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A Model Of Elegant Chronograph Mido Commander Series Multifunctional Chronograph Watch

The exciting 2015 Baselworld is in full swing. As an annual ‘Oscar’ feast in the watch industry, new products are dizzying. accident. Below, please follow the real pictures of the front line of the Watch House and enjoy the new masterpieces of Mido together.

  Watch real shot show:

A touch of blue dial with red chronograph hands instantly ignited passion and vitality.

The small dial is very neatly arranged on the dial.

  The new Commander Series multi-function chronograph watch combines movement and beauty, with a sporty yet resolute appearance and exquisite design, creating another masterpiece of the Commander Series. The perfect stainless steel round case outlines the contour curve like the Eiffel Tower, and the 42.5 mm open dial expresses the heroic temperament. The distinctive red and white hands and time markers on the distinctive blue dial are even more dazzling.

  Watch details real shot display:

Both the pointer and scale have white fluorescent materials to ensure accurate reading at night.

The 30-minute counter is at twelve o’clock.

The simple small second hand is at the nine o’clock position.

The side of the case is uniquely designed with a unique concave cut.

The timing buttons are located on the upper and lower sides of the crown.

The silver bracelet with a folding clasp is easy to wear.

  The movement is carefully carved, beautiful and delicate.

  Commander series multi-function chronograph watch with Caliber60 automatic movement, up to 60 hours, the support of super power reserve makes multi-function chronograph more durable and powerful, to provide you with a steady stream of power reserve The transparent bottom cover clearly shows the carefully carved Geneva ripples and MIDO logo on the automatic rotor, and the movement decorated with blue screws is delicate and exquisite, providing strong power for precise movement. The Commander’s Multifunction Chronograph is equipped with a stainless steel bracelet and is available in two different styles.

Summary: At the same time, the special report team of the Watch House has also rushed to the site of the Basel Watch Fair to bring you the freshest and most current watch information. For more details about Baselworld 2015, please pay attention to our special report page. (Picture / text watch home Li Shuai)

  2015 Basel Watch Show Special Website:

Unique Meteorite Dial Parmigiani Tonda 1950 Special

No polishing, irregular, fragmentation — this is the characteristic of meteorite. However, it is this charming stone that has become the dial of Parmigiani’s new Tonda 1950 special watch. The special dial is available in dark blue or black, and is characterized by a texture that exudes unpredictable beauty; yes, it is mysterious because it is not entirely from our world.

   Because the meteorite experienced rapid temperature changes when entering the atmosphere, its surface was imprinted with an irreversible crystal structure, but even so, it looked quite natural and harmonious. Meteorites must undergo a series of acid bath treatments to gradually reveal the magnificent lines created by this natural influence.

   Each meteorite treatment process is very complicated. Because its hardness is higher than that of ordinary rocks, it is difficult to process; its mineral structure is unpredictable and extremely variable, and traditional processes cannot be used. Therefore, only through scientific testing and by their rich experience, the dial makers can complete the perfect cut and give the models the two colors currently available: dark blue or black.
   This special Tonda 1950 dial features titanium. This material is lightweight and high-grade, and it is extremely difficult to process because of its nonflammability. But we must overcome this problem, because the natural element in the periodic table of titanium is different from platinum or gold and cannot be used as an alloy. It can only be matched with pure and natural substances such as meteorite.
Parmigiani ultra-thin movement

   The ultra-thin dimensions of the PF 701 movement are due to the eccentric platinum micro-automatic rotor in the movement. This masterpiece is only 2.6 mm thick and will surely shine in many future models. In fact, the original design thickness of the Tonda 1950 case was 7.8 mm. This thickness is enough to classify it as an ultra-thin watch, but this watch has deliberately not adopted the thinnest design it can achieve. This allows the Tonda 1950 series to add more complex devices and modules in the future without changing the case thickness.

   The Tonda 1950 movement has the most exquisite haute horology of any Parmigiani model you can imagine. Few brands give the movement such a finishing touch. The German silver main plywood is sandblasted and polished with pearl dots, and then rhodium plated. The bridge is sandblasted, patterned or decorated with Geneva waves, then chamfered by hand, and finally rhodium-plated. At the same time, each gear has been chamfered, grooved, and double-sided pearl dots polished before being cut, and then gold-plated to finally create an eye-catching finish.
   The high-level finishing on each part is based on the philosophy shared by the technical centers of Parmigiani. Every aspect of the Tonda 1950 movement and appearance is carefully crafted in the factory, so that each movement can show the extraordinary craftsmanship of this watchmaking factory.

