Month: August 2017

Daily Chopard Watch Maintenance

Due to the long tradition of watchmaking craftsmanship, Chopard watches are extremely unlikely to be repaired. Of course, this also requires proper daily maintenance by the wearer. If you want to know how to care for this watch, let’s take a look at Chopard watches first. Chopard’s profile:
  In 1860, Louise Chopard founded Chopard in the small village of Sonwei, Switzerland, Jura, Switzerland. Chopard specialized in producing pocket watches and precision timepieces. Chopard’s watchmaking technology is excellent, and enjoys outstanding reputation in gold pocket watches. In 1976, Chopard launched the Happy Diamonds series, which has moving diamonds on the dial, and slides and rotates completely freely between two transparent sapphire crystals. In 1988, Chopard launched the famous Mille Mighia series of watches, combining watchmaking technology and precision machinery. In 2000, Chopard presented the world’s first L.U.C Quattro watch with a 1.98 calibre. This mechanical core has four barrels and a power reserve of nine days. Chopard’s product style is exquisite craftsmanship and fashion dynamic, its theme products are women’s and men’s watches. These products are suitable for Chinese consumers.

  The following introduces the common sense of maintenance of Chopard watches:

  1. If the back of the watch is attached with a protective sheet or a sticker, please remove them before use, otherwise sweat will seep into the backing paper and cause the back of the watch to rust;
  2. Regardless of the water-resistant depth, you cannot wear a watch sauna. The heat of the steam will accelerate the aging of the aprons, which will not protect the movement normally.
  3. Do not contact the watch with various solvents and various chemicals, otherwise the watch case, strap, etc. will be discolored and rusted due to erosion;
  4. Please do not bring the watch and magnetic objects close to each other;
  5. For those Chopard watches that are not worn for a long time, they should also be wound on a regular basis to make their chips rotate;
  6. In addition to avoiding frictional collisions with objects exceeding or the same hardness, they should be cleaned regularly to maintain their good decorativeness.
  As one of the precision instruments, a watch should be properly cared for and maintained. Cultivating good usage habits will extend the life of your watch and accompany you through the years without regrets.

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