Month: November 2018

Swatch Sticks To Richemont To Cut Jobs

Swatch CEO Nick Hayek said the company has no plans to lay off employees to protect profits. Some time ago, a Swiss newspaper published a report, citing Richemont’s minutes, revealing that in view of the severe market situation and the strong Swiss franc, the company will reduce its Swiss staff by 4%. This means that the luxury goods group, which owns brands such as Cartier and Jaeger-LeCoultre, will lay off as many as 350 jobs in Switzerland, and Richemont confirmed the authenticity of the report on Monday.

   The Swatch Group shows that the outlook is not entirely negative. Nick Hayek revealed that despite the sluggish demand from high-end brands, sales of Omega and Tissot watches have grown strongly during the Chinese New Year. “Compared with the same period last year, Longines, Tissot and Omega performed very well in the four days of the Chinese New Year this year,” said Nick Hayek.
   Nick Hayek confirmed that the Swatch Group’s growth rate in 2015 was more than 5% (in local currency terms). Specifically, 80-85% of the group’s market consumption was positive. ‘The good performance of the Group’s business in the Chinese mainland market in January 2016 is proof of that,’ concludes Nick Hayek.

33.5mm Is ‘sven’ Audemars Piguet 18k Gold Watch

This classic Audemars Piguet watch is simple and condensed from the design point of view, and it is very ‘Sven’ from the watch section. The term ‘Elegant’ is used in the auction description to describe this table. Early Audemars Piguet craftsmanship is not inferior to today, the movement performance is extremely good. The transaction price of this watch is much lower than the estimated price. I think the main reason is that the dial has been refurbished, and the second reason is that this watch is too ‘Sven’. The too small diameter of the watch is also the reason why the price cannot be obtained. Today’s dial refurbishment process is becoming more and more realistic, and the writing style of the font is very similar to the original, but it lacks a charm in it, it seems too rigid, without the depth of the original. 33.5 mm very ‘Sven’ Audemars Piguet 18K gold watch
Estimated price: 15000 ~ 25000 HKD
Commission price: 13,750 Hong Kong dollars (about RMB 11,600)
[Overall description] None.
[Diameter] 33.5 mm
表 [Table condition] Three-piece set, gold scale and hands, 18K yellow gold case. It is equipped with a K2001 hand-wound movement, 18 diamonds, five-direction correction, temperature difference compensation balance, self-compensating balance spring, the entire watch thickness: 5.5MM, the case, dial, and movement are all signed, the overall condition is good.

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