Rolex Celebrates The 40th Anniversary Of The Rolex Awards For Enterprise Awards

Forty years ago, that is, in September 1976, Rolex announced the establishment of the Rolex Award for Talent, thereby creating history. The Rolex Talent Award is the world’s first major corporate rewards program, dedicated to supporting those who have the responsibility and passion to improve the life of the planet. Rolex announced that it will celebrate the fortieth anniversary of the Rolex Talent Award and pay tribute to the winners. These winners changed the world with innovative thinking and extraordinary energy. Rolex also held a public awards ceremony in Los Angeles on November 15, 2016, bringing the celebration to a climax.

   To celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the birth of the world’s first waterproof watch, the Oyster, the Rolex Award for Talent was born to honor the spirit of creation. Founding Spirit Inspiring Rolex founder Hans Wilsdorf makes this classic watch.

The 40th anniversary of the Rolex Awards for Enterprise shows that anyone has the ability to change the world.

   Since then, the winners of the Rolex Award for Talents, aged 24 to 74, have been actively pursuing various projects, including implementing technological innovation programs, protecting endangered species and ecological environments, exploring new areas, and reviving ancient and long-standing customs. Protect forgotten peoples and provide developing countries with safe and economic water, energy, shelter, food, medicine and health care for millions of people in more than 60 countries around the world.

Rolex Awards for Enterprise Exploring Science and Healthcare

   Among the plans that benefit the people are: an Australian biomedical engineer has revolutionized vaccine administration and saved the lives of millions of people in developing countries with painless patches; a young Filipino entrepreneur uses waste to make Inexhaustible products help poor women live a pretty good life; a Bolivian social psychologist helps the Andean community to recover stolen artifacts; a Swiss ornithologist goes to Brazil to study birds and grows several Millions of trees. As for 2016 (this year), the winners of the Rolex Talent Awards and the Rolex Talent Awards Youth Awards (aged 18 to 30 years old) will be held at the 40th anniversary of the special celebration in November in California, USA. Announced.

Rolex Awards for Enterprise explores the environment. From the Arctic to the tropics, endangered species and their habitats are protected from the threat of nature and human activities.

   The Rolex Talent Awards are designed to support the founding spirit, they are the embodiment of the founding spirit of the Rolex Foundation. The Rolex Talent Award is not to reward past achievements, but to encourage brand new projects, advocate people to innovate, break boundaries, and change the world by breaking conventional innovation ideas. Importantly, the Rolex Awards for Talent highlight the Rolex’s brand philosophy that values ​​quality, originality and personal achievement. Rebecca Irvin, Rolex Charity Program Leader
Forty years of support
   For forty years, the Rolex Talent Award has been dedicated to supporting people of insight and plans in the following five areas: science and medicine, applied technology, exploration and discovery, environmental protection and cultural heritage. Forty years, an independent jury composed of experts has selected 140 winners, and the jury members rotate each term. Since 1976, 33,000 men and women from 190 countries have applied for the program, with applicants of all ages and from all walks of life. In recent years, applicants have shown strong interest in environmental protection, public health and technology-based programs, and the number of female applicants has also increased significantly.

Rolex Awards for Enterprise Exploring Cultural Preservation_Countless precious cultural heritages such as ancient cities, precious fabrics and musical traditions can be preserved and passed on to future generations.

   Since 1976, Rolex’s support for visionaries around the world has catalyzed and changed people’s lives and the development of society in many ways. It also inspired new thinking on common issues. Forty years later, the efforts of the Rolex Grand Prize winners have made the world a better place. Rebecca Irvin, Rolex Charity Program Leader
   The jury will evaluate the feasibility, originality, continued influence of the plan, and most importantly, the entrepreneurial spirit of the applicant. The winner’s program will not only gain international recognition, but each will also receive a Rolex watch. Each of the Rolex Talent Awards will receive a prize of 100,000 Swiss francs, and each of the Rolex Talent Awards will receive a prize of 50,000 Swiss francs for the implementation of their plan.

Rolex Awards for Enterprise application technology. With the development of current cutting-edge technology, these projects use innovative ideas to solve urgent problems facing human society.

