomir19403DaysAcciaio-47mm 3-day power reserve stainless steel watch. The new design is available in ivory white (PAM0O791) and black (PAM00790). The unique dial design is extremely simple and elegant, with a nostalgic atmosphere. The digital hour markers are charming Art Deco font, with track-type minute scale outer ring and thinner. The inner ring is surrounded by the spear-shaped hour and minute hands that Panerai first adopted.

   Other elements of the new special limited edition follow Panerai’s classic style. The 47mm Radiomir 1940 case is cast from AISI316L stainless steel, which is extremely strong and has excellent corrosion resistance. Water resistance is 10 bar (ie water depth of about 100 meters). The entire watch is polished and the see-through case back lets you explore the precise structure of the original movement. The frame surrounds the slightly arched Plexiglas crystal glass, echoing the design of some Panerai classic models. The original leather strap contrasts with beige stitching and is embossed with the OP logo.

   The Radiomir19403DaysAcciaio-47mm 3-day power reserve stainless steel watch is equipped with the original P.3000 manual winding movement, and two hairspring barrels provide three-day power reserve. The oversized sapphire crystal case back allows three frosted bridges to protect the movement, as well as a balance wheel (diameter 13.2 mm; 3 Hz) firmly fixed by the double support bridge. The P.3000 movement is also equipped with a quick time adjustment device, which can move the hour hand forward and backward in units of one hour without affecting the operation of the minute hand or watch.

RADIOMIR1940 3DAYSACCIAIO-47mm 3-day power reserve stainless steel watch
Movement: P.3000 manual winding mechanical movement, completely developed by Panerai.
Function: hour and minute display.
Case: 47 mm, AISI316L polished stainless steel.
Dial: black with Arabic numerals.
Power reserve: 72 hours.
Water resistance: 10 bar (about 100 meters).

RADIOMIR19403DAYSACCIAIO-47mm 3-day power reserve stainless steel watch
Movement: P.3000 manual. The winding mechanical movement is entirely developed by Panerai.
Function: hour and minute display.
Case: 47 mm, AISI316L polished stainless steel.
Dial: ivory white with Arabic numerals.
Power reserve: 72 hours.
Water resistance: 10 bar (about 100 meters).

2015 Spring And Summer Denim Trend, Tissot ‘watch’ Is Simple And Stylish Charm

The term tannin first appeared in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. It means denim fabric made of vegetable dyes and twill weave. After centuries of baptism, through different washing techniques and continuous dyeing processes, various shades of color, texture changes, or tailoring innovations have been made to make Denning appear in a different style.
TISSOT Quickster Lugano

   In the spring and summer of 2015, I have escaped from the past. This year, I use solid tannins as a way to make people immersed in the pure blue ocean. Then, through the combination of different tailoring and creative materials, this casual and simple fashion style hit the tornado in this spring and summer. . As a century-old professional watchmaking brand in Switzerland, Tissot watches inherits the professional watchmaking technology of the past, and it is not easy to compromise for fashion. In 2015, Tissot watches adhered to the brand concept of innovation and tradition, bringing a very stylish and simple watch- TISSOT Quickster Lugano series watches, with a variety of straps in line with this spring and summer solid color series, so that there are more changes in spring and summer wear.
   Whether it is a wide-length cropped denim pants, a feminine denim skirt and a jumpsuit, or a distressed and marine-inspired denim item, and a bohemian denim combination of different materials All items can be matched with the various colors of the TISSOT Quickster Lugano series. They can be combined with a stylish and simple style, which can show unique personal charm. The watch can be easily combined and worn, and the colorful colors can strike the self-summer charm. .

Want to show simple fashion
   The Tissot watch specially brought the TISSOT Quickster Lugano series of watches to the spring and summer of 2015 to add playful color, choose to make a fuss about the color of the watch, through navy blue, gentleman gray, olive green, passionate pink and classic roses A variety of solid color and stripe design straps, such as gold, are very suitable for this year’s different denim cuts. Classic rose gold is one of the highlights that can be worn on all occasions.
   Tissot watches adhere to the brand spirit of ‘extraordinary creativity due to tradition’. The TISSOT Quickster Lugano series watches inherit the simple and bright dials that watch fans love. The detailed design follows the classic elements, and the bold hour mark 12 is even more eye-catching. It reminds the importance of time all the time. The design of the aluminum outer ring is neat, suitable for young people who follow the fashion trend to perform themselves. The black-and-white dial design in neutral style, with the minimal scale and hour markers, fully demonstrates the perfect simple design, and integrates fashion trends and functionality. , TISSOT Quickster Lugano series of watches has become the spring and summer of 2015 wild models of choice.

The Elegance Of Wine Red Appreciation Of The New Tudor Style Watch

TUDOR STYLE classic watches add a variety of new aesthetic features. Triangular pitted bezels and colorful dials draw inspiration from Tudor models from the 1950s to 1970s, showing the retro style and bringing the fashion collection to the next level.

   This retro-fashion style watch is available in stainless steel and stainless steel with gold versions. Drawing on the aesthetic features of the 1950s and 1970s, Tudor has shown the finest attitude in all works to the fullest.

   The fashion series is easily recognizable with its distinctive double bezel and crown princess hands. Two of the brand’s latest creations are the stainless steel version and the? 18ct gold triangular pit-shaped outer ring bar pointer version, available in four sizes of 28, 34, 38 and 41 mm diameter.

