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Hublot Hublot Announces International Piano Superstar Lang Lang As Global Brand Ambassador

On January 29, 2015, a new movement of ‘Hubei Love Art’ played at the Shengjing Grand Theater in Shenyang-Hublot Glory announced that the international piano superstar Lang Lang officially joined the Hublot family, Acted as global brand ambassador. Hublot and Lang Lang will bring unprecedented inspiration and collision, which means that the traditional concepts of watchmaking art and classical music are about to be overturned, and the pioneering pioneering spirit is the strongest voice that shakes the future.

   Using ‘fingertips’ to describe time, Swiss top watch brand Hublot and international piano superstar Lang Lang use a unique art to harmonize the gorgeous movement between the wrist and the fingertips, interpreting the supreme spirit of Hublot. Philosophy-the ‘integrated art’ of creation and revival. It has always been accompanied by the brand’s continuous exploration in the infinite imagination space, transforming the imaginative artistic ideas into extraordinary masterpieces, setting a unique precedent for fusion.

   Louis Beaver, General Manager of Hublot Greater China, said that Hublot has been adhering to the traditional essence of excellence in Swiss watchmaking for a long time, and incorporated bold innovations into it to create a modern design with subversive significance, showing its impossibility. A pioneering spirit of comparison. This spirit is continuously confirmed in Hublot’s many cross-border cooperations, art, football, racing, music … Hublot constantly challenges the limitations of the traditional watchmaking industry, breaks through the world’s recognition of traditional concepts, and Hublot’s achievements Countless ‘firsts’.

   At the press conference, Lang Lang and the Chinese rock band Demon Hunter brought a passionate cross-border fusion performance to everyone. He showed eclectic imagination and creativity with unusual music language. Hublot’s best endorsement of the art of fusion.

   This cross-border performance shows that the top piano masters embrace the spirit of the times with an inclusive attitude. On the 2014 Grammy stage, a historic cross-border performance with the American heavy metal band giant Metallica made global audiences crazy. This process is also full of explorations and attempts for innovative forms of music. Lang Lang injects new changes and vitality into classical music with an open and integrated mentality, allowing classical art to enter the hearts of more young people.

   According to reports, the band and Lang Lang have never rehearsed before, but the scene is seamlessly integrated, which definitely benefits from the magic of Hublot’s fusion.

   For physical reasons, Mr. Jean-Claude Beaver, Chairman of the Hublot Board of Directors and President of the LVMH Group’s Watch Division, failed to come to the scene, but it expressed a warm welcome to Lang Lang to join the Hublot family through a video: ‘Lang Lang is not only a very outstanding international piano master, but also a world-renowned music artist and a spiritual idol in the eyes of a young man. I appreciate his passion for music and his bold attempts at innovation. I It is expected that the cooperation between Lang Lang and Hublot will inspire an unprecedented fusion of art. ‘Finally, Grandpa Beaver took out his beloved Moutai and everyone toast.

  Lang Lang said: ‘I am very happy to be the brand ambassador for Hublot. I love this brand not only because of its respect and inheritance of the finest Swiss watchmaking arts. I can feel incomparable from every transcendence and subversion of it. Unparalleled vitality and passion. Hublot’s philosophy of artistic fusion is in perfect harmony with the spirit of music I admire: the uniqueness and distinctiveness we present to the world stem from our unreserved love for art. . ‘

  Later, Lang Lang used the sound of piano to give a special interpretation of the five words that represent Hublot: fusion, innovation, rubber, carbon fiber, and Big Bang.
   Also unveiled at the same time is Lang Lang’s latest blockbuster performance for Hublot, filmed by the award-winning international visual artist Chen Man. Chen Man, who uses visual art as the language of expression, has a unique personal style. She pioneered the fusion of seemingly contradictory traditional Chinese philosophy and culture with contemporary fashion to create an impeccable balance of beauty.

   In the ultimate collision between Chen Man and Lang Lang, a completely different Lang Lang, an extraordinary new Hublot brand ambassador was born!
   As a global brand ambassador, Lang Lang carefully selected the Big Bang carbon fiber square gemstone watch as the first choice for the launch ceremony. This is the first time that Hublot has used gemstones in its signature patented carbon fiber material field-a bold fusion with rare gems, bringing the concept of Hublot’s full carbon fiber to the ultimate expression. As Lang Lang’s choice, the Big Bang carbon fiber square gemstone watch not only provides the pianist with a light and dynamic wearing experience, and has no burden during the playing process; the gorgeous gemstone also adds an artist’s temperament to Lang Lang’s wrist in the flow of notes Charm.

   Becoming the first, being the only, being different, they have become a solid bond between Hublot and Lang Lang. In the unprecedented fusion of arts, they have infinite inspiration and are looking forward to!

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