Rolex Charity
   Since its inception, charity and corporate social responsibility have been integral parts of Rolex’s corporate culture. Supporting the well-being of society and encouraging individual achievement is precisely the role of Rolex. The Rolex Talent Award and its sister project, the Rolex Creative Funding Program, are two of Rolex’s major international charity programs and are under the responsibility of the Rolex Achievement Hall. The Rolex Creative Funding Program sponsors masters of art in architecture, dance, film, literature, music, theater, and visual arts with up-and-coming talents, and conducts a year-long collaboration to ensure that outstanding artistic achievements can be passed on from generation to generation. These two programs are designed to promote innovation and the work of great people who are as forward-looking, creative, and outstanding as the Rolex brand.

Preheat 2015 Wphh Frank Muller Launches Vanguard Gravity Watch

Frank Muller continues Vanguard’s success and launches a new Vanguard Gravity watch. This watch is a true symbol of avant-garde technology, a dynamic atmosphere, harmonious curves, and a perfect appearance that reflects the excellent performance of timepieces.

   The tourbillon frame occupies the lower part of this watch and adopts innovative concept design-the overall structure is made of aluminum, and the traditional tourbillon shaft and splint are integrated into a strange, mysterious and harmonious oval ring (21.2 mm Thickness of 7.7 mm), which is impressive, the eccentric balance wheel of 14 mm further highlights the ultra-conventional characteristics of the tourbillon. At the same time, the tourbillon frame rotates once every 60 seconds, effectively offsetting the effect of gravity on the escapement. Both sides of the case are inlaid with sapphire crystal glass, and the excellent mechanical structure is clear at a glance.
   The strap design is more bold, using a variety of retouching techniques, combining rubber, fabric and crocodile leather materials, harmonious and beautiful, and perfectly matches the iconic Cintrée Curvex case. The internal movement of this watch is entirely designed and built by Frank Mueller, and the case is also available in titanium, 18K rose gold and white gold.

