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Eight Moves To Keep Your Love Table Away From Harm In The Hot Summer

The summer climate is hot and humid, coupled with a lot of outdoor sports and sweat, the requirements for watch wearing habits and maintenance are even higher. How to properly and effectively maintain our love watch in summer? The watch house summarizes eight TIPS for you, so that your love watch will be away from harm in the hot heat.
[Contact with water] When you see this title, you may say, ‘My watch is water-resistant!’ That’s right. Today’s watches do have water-resistant functions. But don’t take the watch as a superman. No. First see if there is a word ‘waterproof’ on the back of the dial. In some cases, you must also distinguish how many meters are waterproof. Generally speaking, 30 meters waterproof refers to life waterproof. Only suitable for swimming and general housework, 100 meters waterproof watch can be used for underwater work such as swimming and diving. If you have to take it with you when swimming or bathing, you can show the style of your watch. Please remember that it is waterproof in advance. Even if the waterproof level is high, you cannot soak in the water for a long time. When the watch goes to sea, the corrosion of seawater can be many times higher than that of fresh water. In addition, summer girls like to spray perfume on their wrists. Remember not to spray it on the wrist of your watch. In your spare time, you can see how scary the chemical composition of the perfume is.
[High temperature] Your watch is as afraid of heat as you are, and any watch should not be used in environments where the temperature changes greatly. Because the waterproof rubber ring is affected by temperature, it will expand and contract due to thermal expansion, and it will accelerate the aging, which will cause water condensate in the water and the surface, which will seriously damage the parts. The temperature rise will also affect the timing error of the watch. Generally, it is better to be 25-28 degrees. In summer, the temperature is generally around 35 degrees. Therefore, try to avoid exposing your watch to noon. Under strong sunlight. In addition, do n’t take your love watch to do high-temperature yoga and other activities, it ca n’t afford the sin.
[Anti-sweat] The main impact of sweat on the watch is the strap and the case. Sweat is corrosive to the case. The all-steel case is better because of its nickel-chromium alloy. The semi-steel case is copper. Sweat is easy to corrode. You should often wipe the sweat with a soft cloth or pad it with a plastic table to prevent it from being attacked by sweat. The impact of sweat on the belt is greater, which is why you should wear a belt watch as little as possible in summer. First, the belt will adhere to the wrist after sweating, making the wearer uncomfortable. Second, the sweat stains on the belt are extremely difficult to clean. , Long-term wear will not only produce odor, but also deform, harden or even break the strap. For summer sweating, you can only wear a watch less frequently, and you must clean it often. When cleaning, first wipe with water and then with a dry cloth. The time is short and the frequency is frequent. The steel strap is easily slippery when sweated, but now that high-end watches are waterproof, you can wash the sweat under the tap. For sports watches with plastic bands, they must be cleaned frequently, otherwise the bands will easily turn yellow and it is an irreversible process.
[Chemicals] Watches should be kept away from all chemicals with corrosive effects, such as bleach, hand sanitizer, etc., should not be worn in acidic environments, such as when it is raining. In addition, if you are a fan of new material watches, such as ceramics, you must be careful of oil. Once ceramic watches are stained with grease, it will be particularly difficult to clean.
[Magnetic shock] It is said that the watch has ‘two defenses’, which means anti-magnetic shock. In the national standard, the antimagnetic and shockproof performance standards are expressed by the ‘residual effect’. The residual effect refers to the difference between the instantaneous day difference of the watch before detection and the instantaneous day difference of the watch after detection. When the watch accidentally falls from a height of 1 meter to a horizontal hardwood surface, the residual effect of the quartz watch does not exceed 2 seconds, and the residual effect of the mechanical watch does not exceed 60 seconds. Therefore, the watch is very afraid of falling and shock. Outdoor activities in summer Many, especially in and out of playgrounds, high-speed rotation will also cause the watch to vibrate, affecting life. In addition, you should also stay away from high magnetic fields such as high-voltage lines, audio, and large electrical appliances to avoid adverse effects of magnetic fields on the watch.
[Cleaning and maintenance] There is a lot of moisture and sweat in summer, especially for watches. Internal maintenance washing oil, or thorough cleaning, should still be regularly sent to watch stores for professional treatment. Some watch stores are very popular for ultrasonic watch washing, but because this instrument needs to clean the watch in an oscillating manner, it is very easy to cause the internal parts of the watch to come loose. Therefore, this cleaning method is easy to cause confusion, so it is not appropriate to use such instruments to wash the watch. As for oiling your watch, do n’t try it yourself. This is a professional job, and you must go to a watch store to do a professional treatment.
[Wearing habit] (1) When wearing a watch, you should often wipe off sweat with a soft cloth or pad it with a plastic watch holder to prevent it from being attacked by sweat. (2) Do not open the back of the watch at will, so as to prevent dust from entering the movement and affecting the normal operation of the watch. (3) Do not place the watch in a wardrobe with camphor pills, as the watch oil may deteriorate. (4) Do not place the watch on the radio or television to avoid magnetization. (5) Watches that are not worn for a long time should be wound up regularly every month so that the parts will not be in a static state for a long time to ensure the performance of the watch.
[Self-help] If you accidentally mistake your daily waterproof watch as a high-power waterproof watch, don’t panic, and teach you a little way to help yourself. Take the silicone particulate matter and the waterlogged watch in a closed container. The silicone absorbs water very well and can remove water in a few hours. This method is simple and practical, and does no harm to the watch. Do n’t be frustrated when scratches appear, you can first drop one or two drops of water on the dial, and then squeeze a bit of toothpaste to wipe it off, you can remove the scratches and make the dial as new, remember to choose toothpaste without particles, avoid two Scratches.

