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Super Cost-effective Iwc323401 Watch Recommendation

The IWC brand is basically a household name in the industry. This ‘designed for men’ brand always leads the trend of men’s large dial watches with different styles and innovative materials. And this time we come to admire this watch, from the IW323401 series of IWC engineers, to appreciate the man’s spirit.
 This IWC323401 is a self-winding watch for men. Its 44 mm case is made of stainless steel-ceramic. Specifically, the base of the case is stainless steel, and the dial and dial outer ring are ceramic . Stainless steel exudes a silver metallic luster, and the ceramic is dark black, making the case look layered. The round dial is made of steel with rhodium-plated material and is also black. With the distinctive decoration on it, the watch’s sporty atmosphere is vividly displayed. The hour-markers and hands are silver, in stark contrast to the black dial, and the famous ‘IWC’ LOGO at 12 o’clock is the distinctive mark of this watch. The white coating on the outer edge of the dial is located on the upper and lower ends of the dial. The black straps made of fiber materials carefully selected by watchmakers are the perfect expression of the IWC’s temperament. In terms of appearance, this watch has reached a level of integration with the original intention of IWC for this series. IW323401 is an outstanding representative of IWC engineers.

 IW323401, as a sports watch known for its temperament effect, is not complicated in function. The time display of the junior hand, the hour, minute, and second hands share the same dial, which is simple and easy to read, and the silver hands and scales are on the black dial. In addition, this watch also has a very practical date display function, the date display function is displayed in the form of a display window at 3 o’clock on the dial. Black Arabic numerals on a white background are also very easy to read. In addition, it also has a water resistance of 120 meters. This performance is very good in non-professional diving watches, and it can meet all requirements except professional diving.
It is worth mentioning that this watch is antimagnetic. In today’s living environment, especially in metropolitan areas, electromagnetic waves have been widely used, and the phenomenon of watch magnetization often occurs. Therefore, add a watch The anti-magnetic function becomes necessary. The so-called anti-magnetic watch is not only that all parts of the watch are anti-magnetic, but only some main parts such as balance wheel, hairspring, clockwork, etc. are made of anti-magnetic material. The international standard is that when the watch can continue to operate under the magnetic field of 4800A / m, and the error within one day does not exceed 30 seconds, this can be regarded as an antimagnetic watch. And this IW323401 is an excellent anti-magnetic watch, which can run in the presence of magnetic fields and maintain extremely high accuracy. As a sports watch, this function is necessary, which is why it can become an excellent sports watch.

 The movement of this IWC323401 watch is Cal.80111, which is a self-winding mechanical movement developed and produced by IWC. The diameter of the movement is 30 mm and the thickness is 7.3 mm. For this The case of the watch is just right. This movement has the best oscillation frequency of 28,800 times per hour in the industry today. Watches of this frequency will oscillate 8 times per second. This way, even if there are any major changes in the outside world, the watch will be affected. It only affects that one-eighth second. Moreover, 28 jewels are applied to this movement, which can ensure the smooth running of the watch and make the movement seen through the back more beautiful. This watch also has a 44-hour power reserve, which greatly facilitates people who do not love to represent on the weekend, helping them to spend the weekend without worrying about winding the watch, or readjusting the watch the next week. .
 The IWC323401 watch is an excellent sports watch, and its sporty atmosphere is mainly reflected in its shape design. The stainless steel and ceramic material make the watch clear and full of vitality. The paint makes the watch sporty. Coupled with the fiber material strap and the stable movement that can be seen through the sapphire crystal back, we can even see the figure of Formula One Mercedes-Benz from this watch, and hear the huge engine Roar. In terms of function, this watch is also very good. The date display is one of the most practical functions. It also has a very high performance in waterproof and antimagnetic functions. Coupled with the powerful support provided by the IWC Cal.80111 movement, it is impeccable in terms of appearance, function and performance. The market reference price of this watch is 66000. Although it is not cheap, for this IW323401, it still has a very high cost performance.
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