Fashion Week Looks At Popular Elements Watch And Clothing’s Perfect Match

Just after the four major fashion weeks, the fashion trends of the major brands have been flying around. Fashion week is not far from us. It can teach us how to improve our taste. Through the observation of Fashion Week, we found that the watch is a major contribution to the accessories. The celebrities carried a variety of watches at Fashion Week, and we also saw that watch and fashion collide with more possibilities. This is a gorgeous feast presented by watches and fashion, let us wait and see.
Flower element
Etro: The breath of printing
     The release of Etro’s spring and summer 2013 women’s wear takes us into an era of printing. In this season’s work, Veronica’s designer cleverly recombined animal and plant patterns as the new Paisley print in the future. She designed hand-painted throughout the work These beautiful flowers are like a painting on clothing. Large area of ​​flower patterns, small clusters of flowers or bright colors, or elegant. Combined with soft materials and bright green, lemon yellow, rose pink colors, Etro 2013 spring and summer women’s wear brings us a visual feast in printing In the breath, the air diffused.
Watch with the same theme: Piaget LIMELIGHT DANCING LIGHT Four Seasons Watch Series ‘Spring’
     Spring represents the vitality of all things. The ‘Spring’ in Piaget LIMELIGHT DANCING LIGHT four seasons watch series combines the elements of spring such as flowers and butterflies, making people can’t help smelling the breath of spring. The softness of the flowers is unforgettable. The light butterflies, covered with precious metal polished color or jewellery-inlaid feathers, dance softly among the flowers made of pink and green mother-of-pearl. breath.
Minimalist element
Missoni: A breakthrough in pure white
     When Missoni first appeared on the cover of the French magazine Elle in 1966, she wore a white coat. She is stubborn and ignores the colorful palette that is at the core of the company. The first few appearances of the show are pure white. Missoni’s iconic Raschel warp knitwear features multicolor patchwork and multiple textures, sometimes adorned with sequins and crystals, enveloped in a hazy layer of veil. She tells Missoni customers who like raw wool dyed colored wool with her work, accept pure black and white.
Watches with the same theme: Paris Grand Mercure MATZO PARIS
     The Paris Grand Mercure MATZO PARIS ‘Kate style’ series of watches are known for their simplicity and generosity. The pure white hue and the dazzling diamond decoration make the entire watch simple and luxurious. Grand Mercure Paris MATZO PARIS launched a new ‘Kate style’ watch on the occasion of the wedding of Prince William and his girlfriend Kate Middleton on April 29, 2011. Congratulations to the wedding of Princess Kate, and to It pays tribute to its feminine pose. The Grand Mercure Paris MATZO PARIS watch series can be described as a combination of traditional watchmaking technology and modern watchmaking technology. The classic arrangement style and flat-finished Mediterranean color mother-of-pearl dial, the window is dedicated to the modernism The Arabic font scale logo is more eye-catching against the silver background. The in-built miniature calendar window dedicated to the Grand Mercure Paris is full of fashion. The watch strap is white hand-stitched crocodile leather strap, which also adds elegance to this series Elements. The sapphire anti-glare mirror is in sharp contrast with luxurious embossed leather. The various materials blend harmoniously, giving a new look. The Paris Grand Mercure MATZO PARIS watch not only matches the elegant temperament of Princess Kate in appearance, although it is simple, the details are quite thoughtful. The inherent concept: introverted and low-key, struggling, enterprising, and perfection are also closely related to Princess Kate’s inherent morality, which is also the important reason why this series of watches can lead the fashion trend.
Contrast stitching elements
Paul Smith plays with contrast stitching
     On the third day of Spring / Summer 2013 London Fashion Week, Paul Smith brought a wonderful color show to the audience. The old urchin Paul Smith runs through the audience with pure and rich colors of red, white, black and yellow, playing with contrasting stitching. The bold contrast of large red and black and yellow makes people amazed at the fashion. The most worth mentioning are the intricate details of the entire series, Chinese stand collar, golden embroidery on the cuffs, a golden button on the shirt … all fascinated the detail control. The color of handsome flat shoes is also a highlight.
Watch with the same theme: GALTISCOPIO-the new Joli Simple series
    Colorful and bright colors, pieced together, induce infinite possibilities. Galtiscopio, an artistic crystal watch brand from France, takes you into a country of dizzying colors, and breakthroughly brings the concept of artistic color matching and trend to color to the latest Joli Simple (Zully) series. The special feature of the Joli Simple series watches is that you can use more than a dozen straps of different colors to match the dial with bright colors, such as red against blue, purple against yellow, black against white, etc. Wait, to create a rich and colorful contrast, this year’s Joli Simple (Zuli) series is what you decide.
Complex ornate baroque elements
Meadham Kirchhoff: Complex Baroque
    Although minimalism still prevails, ED Meadham and Ben Kirchhoff still choose to break through and stage a complicated and almost disgusting Baroque fashion show. Although they used cotton-filled skirts, fluffy sleeved skinny jackets, and crystal-filled bodysuits, they didn’t seem happy. Those baroque white denim jackets, pleated wallpaper-like jacquard skirts, and cashmere sweaters meant ‘yes’-what kind of girl would be unsatisfied with having those items in her closet forever?
Watch of the same style: Crazy Jungle Chameleon
    Bao Shilong, who always likes to use colored gemstones, has also added artistic elements to the watchmaking. Between square inches, snakes, curious lizards, and dynamic seahorses, all have colored gemstones to the fullest. The red, orange, yellow, green, and purple gemstones are patchwork into various animals, and the matching colored strap makes the entire watch more complicated. This complex piled up feeling is just like the gorgeous Baroque gives people the feeling. Exaggerated, complicated, gorgeous to the extent that it is difficult to add, it seems impossible to add a little more.

The 69th Cannes Film Festival Stars Wear Chanelhigh Jewelry

On May 18, the film premiere of ‘La Fille Inconnue’ by Jean-Pierre et Luc Dardenne. Rosie HUNTINGTON-WHITELEY, wearing CHANEL fine jewelry ‘Signature Surpiquée’ series white 18K gold inlaid diamond earrings and bracelets, and ‘Lion Vénitien’ series white 18K gold inlaid diamond bracelets, debuted on the red carpet.




   ‘Kids in Love’ by Chriss Foggin on May 14. Alma JODOROWSKY, film actress, wearing CHANEL high jewelry ‘Ruban’ series white 18K gold inlaid diamond earrings, and ‘Comète Spirale’ series white 18K gold inlaid diamond earrings;

   On May 13, ‘La Danseuse’ by Stéphanie Di Giusto at the premiere of the red carpet, Chanel image ambassador Vanessa PARADIS, wearing CHANEL high jewelry ‘Charleston’ series necklace, white 18K gold inlaid diamonds and onyx, debuted on the red carpet .

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