Unique Slim Tasting Bulgari Octo Finissimo Ultra-thin Watch

Bulgari BVLGARI is not only well-known in the jewelry industry, it has never stopped in the high-end watch industry, and launched a series of complex watches. At the Basel Watch Fair earlier this year, Bulgari launched an Octo series ultra-thin movement watch, the case thickness of less than 5 mm is a major highlight. Today, the Watch House brings you this Bulgari OCTO FINISSIMO ultra-thin watch.

   This OCTO FINISSIMO ultra-thin case has a diameter of 40 mm. It does not pursue the current trend of large cases. It returns to the most suitable universal size for the wrist, and it is softer.

18k rose gold case

   The case in 18k rose gold is satin-finished and polished, and the black lacquered dial with gold embossed hour markers is clear. With black alligator strap and rose gold pin buckle. Equipped with BVL128 manual winding ultra-thin movement, providing a minimum power reserve of 70 hours.

Octagonal crown

   The screw-down octagonal crown in 18k rose gold echoes the octagonal case. The top of the crown is inlaid with black ceramic, which has a delicate look and feel.

Black alligator strap

   The black crocodile leather strap has a neat and clear texture and fine leather with black stitching for fine workmanship.

Case thickness is only 5 mm

   Viewed from the side, the watch is very slim with a case thickness of only 5 mm. Adopting satin polishing technology, the octagonal case is perfectly combined with the round bezel, and the straight lines cut into a neat geometric beauty.

18k Rose Gold Buckle

   18k rose gold buckle, the overall polishing process, English Bulgari brand engraved on the front, simple and safe to wear.

Diamond cut lug design

   Diamond cut lug design, drawing and polishing technology, strong three-dimensional sense.

Black octagonal polished lacquered dial

   The black octagonal polished lacquered dial with gold embossed hour markers, the small eccentric second dial between 6, 7 o’clock, the entire dial is simple and coordinated. The pointer material also uses 18k rose gold, which is clear and clear when reading. The ultra-thin movement is destined to provide only the simplest time indication function.

BVL128 manual winding ultra-thin movement

   This watch uses a transparent sapphire case and is equipped with a BVL128 manual winding ultra-thin movement. As one of the few watch masters who master the ultra-thin movement technology, this ultra-thin movement is only 2.23 mm thick. The movement is decorated with Geneva ripples and fish scales, and the edges have been chamfered to provide a power reserve of at least 70 hours. The back movement has a power reserve display.

