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Girard-perregaux Launches 1966 Series Golden Bridge Tourbillon Watch

Girard-Perregaux 1966 series new Golden Bridge Tourbillon watch, condensing the intelligence of traditional complex mechanical timepiece functions and the elegant charm of high-end timepieces, continuing the most iconic brand and the supreme legend passed down from generation to generation. Technical Achievement-In addition to the Golden Bridge Tourbillon, the GP 09600 automatic movement developed by the brand is perfectly natural.

   This new work has two limited models. The 40mm case is available in white or rose gold. The silver sunray dial is beautifully crafted. The four inlaid hour indexes are balanced, and the young leaf-shaped hour and minute hands move lightly. At 6 o’clock, The tourbillon has a simple and elegant layout with a classic timepiece.

   Each Girard-Perregaux 1966 series gold bridge tourbillon is exquisitely crafted and has no negative value. The tourbillon frame is set with gold fine-tuning screws, which are chamfered and polished by the same hand as the escapement plywood and pallet fork splint; The tourbillon splint bridge uses a rare bassiné splint design. The bracket is extremely smooth and round. The craftsman first filed the arms of the tourbillon splint into a semi-cylindrical shape with precision, and then polished the wheels, sanding stones, diamond paste, boxwood The traditional tools such as bars are polished to make them smooth and bright, highlighting the legendary value of the Golden Bridge Tourbillon and the outstanding technical achievements of the brand. Nineteenth century tourbillon pocket watch.

   Girard Perregaux Girard-Perregaux 1966 series Golden Bridge Tourbillon has reached the level of artistic beauty and technological perfection, perfectly promoting the brand’s outstanding tradition and history, and occupying an important position in the contemporary high-end watches.

Girard-Perregaux 1966 Series Golden Bridge Tourbillon
Technical specifications
Rose or white gold case
Bezel: Diamond Satin Matte Bezel
Diameter: 40.00 mm
Table mirror: anti-glare crystal glass
Hands: Rose or Platinum
Crown: Rose gold or platinum crown engraved with GP logo
Case back: 6 screws inlay
Water resistance: 30 meters

GP09600-0014 automatic winding movement (rose gold model),
GP09600-0021 automatic winding movement (platinum model)

Movement diameter: 12 3/4 legal minutes
Swing frequency: 21,600 times per hour (3 Hz)
Power reserve: more than 48 hours
Gems: 31
Parts: 228
Bottom plate: rhodium plated, fish scale pattern polished, fish scale pattern polished and chamfered holes
Plywood: Geneva strip polished, chamfer polished
Tourbillon splint: gold cylindrical arm, polished by hand, polished sharp corners, satin-finished on the side
Hairspring: Philips end curve hairspring
Balance wheel: Variable inertia balance wheel with gold trimming screws
Function: Tourbillon, hour, minute, small second hand mounted on tourbillon frame
Strap: Rose gold model with brown alligator strap, rose gold pin buckle
    White gold model with black alligator strap and white gold pin buckle

Number: 99535-52-131-BKBA (limited edition of 25 models in rose gold)
    99535-53-131-BK6A (Limited edition of 5 platinum models)

Montblanc Transforms Between Kailuan

The Minerva movement factory has always been known for producing top-quality chronograph movements. Before Montblanc acquired it, many readers in China had never had the opportunity to experience the elegance and elegance of the Minerva chronograph movement. luxurious. First of all, it is very distinctive: the large-diameter weight balance, the gooseneck spinner, the Y-shaped timing wheel fixing splint, and even the curve of its timing start / stop lever are so charming. Therefore, if you are fascinated by classic chronograph movements and you are hard to find, Montblanc-Mervina is definitely your best choice. As Montblanc becomes more proficient in understanding and applying Minerva, from simple chronographs to weird water-drop-shaped tourbillon watches, Montblanc has already drawn a lot of valuable wealth from Minerva. In 2010, Montblanc’s technology and Minerva’s technology jointly created a work that could be used with one heart and one heart-the Metamorphosis chronograph. First of all, it is a fusion of several designs: chronograph, calendar, standard hands, and single crown to control timing start / stop / zero. These technologies are not rare or complicated, but when they are integrated and displayed in stages, they have the power to turn ordinary into magic. In view of Minerva’s expertise in producing chronographs, the front of Montblanc Metamorphosis Mood is presented in the form of a chronograph. When sliding the lever at 10 o’clock, the two mysterious dials at 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock slowly pull apart, revealing the second face of the watch-the calendar watch. Although it was only a change in less than 10 seconds, it was the great effort of the mechanics. Montblanc artistically transformed the technology of Minerva.

