Month: December 2019

City Rhythm Time Resonance Hermes Slim D ‘hermès Watch Debut

Shuttle through different corners of the city, taste the essence of urban life; walk the streets and alleys as you like, and feel the moments and moments wonderful.
   Hermès specially produced a new short film to welcome the debut of the elegant and elegant Slim d’ Hermès men’s and women’s watches, expressing the concept of constant time in a metropolitan country, as long as the time is truly grasped, time will become a precious companion.

   Login to the dedicated website to enjoy this new short film, and discover the beauty of the inside and outside of the Slim d’Hermès watch hidden behind the dial: tap the 12-character short film to start the show: whether it is male, female or male and female ; Control the ‘S’ of the computer keyboard, the protagonist in the film moves with his own concept of time and rhythm. Press the dial at 8 o’clock, Hermès’s mysterious H1950 ultra-thin movement reveals its secrets; the Swiss Made (Swiss Made) label under the dial reveals Hermès’s different processes from sketch design to strap production. The short film reveals the design inspiration, technical details and the birth of a new number of typefaces of the Slim d’ Hermès watch series. It presents the inner beauty of timepieces through a concise and natural perspective, and vividly displays the artistic charm of timepieces in it.

   For details of the new short film compilation, please see: The Pure Beauty of Time

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