   In summary: the development of watches to this day is not just for the time. It is also required to be comfortable in wearing without affecting the overall appearance. Due to the thickness of the case itself, the ultra-thin watch is more fitted to the wrist when worn, and does not make the cuffs and watch look offensive. And this OCTO FINISSIMO ultra-thin watch, because of the unique appearance of OCTO, the upper wrist will look more gentleman without falling touch, very light. Make the wearer show an extraordinary aura in between gestures.

Sportsmanship Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Diver Dive Watch

The Royal Oak Offshore DIVER Diving Watch is equipped with a dial engraved with the classic “MÉGATAPISSERIE” oversized checkered decoration. This watch is also equipped with a transparent case back for the first time, giving a glimpse of the subtle movement. The Royal Oak Offshore Diver’s watch is strikingly sporting, sporting, and water-resistant to 300 meters.

3120 watch factory automatic winding movement
Total diameter 26.60 mm (11¾ French minutes)
Total thickness 4.26 mm
Number of rubies 40
Number of parts 280
Guaranteed power reserve of at least 60 hours
Balance frequency 3 Hz (= 21,600 times / hour)

Stainless steel case, anti-glare sapphire crystal and case back, black rubber-clad screw crown when locked, water-resistant to 300 meters.
Black or silver tone dial engraved with “Méga Tapisserie” oversized checkered decoration, fluorescent white gold embedded hour markers and fluorescent Royal Oak oak hands (black minute hand), black or silver tone rotating inner bezel, and black diving from 60 to 15 minutes Scale and area.
Black rubber strap with stainless steel pin buckle.
Dive time measurement
Minute center second hand Date display
  For more details, please click on the watch live event in Geneva:

Iron Blood Tenderness H Home Quality Hamilton Khaki Field Automatic 42 Mm Watch Tasting

For friends who often watch Hollywood movies, most of them know the brand of Hamilton. Before the hero performs the task, most of them will wave their sleeves and glance at the specific time. Yes, this brand is Hamilton. On the screen, I see the typical European and American style of the H watch-tough and rough or avant-garde fashion. I do not know that the H watch has its ‘iron and tenderness’ side. In 2016, at the Basel International Jewellery & Watch Fair, Hamilton launched such a ‘iron tenderness’ watch-Hamilton KHAKI FIELD automatic 42 mm watch, which has both tough and rough wild charm and avant-garde Stylish and modern, taking one model alone, its specific model is H70605943.

Wild appearance

Front view

   Hamilton KHAKI FIELD automatic 42mm watch, one glance at its appearance, you can feel a wild wildness, the silver-white stainless steel case, vibrant, dark green round dial, melodious Deep, the strap is also dark green. Crossing this case coincides with the dial. Whoever says that only black is domineering, this combination is more wild.

Side view

   Intricate dial design, 13-24 hours on the inner ring, 12 hours on the middle ring, 60 minutes (seconds) on the outer ring, surrounded by a large three-handed needle in the center, and a square box next to 3 o’clock The date display window is just a large three-pin design, plus a date display window, the design is so complicated, this design is also no one.
Practical performance


    A closer look will reveal that the three ‘circles’ are not difficult to understand. The opposite way can bring a lot of convenience to our lives. The 12-hour scale and the 60-minute (second) clock scale are naturally used. To indicate the hour, minute, and second, the 13-24 hour scale circle in the middle, although it looks more complicated, can save us a little brainpower, look up at the sky, determine whether it is morning or afternoon, and look down at the watch. Directly determine the specific time, whether this time is 4:14 or 16:14, you can know without thinking.