Blancpain Tourbillon Full Diamond Noble And Elegant

Since 1735, Blancpain has presented countless first watches in the world. The SPéCIALITéS tourbillon watch, decorated with original and unique rectangular cuts, fully complies with Blancpain’s concept of continuous innovation. A total of 480 diamonds weighing 58 carats illuminate the entire dial, bezel, case, lugs and bracelet of this watch. This unprecedented gem setting technique creates unique visual effects.

   The size of the diamonds and their configuration are extremely complicated. The classic round case further increases the difficulty of production, because each diamond must be precisely adjusted to form a harmonious picture, and the ever-changing dial is shiny and unobtrusive.

   The outward-looking character of this unique watch is comparable to its intrinsic beauty. All because of Blancpain’s SPéCIALITéS full diamond tourbillon watch is equipped with a Blancpain 25A mechanical automatic winding machine with 7 days power reserve core.

   As the masterpiece of haute horlogerie, the Geneva corrugated decoration and circular ornaments of the movement are naturally handmade by skilled and experienced technicians. The SPéCIALITéS tourbillon watch with a 40 mm diameter white gold case is water-resistant to 100 meters.

   Its sapphire crystal allows people to appreciate the hand-polished movement parts and the gently oscillating platinum rotor. The articulated white gold bracelet is entirely covered with diamonds, totaling 42 carats, and it looks like a spring on the dial. The elegant and noble diamonds complement each other.

Tissot Tissot ‘eccentric’ Fashion Person-news Tissot

Just as world-renowned fashion designers pursue the ultimate in high-end fabrics and perfect tailoring, the sophisticated design and selection of Tissot Couturier collections are also top-notch. As soon as the series was launched in 2009, it was widely recognized by the industry and favored by consumers. In 2014, the TISSOT designer adhered to the Couturier series’ consistent pursuit of detail, and added asymmetrical aesthetics to the watch design. With the new Couturier automatic small seconds, it created a visual prosperity for the wrist. It uses the ETA2825-2 small seconds movement, which separates the second hand from the hour / minute dial; the hour / minute dial is located at 1 o’clock, the seconds dial is skillfully set at 7 o’clock, and the calendar window at 9 o’clock is uniquely balanced Dial layout. How can such a watch that combines superb craftsmanship and practicality not be favored by modern tasters pursuing cutting-edge fashion?

TISSOT Couturier Automatic Small Seconds (Rose Gold PVD)

The small seconds of the TISSOT Couturier series uses an original method to reinterpret the three elements of timekeeping-hours, minutes and seconds. The unique ‘off-centre’ design makes the entire watch a vision of the perfect fusion of time and style. Sheng Ye. Like a unique high-end ready-to-wear, TISSOT Couturier’s small seconds design is simple and capable, with smooth lines. This feature is fully reflected on the 39 mm diameter dial.
This is also a very innovative new product. The new power movement ETA 2825-2 is a major breakthrough in technology. ETA 2825-2 has a flexible module, which consists of two groups of 12 holes, each hole corresponds to 1 hour, and the hour wheel, minute wheel and second wheel are installed to operate. This creative improvement means that where the gears are placed determines the position of the dial. This makes the dial design more diversified and very eye-catching. This movement was the first to be used in TISSOT’s two best-selling models-Couturier and Le Locle. Couturier’s small seconds hand has an hour / minute dial at 1 o’clock, and the second dial is cleverly set at 7 o’clock. In the dial, the axes of the two chronograph dials are offset from the 12 o’clock position and land near the 1 o’clock in the dial. The calendar window at 9 o’clock, which leaves more space for the date display area, uniquely balances the dial layout.
Attention to detail reshapes the classic
‘Couturier’ means a well-known craftsman in the industry, and TISSOT designers’ pursuit of detail in the design also makes the watch worthy of the name. Regardless of the shape design or the inner movement, TISSOT’s new Courier series small seconds hand inherits the classic style of the brand “Focus on details”. It is decorated with impeccable and nearly perfect details, which has made this fine work on the wrist. Zhenpin. The design of the entire watch is simple and capable, and the lines of the watch body are round and smooth. The simple sword-shaped hands and the intuitive thin scale help to read the precise moment easily. While reading the dial time easily, it is more like a mountain peak, creating a unique mood of ‘horizontal view into a mountain side’; the gentle and elegant round dial reveals the restrained temperament of the watch in its simplicity. It is particularly worth mentioning that this series of watches are specially equipped with a convex crown protection device to help the crown resist external collisions and shocks.

TISSOTCouturier Series Automatic Small Seconds

In terms of style, Couturier small seconds also inherited the original style. In addition to all-steel models with black or white dials, black and brown leather straps are also available. The most striking thing is the rose gold PVD model. The dark black crocodile leather strap and the dial’s deep black echo each other, making the rose gold bezel, hands and scales prominent, revealing the noble temperament of the wearer.

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