    The dial is an important part of the watch, so Tudor attaches great importance to the dial design. The dials of the fashion series are painted with deeper colors, and the hour markers are successively interspersed between them. It is reminiscent of the representative features of the fifties of the last century, such as the double clock markers at 12 and 6 o’clock. Exudes modern style. The three-dimensional design of the bar-shaped hands, the four facets are exquisite and beautiful, make the watch shine.

Summary: The Tudor Style collection watches focus on tradition. The biggest feature is the frosted case with a polished case, supplemented by exquisite lugs, slender case sides and a tapered crown, creating a smooth overall style. The watch is equipped with a black leather strap that reflects the brand’s tradition, a five-link stainless steel strap or 18ct gold and steel strap that is comfortable to wear, adding an extraordinary new work to the Tudor family.
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The Ancient Capital Of Beijing Enamel Watch Recommended B078201213

Beijing Watch was established in the 1950s. Once established, it won the attention of the whole country. Since its development, it has become a well-known domestic watch brand and enjoys a high reputation in the world. Beijing watches have unique shapes and fine work, often infused with state-owned factors. They are both watches and perfect crafts.
 Today, with the enhancement of our country’s strength, Chinese culture has become more and more influential in the world, as well as in the field of watches. Watches with Chinese characteristics are increasingly sought after, and as orthodox national watches , Beijing watch will inevitably shine in the field of watches in the near future. This time we will experience the perfect combination of American style and exquisite machinery through the Beijing embedded enamel series B078201213S watch.

 The Beijing inline enamel series B078201213S watch is one of the Impression Beijing series watches. Its dial is 40 mm and is made of stainless steel. The case and bezel are glittering with metallic luster. There are four models of Impression Beijing series watches. Eight new and old landmark buildings in Beijing have been selected as the theme. Old photos are used to represent old buildings, and enamel is used to express new buildings. The two processes of enamel and oil silk screen are used to reflect Beijing’s past and present. Presented on the dial, the contrast between history and reality has a strong impact on people’s emotions. The patterns of these four watches are the Beihai White Tower and Water Cube, the Temple of Heaven and the National Theater, the Great Hall of the People and the Bird’s Nest, and the Great Wall and the new office building of CCTV, and the B078201213S we are introducing this time is the Great Hall of the People and the Bird’s Nest Themed watch.
On the dial of this watch, the color of the Great Hall of the People made with oil-printed silk technology is slightly yellow, showing the historical charm. The bird’s nest in burnt enamel is bright in color, full of stylish personality and modern dynamics. These two things can be said to be typical representatives of history and modernity. The dial integrates these two things across time and space, and caters to the theme of impression well. Coupled with the red leather strap, the culture of the watch is even higher.
 Beijing B078201213S watch, as a high-end embedded enamel watch, its appearance design and enamel craftsmanship are naturally its main features, so this watch does not have many functions, it is just a date display. The date display of this watch is presented at the 3 o’clock position of the watch in the form of a window. The black Arabic numerals on the white background make the function extremely legible. The time display of the watch is presented in the form of the big three hands, which means that the three hands share the same dial, which makes it easier and faster for us to watch the time. The minute, hour and hour scales of this watch are silver-white, and the second hand is red. Walking leisurely on the patterned dial, which accurately displays the time, is also a beautiful landscape, which is the overall appearance of the watch. It adds a lot of color. In addition, in order to meet the needs of daily life, watchmakers have also designed this watch to be waterproof at a depth of 30 meters, which can already meet the needs of daily life. Whether it is swimming, swimming or traveling, it can be at any time Accompany you to show your personality.

This impression Beijing B078201213S watch is equipped with a movement B16ZR, which is a self-winding movement produced by the Beijing Watch Factory. This movement is also inlaid with 27 gems to ensure the smooth operation of the movement and correspondingly reduce the wear of the watch during work. In addition, the movement can provide a 42-hour power reserve, which can avoid the trouble of frequent winding, and also help the owners who do not like to wear watches to spend the weekend in peace, without having to give their love at the beginning of each week. The table is recalibrated. In addition, this watch also applies a back-to-back design, showing the exquisite structure of the movement and the beauty of the moving movement in front of people’s eyes, forming a different kind of landscape.
 The Beijing B078201213S watch can be said to be one of the best in domestic high-end watches. Its shape design reveals distinctive Chinese characteristics. At the same time, two things representing history and modernity are gathered on the same dial. Gives a strong visual and emotional impact. Enamel firing and oil silk screen printing are also two processes of great artistic value. In the past, it was only used in the royal court. Now it is used on this Beijing watch, which enhances the quality of the watch and highlights the watch. The owner’s elegant taste and distinguished status. In terms of features, the performance of B078201213S is not outstanding, but the date display, 30 meters water resistance, and 42-hour power reserve are all very humane. From the perspective of the user, it provides users with a lot of convenience. Its movement is a movement produced by the Beijing watch factory. Although there is still a certain gap compared with the high-quality movement produced by a famous Swiss and German watchmaker, there are decades of brand history of the Beijing watch factory. We guarantee that the performance of the movement can be assured. The reference price of this watch is 7,800 yuan. For such a watch that combines creative ideas, superb craftsmanship and superb technology, such a price is definitely excellent value for money.
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