Big three pin design and date display window

   Take a look at the dial again. The three-pin design, Arabic numerals, two contrasting colors, built-in 13-24 hours scale, simple atmosphere, very convenient time, calendar display window, black letters on white background, a small detail can Bring a lot of convenience to life, 42mm diameter, moderate size, comfortable with canvas strap. The details of this watch are so thoughtful. This is not a ‘feeling’, but what is it?
The quality of the H family

    The round stainless steel crown is carefully polished, rounded and comfortable to touch, with stripes on the sides, medium size, and convenient for function adjustment. The Hamilton logo “H” is embossed on the top of the crown.



   The straps of the H watch are mostly metal bracelets or leather straps. This watch has a different approach. It uses a unique canvas strap. The dark green strap echoes the dark green dial across the case. The lines are compact and exquisite. They are comfortable to wear. The edge of the strap is stitched with brown-blue stitching, and it fits with the blue leather material of the buckle part, which is generous. Of course, the H family never forgets to innovate, not only the strap uses a unique canvas material, even the classic pin buckle is designed here as a double pin buckle.


   The watch case, made of stainless steel, measures 42 mm in size and is carefully polished. The edges and bezels have been polished to give them a distinct layer, reflecting metallic brilliance, and a vibrant look that reflects the true nature of a man.

   The lugs are 22 millimeters wide, polished from stainless steel. The lugs and case are cast in one piece to make the connection smooth and natural. The slightly curved design makes the watch more comfortable to wear.

Case back

 Movement chart
   This watch is equipped with Hamilton H10 movement, stable performance, accurate travel time, waterproof depth of 100 meters, power reserve of up to 80 hours, design through the back, at a glance you can clearly see the mechanical charm of the automatic movement of the movement .

Effect map

   Having said so much, this watch is finally worn on the hand. After looking at the real picture for a long time, changing the taste to see the effect picture is also very good. The Western saying is reasonable, ‘a hundred readers will have a hundred Harry Potter.’ Here is no more talk about wearing effects. Everyone feels it is enough. There is only one requirement. Please consciously ignore hair (obsessive-compulsive disorder). Don’t blame).

Hamilton KHAKI FIELD Automatic 42mm H70605943
Summary: This watch is equipped with a bright dial with large digital scales, a stainless steel case, a canvas strap, and an automatic movement with a power reserve of 80 hours. The style is tough and avant-garde, deducing Hamilton in the 1940s. The essence of military watches is designed for energetic and adventurous people. It is an ideal choice for outdoor enthusiasts.

Do You Really Know The Small Three-hand Watch?

We often say that the small three-hand watch refers to the hour and minute hands sharing the center position of the dial. In addition, an independent small disc is established for the second hand, which shortens the length of the second hand and displays the operation of the second hand separately. Add a small window to the second hand for the second hand. In the dial layout of the watch, the clever design of the small three-hand dial makes the dial layout more changeable. How the small second dial is placed and where it is placed is a good interpretation of time aesthetics.

   As we all know, wristwatches are derived from the performance of pocket watches. At the beginning of the invention of mechanical pocket watches, there was no coaxial design of the hands, but the hour hand, minute hand, and second hand each had a dial to read each. Later, in order to reduce the size of the mechanical watch and also due to the limitations of the process at that time, the hour and minute hands were placed on a shaft. Therefore, the old pocket watches are mostly a single small plate for the second hand, and the small three hands of the minute and hour coaxial coaxial disk design. Judging from the history of clock development, the small three-hand watch appeared before the large three-hand watch. In 1776, Geneva watchmaker Jean Moiva Puzai pushed the first small three-hand watch.

   I personally think that the small three-pin is quite retro in style, and has an ‘instrumental feel’ on old machines. The small three-pin is one of the most common phenotypes, and it is not only different in appearance from the big three-pin watch. Inside the watch, in addition to the three-handed watch, there must be three different gear running spaces on the shaft in addition to three different track heights on one axis. The internal space of the movement must be large enough to accommodate it. . But for the small three-hand watch, the small second hand is independent, so the movement of the watch can be 1 to 2 mm thinner. And the design of the small three-hand watch greatly reduces the power consumed when the second hand moves.

