Month: March 2019

Skagen Denmark Continues To Work With Industrial Designer Hiromichi Konno

This season, the focus of innovation lies in personalized ladies’ watches. Ready for Spring / Summer 2013 – Watches are available worldwide, allowing global design enthusiasts to experience personalized charm.
The two consecutive quarters received rave reviews, and the two decided to continue their cooperation. Mr. Konno is the first non-owner brand designer of Skagen Denmark to work together. The two are well-connected, fully integrating Danish minimalism and Japanese meticulous spirit.

 Hiromichi Konno spring / summer 2013 watch for Skagen

The innovative ladies’ watch takes a simple and elegant line, revealing elegance and highlighting its characteristics. From teardrop-shaped lugs to elegant minimalist round cases and hidden crowns, this women’s watch is a trendy must-have for every occasion.
Mr. Hiromichi Konno said, ‘What is contained in its unpretentious design is to use it to record the beautiful bits and pieces of the ordinary life that passed away. The elements of SWAROVSKI Swarovski symbolize teardrops, they are split into small fragments and reflected to the dial on.’
On the back of each watch is an autograph by Hiromichi Konno, adding another feature to the watch. Available in classic white and polished black leather straps.
Source: Skagen

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