   Take Vacheron Constantin’s Cal.4400 AS manual winding movement as an example. Its small second hand is located at 6 o’clock on the dial. As can be seen from the gear train layout of its movement, its power transmission is very simple and smooth.

   Power is transmitted from the mainspring of the 1st position. After passing the 2nd position of the 2nd position, the 2nd position drives the 3rd position of the 3rd position and the 3rd position drives the 4th position. The escapement wheel is controlled by the escapement system to achieve regular rotation. Then, the regularity is fed back to the four wheels, the four wheels are fed back to the three wheels, the three wheels control the sub-wheel, and the sub-control the time wheel, and finally realizes the pointer rotation.

   For the junior hand movement, we usually place the second wheel directly in the middle, which is equivalent to adding the second wheel, the second wheel, and the hour wheel at the center, which will undoubtedly increase the movement. thickness of. It can also be said that the small three-hand watch has an inherent advantage and can be thinner than the large three-hand watch.
The most ‘beautiful’ small three stitches
   Who is the most ‘beautiful’ small three-pin, this topic is often mentioned in the Watch House Forum. As a matter of opinion, although the answers of table friends are different, there are also some models that are often mentioned. . Such as Vacheron Constantin’s TRADITIONNELLE series small three-hand watch.

   The diameter of 38 millimeters is exactly the thickness of the wrists of men in Asia. Perhaps this is not popular in the large case now, but the big waves are sandy. Time will test everything. Wearing a watch will eventually return to match the size. The ultra-thin case, measuring just 7.77 mm, can be easily retracted into the shirt cuff. The Cal.4400 AS manual winding movement provides a 65-hour power reserve. Four materials of the case, of which Perkin gray dial is the most durable, of course, the price is also the highest.

   Patek Philippe’s Calatrava series small three-hand watch is also the most popular small three-hand watch. The 37 mm case is similar to the small three-hand watch of Vacheron Constantin. It uses the Cal.215 PS manual winding movement. For the four material models, the Perkin dial has a slightly different design.

   Lange’s SAXONIA series of small three-handed watches, unpretentious. If Switzerland’s small three-handed watch has a flowing and dynamic sense, the German small three-handed watch is heavier and more meticulous. The German Cal.L941.1 manual winding movement, which is completely different from the Swiss movement, gives people a different feeling.

   This tantalum Chronometre Bleu small three-hand manual watch introduced by F.P. Journe in 2009 has only made a few hundred so far. The design of the small seconds dial at 7,8 o’clock is also different from the ordinary small three-hand watch. The luster of the material, the color of the dial and the unique position of the second dial make many people think that this is perhaps the most beautiful small three-hand watch.
   Dear friends, which is the most beautiful small three-hand watch in your mind?

Introduction Of Panerai All Black Ceramic Watches

Tuttonero watch uses the P.9001 / B movement completely developed and manufactured by Panerai Watch Factory. This is a self-winding mechanical movement with three-day power reserve and date, second time zone display, zero seconds reset and other functions. The movement also has a power reserve indicator, which is displayed through the sapphire crystal glass on the case back. You can see it all. The movement is also blackened to give the watch an all-black look, which is exactly what the name ‘TUTTONERO’ engraved on the back of the watch means.

 Tuttonero – Luminor 1950 3 Days GMT Automatic Ceramica 3 days power reserve two-day automatic ceramic watch (PAM00438) water-resistant to 100 meters, is a contemporary collection (Contemporary Collection) models.

Dewitt And Guards Polo Club Sign A Three-year Cooperation Agreement

DeWitt is proud to be the European pioneer polo club-Guards Polo Club-the new official timing partner for the next three years. The cooperation includes the giant clocks on the Smith’s Lawn Smith Field called The Queen’s Ground, the club’s display clock, the cooperation system and two watches specially designed for gentlemen and ladies. Development.

The DeWitt “Queen’s Cup 1960-2010” Women’s Watch-Limited to 50 pieces
Since the beginning of 2010, DeWitt has always consolidated its market position in the UK with its outstanding quality and active work. Linder Luxury, a new and powerful distributor, is sufficient to confirm its development in the UK and This became a strong alliance between DeWitt, Linder Luxury and Guards Polo Club.
The most important event organized by the Guards Polo Club is the historic “Queen’s Cup”. This year’s Queen’s Cup will celebrate its 50th anniversary. For this special event, DeWitt will design two extraordinary commemorative watches.

The DeWitt “Queen’s Cup 1960-2010” Men’s Watch-Limited to 50 pieces
Source: Montres Dewitt SA
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A Deep Sea Wolf Soul Breitling Avengers Series Deep Diving Sea Wolf Chronograph Watch

What is the concept of 1,000 meters underwater? Simply put, this depth of seawater pressure can turn a car into a steel bomb. Thanks to Breitling’s patented magnetic button mechanism, the Breitling Avenger Seawolf Chrono can easily operate the chronograph function even at a depth of 1,000 meters (3,300 feet) underwater. This patented invention can make the chronograph operation without direct contact with the movement, which has unprecedentedly improved the water resistance of the chronograph watch. Today’s Watch House brings to you this Breitling Avengers deep dive sea chronograph watch, reference model: M73390T1 / BA87.

   Since its birth, the Breitling Avengers series has been favored by watch lovers with its four watchmaking concepts: solid, reliable, functional, precise and aesthetic.

  The diameter of this watch is 45 mm. Combined with the thick and reliable appearance of professional diving watches and the aesthetic design of rough Breitling atmosphere, it presents a strong visual effect like a beast.

   The sapphire crystal glass is double-sided with anti-glare treatment, and the display is clear. The integration of the yellow design elements on the dial breaks the dullness of black and white color matching. It does not destroy the cool temperament of the watch, but also adds to the watch Kind of dynamic and energetic.

   The screw-down crown guarantees the water resistance of this watch. The rough non-slip grooves and slightly larger crown design make this watch easy to use even when wearing a diving suit.

  This watch is equipped with a tough and smooth rubber strap. Because the rubber is not only hydrophilic, it also has good corrosion resistance, which perfectly matches the performance of diving watches.

  The stainless steel case is treated with PVD matte black, which is low-key and elegant, exquisite and extraordinary. The left side of the case is equipped with a safety pressure reducing valve which is essential for professional deep diving watches.

  The shape of the lugs is like a jumping wave, full of dynamics, while fitting to the wrist, it also subtly hints the connection between the watch and the ocean.

  This watch is equipped with an easy-to-use pin buckle. The pin buckle is treated with PVD black matte, low-key and exquisite, which is in line with the overall style of the watch. The buckle is also printed with the Breitling brand logo, which shows the brand identity.

  The unidirectional rotating bezel can also be regarded as a standard feature of diving watches to ensure the safety of timing under water. The two timing buttons use the magnetic device invented by Nin Ling’s patent, which eliminates the need for contact with the movement and unprecedentedly improves the chronograph wrist. Water resistance of the watch.

  The large sword-shaped hands and rough square hour markers are covered with fluorescent paint, which can still be read clearly in extreme environments. The dial is equipped with a date display window at 4:30.

  The 6 o’clock position of the dial is the small seconds dial of this watch. The 2 o’clock position is the 10-minute cumulative chronograph display, and the 10 o’clock position is the 12-hour cumulative chronograph display. The bright yellow inner dial ring breathes life into the model.

  This watch uses a dense bottom design, waterproof to a depth of 1,000 meters, a precise and accurate Breitling temperature-compensated SuperQuartz ™ super quartz movement, certified by the Swiss Official Astronomical Observatory (COSC), the timing accuracy reaches 1/10 seconds, flyback type Hand-timer.

Summary: Although this watch’s 45 mm diameter is relatively tempting, its large diameter combined with a thick and reliable overall appearance is low-key and domineering, attractive and not eye-catching. The overall black color scheme makes this watch reveal a wild and deep temperament, while the yellow embellishment adds a little vitality and fashion to this watch. Combined with its strong waterproof performance, it is not only professional diving. This is the perfect choice for those who love sports.

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